Volume XXXI Number 22 June 1, 2007

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Struggling Elementary Awarded for Mathematical Achievement

By Raymond R. Beltran

Students in Shelltown are proving that No Child Left Behind scores don’t determine their real potential. They’re getting paid for it too.

This Wednesday, technology manufacturing corporation, Intel, recognized the K-6 Balboa Elementary with a ‘Schools of Distinction Award’ for their math program that has raised student test scores over the last several years.

Parents Zoideth Gonzalez and Matilda Rivera congratulate Balboa Elementary for the Schools of Distinction Award.

Balboa (91 percent Latino, 75 percent English Language Learners) is the first school in the state to catch the company’s eye since Intel started their award program a few years ago. Even though students have yet to meet their Academic Performance Index goals for NCLB standards, their steady progress proved them qualified to win the rewards, $170,000 in cash, computer hardware and software..

“Kids in first grade here are already doing algebra,” says Jose Monroy, a development manager at Intel. “When I was in school, algebra was for college.”

He says that Intel, along with several other award sponsors like Dell, E Instruction and Agilix look for innovative ways teachers integrate technology into classrooms and curriculum.

Principal Sylvia Gonzalez says her campus works with a twenty-first century approach to mathematics, an area not barred by cultural or language barriers.

Up until two years ago, the school’s primary goal was to get students serious about numbers and not only that, but in a more suitable language, Spanish.

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El narco se expande en México
Por Gardenia Mendoza Aguilar
La Opinión

MÉXICO, D.F.— La madrugada de miercoles, siete policías municipales y dos empresarios de Cananea, Sonora, al noroeste del país, fueron levantados —secuestrados sin afán de pedir rescate— por un comando armado de unas cien personas. Cuatro de los uniformados fueron asesinados, dos golpeados y el resto continúa desaparecido.

The ‘Cockroach Effect’: Narco-Violence Spreads in Mexico
By Gardenia Mendoza Aguilar
La Opinión

MEXICO CITY — On Wednesday morning, seven policemen and two businessmen from the city of Cananea in the state of Sonora, in northeast Mexico, were abducted — kidnapped without ransom — by an armed group of some 100 people. Four of the policemen were killed, two were beaten and the rest remain missing.


Deportando terroristas
México del Norte
Por Jorge Mújica Murias

A juzgar por los números, el régimen de George W. Bush no solamente ha fracasado en su llamada “guerra contra el terrorismo” fuera del territorio de Estados Unidos, sino también adentro. Eso es lo que deja ver un nuevo estudio dado a conocer esta semana por David Burnham, ex reportero del diario New York Times y uno de los directores de Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse, TRAC, grupo privado de investigaciones de la Universidad de Syracuse, que revisó el trabajo de dos de las agencias del Departamento de Seguridad Interna: Inmigración y Aduanas, y Aduanas y Protección Fronteriza.

Ley de migración, una propuesta racista
La Casa Blanca y el Senado de EE.UU. pactan una propuesta que quiere disminuir dramáticamente la presencia latina
Por Eduardo Stanley

El 17 de mayo se dieron a conocer los puntos principales de una iniciativa sobre inmi-gración elaborada por sena-dores y la Casa Blanca. Entre otras cosas, busca militarizar la frontera con México, verificar documentación al momento de un empleo y establece un plan de trabajadores temporales que solo podrán venir por dos años (removable una sola vez, con un intervalo de un año, y sin posibilidades de inmigrar). En cuanto a la regularización de indocumentados, estos tendrán que pedir primero un permiso temporal (la visa “z”) y después de unos 12 años, podrán solicitar la residencia permanente.

Immigration: The issue of our generation
Focus on Community:
By Patty Chavez

Every generation has its issues that instigates uproar, anger and debate. Our generation is no exception as we ride out ongoing debates on urban growth, health care, redevelopment and immigration. Debates sometimes come with personal emotions, and no one is immune, even those with the best intentions. We feel an urge to protect ourselves, our families and our futures, sometime forgetting our kind hearts.

Pasitos: Marchando hacia un mejor futuro para los niños autistas
Por Luis Alonso Pérez

El autismo es una alteración neurológica que afecta el desarrollo de un niño en un espectro tan amplio, que en ocasiones es muy difícil para los padres distinguirlo de problemas emocionales o de comportamiento.

Helping Others is a Real Summer Break for This UC San Diego Student
Receives $10,000 scholarship to benefit Project Nicaragua
By Jan Jennings

For many students, summer vacation means YEE-HA! – a break, time off for fun and games. For University of California, San Diego student Allen Ho it means one, if not two, trips to Nicaragua as a volunteer to help the medically underserved people of that country.

