July 27, 2007

H. Nelson Goodson of El Conquistador Newspaper has sent out a call to flex economic muscle to influence the immigration debate. The idea is to only shop in stores that post signs stating “we support immigration reform now.” Hijole hombre, does this mean I won’t be able to shop at Costco? So far this message is falling on deaf ears.

Speaking of protesting, Enrique Morones wants la gente to turn up at a city hall meeting in San Diego, Tuesday July 31 at 9 am to protest the revived effort to put a statue of the Pete Wilson, ex mayor of San Diego, who went on to lead the charge for Prop. 187 and who based his failed Presidential bid on immigrant bashing.

This just in: The racist Hazeltown ordinance which banned its citizens from renting homes/apartments to immigrants got shot down by the judge presiding over the case. This ordinance went on the spawn other such ordinances, most recall the Escondido effort, and if memory serves us well all have been shot down in the courts. Score one for la gente.

Hijole, with all the good scandals swirling around San Diego you think that District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis could find something better for her Integrity Unit to investigate, such shenanigans as the Mike Madigan and Paul Nieto ripping off the taxpayer or the Sunroad/Mayor Sanders debacle. We know all this is keeping City Attorney Mike Aguirre busy.

School Board member Mitz Lee has decided to throw her hat into city politics and is going to run for the City of San Diego council seat District 5. Buena suerte!

We didn’t watch the whole YouTube/CNN debate where computer geeks recorded their questions for the Democratic candidates, but I didn’t see one Hispanic ask a question. Maybe I just didn’t watch long enough, it is getting boring watching the candidates repeat themselves, they have been campaigning since the first of the year. Este Indio ended up switching off.

Anyway, about the YouTube debate, me thinks, los Hispanics aren’t there yet when it comes to computer geek-ness, or, we can’t afford all the hardware just yet.

The few fans of Mi San Diego TV 43, and evidently there are not many of you, will lose their programming. NBC 7/39 is pulling the plug on the station with the end coming in September. The only thing that will survive will be the newscast Noticias Mi San Diego with anchor Tania Luviano, with one catch, you will have to get up at 4 am to watch it on channel 7/39.

Hasta la próxima.Chao.

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