Young student playing hookey at UCSD to take part in pomp and circumstance at Grossmont College
Mid-term graduate at 16 is youngest this year to receive diploma

UCSD junior Max Metti cut classes Wednesday, but he had a pretty good excuse.
Last December, Max graduated from Grossmont College at 16, laying claim to being the youngest of the 1,438 Gross-mont College students receiving their sheepskins and certificates of achievement at their commencement ceremony. Max, whose full name of Maximilian Sloan Metti is about as long as he is young, transferred in January to UC San Diego as a junior majoring in applied mathematics.

Low Percentage of Latinos Transfer From Community College to University
A majority of Latino post-secondary students in California are concentrated in the community college system, but only a handful transfer to a four-year university, according to a new policy brief by the UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center.

Lack of funding hurts diabetes cause for minorities
By Tamika Petty
Minorities with diabetes are less likely to be diagnosed and treated properly, diabetes professionals said this week. Without more money to do more research and provide better treatment, they said the number of diabetes patients will grow.

Paradise Valley Hospital Awarded Accreditation from Joint Commission
Paradise Valley Hospital (PVH) has earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval by demonstrating compliance with The Joint Commission’s national standards for health care quality and safety.

Editorial and Commentary

Politics by the People Subverted
“I do not by any means believe the initiative, the referendum, and the recall are the panacea for all our political ills, yet they do give to the electorate the power of action when desired, and they do place in the hands of the people the means by which they may protect themselves.”Gov. Hiram Johnson, Inaugural Address, Jan. 3, 1911

La Gente Engañada por los Políticos
“ Por ningún motivo creo en la iniciativa, en el referendum, y la convocatoria, son la panacea de todas nuestras enfermedades políticas, y sin embargo al electorado le dan el poder de acción cuando lo desean y ponen en las manos de la gente los motivos por los cuales ellos se pueden proteger”. Gov. Hiram Johnson, en su Discurso Inaugural, Enero 3, 1911.

How to (Really) Leave A Child Behind
By Linda Darling-Hammond
When Congress passed George W. Bush’s signature education initiative, No Child Left Behind, it was widely hailed as a bipartisan breakthrough—a victory for American children, particularly those traditionally underserved by public schools. Now, five years later, the debate over the law’s reauthorization has a decidedly different tone. As the House and Senate consider whether the law should be preserved—and if so, how it should be changed—high-profile Republicans are expressing their disenchantment with NCLB, while many newly elected Democrats are seeking a major overhaul as well.

Immigration Policy Reveals What We Are
by Sheldon Richman
The new compromise immigration bill is drawing lots of flak, not least from conservatives who object to granting amnesty to millions of so-called illegal aliens in the country. (I prefer to think of them as independent migrants.) Here I have to agree with the conservatives. The illegals shouldn’t be granted amnesty. Amnesty connotes forgiveness for doing something wrong, and they have done nothing wrong. Indeed, the government should be asking forgiveness from them.

“Does Myth or Truth Rule?”
By Raoul Lowery Contreras
“65% of voters would be willing to support a compromise including a “very long path to citizenship” provided that “the proposal required the aliens to pay fines and learn English” and that the compromise “would truly reduce the number of illegal aliens entering the country.”
Rasmussen Polls, May 23, 2007

Por José R. Uzal
Los periódicos siempre nos han dado los detalles de las historias que la prensa electrónica reporta brevemente. Es evidente que ya pocos leen la prensa escrita. La mayoría no quiere embarrarse las manos de tinta para leer con dificultad las noticias de ayer; ya sea porque no aprendieron bien a leer o porque no pueden ver las letras. El caso es que el 80% de nosotros obtenemos información por la radio, la televisión o la red cibernética. Es por estos medios por los que diariamente se distribuye propaganda contra los inmigrantes hispanos, legales o indocumentados.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

By Gustavo Arrellano
Dear Mexican: Has the 1965 Immigration Act proved to be a good thing or bad thing for America, and has the recent unprecedented flood of immigrants (both legal and illegal) been an overall good thing or bad thing for America? Please fully explain your answer and include economical, cultural, and quality of life issues in 25 words or less (just kidding—take all the words you want). Please include, if you would, your opinion of the axioms “All cultures are equal” and “Diversity is our (America’s) strength.”

Wayne Supported Panama Canal Treaty - Loved Latin American Life
By E.A. Barrera
While most of America observed the 100th birthday of John Wayne on May 26, 2007, there is plenty of discussion about his career, his acting ability and his conservative political stands. But little mention is given of his love for Latin America and the people of the lands south of our borders, which would eventually —in the waning days of his life— lead him to stand against conservative American political leaders, including Ronald Reagan, and support the 1977-78 Panama Canal Treaty.

Orgullo binacional en la creación de Lizet Benrey
La artista plástica que reside en San Diego Lizet Benrey nació en la Ciudad de México. Cuando Lizet comenzó la búsqueda para encontrar su estilo y su voz a través de la imagen, ella decidió venirse a vivir a San Diego. Distanciarse de México le permitió un sondeo más profundo de estilo y Lizet encontró más de lo que buscaba. Ahora su vida vive en el péndulo del reloj que oscila entre su vida profesional como artista y la vida hogareña que comparte con su familia y un perro. Este vaivén, bamboleo, y meneo le exige sumergirse dentro de la conciencia creativa para emerger a la realidad cotidiana de madre de familia. Lizet ha mencionado las dificultades y los bretes que esta oscilación trae consigo, pero que al mismo tiempo le ha permitido llegar al éxito internacional con su depurada obra.

AD HOCS 2007: El cine a la defensa de los derechos humanos
Por Luis Alonso Pérez
En un país como México, donde el grueso de los medios masivos de comunicación y la industria cinematográfica comercial obedecen intereses corporativos y gubernamentales, y donde la inequidad, la corrupción y la impunidad en el sistema social generan las condiciones propicias para las violaciones impunes a los derechos humanos, el periodismo y el cine independiente han resultado dos plataformas efectivas para la denuncia de los problemas sociales.

La Feria del Libro en Tijuana en su Vigésima Quinta Edición
Por: Paco Zavala
Las actividades de organización de la Vigésima Quinta Edición de la Feria del Libro de Tijuana se iniciaron desde hace ya varios meses. El pasado miércoles 23 de mayo fuimos invitados a una rueda de prensa convocada por el Instituto Municipal de Arte y Cultura, para escuchar los pormenores de esta exposición editorial. En este evento estuvieron presentes: la Unión de Libreros de Tijuana, funcionarios del Cecut, Colef, Xochicalco, Cesun, Univer, UCD, PDH, SSP y otras instituciones vinculadas con la edición de la Feria del Libro 2007.

“Es Manu Chao!” they shouted … what did I know?
by Raymond R. Beltran
Appropriately, I first discovered Manu Chao among a slew of world travelers on the top of a Mexico City hostel last year. We had just finished an expedition to find a pitcher of pulque around the dark streets of the Zócalo, where earlier in the day populist Mexican presidential candidate Ándres Manuel López Obrador had razzled a crowd of more than 500,000 supporters.

Book about abuelos brings out activists, councilmen
What does a council member, an immigrant activist, and Harvard graduates have in common?

Arriba a su Quinto Aniversario La Compañía de Danza Contemporánea “Lux Boreal”
Por: Paco Zavala
En cinco años de estudio, prácticas, presentaciones y trabajo constante la Compañía de Danza Contemporánea “Lux Boreal” arriba con gran éxito a la celebración del quinto aniversario de su nacimiento. Lux Boreal es una compañía de danza que tiene su sede de actividades en la ciudad de Tijuana, lo cual enriquece el movimiento dancístico y cultural de dicha ciudad.

Still Another Indulto in Tijuana
Bullfight World
By Lyn Sherwood
The granting of the life-sparing indulto in Tijuana has become commonplace. If a bull performs the way that a fighting bull is expected to perform, the crowd petitions for the indulto and the plaza judge always seems to grant it, in spite of having ordered the matador to make the kill.

Aztec M&M Boys Part of Team’s Tradition of Excellence
By John Philip Wyllie
While their season ended Tuesday afternoon one game short of their goal of playing at Tony Gwynn Stadium for a CIF title, coach Manny Hermosillo and his Montgomery High Baseball Team have a lot to be proud of. Riding the arm of Bradley Procopio, one of the county’s top pitchers, perennial South Bay League Champions lost just once during league play this season (2-1 to Hilltop on 4-20). Their series split with the Lancers and their identical 9-1 league records resulted in a Montgomery-Hilltop South Bay League co-championship. At 24-9-1, the Aztecs were ranked among the county’s Top 20.

Cohen Captures Mesa Tennis Title
By John Philip Wyllie
Growing up in Mexico, Nissim Cohen played a lot of soccer during the first 12 years of his life, but once his family relocated to the United States six years ago, his focus shifted to tennis. Despite his late start, Cohen developed into the number one singles player at Bonita Vista High School. He recently capped his four-year varsity career with a 14-1 record and a Mesa League individual singles title while leading the Barons to a second place finish behind league champion, Otay Ranch.

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