Volume XXXI Number 30 July 27, 2007

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Tech Class at National City Middle School Dominates at the San Diego Fair Student Showcase

Jo P. Griffith, Assistant Coordinator of the Student Showcase, said that she is amazed at the dedication the students from National City Middle School demonstrate year after year to win so many awards. She also said that in the area of Exploratory Technology, college and high school students feel the pressure when students from middle school show up with projects that make them wonder at what drives these students to continue in their excellence year after year.

With the Danish method of scoring, the students compete against their own level of competence and skills as well as with others. It is an outstanding achievement to receive a Best in Class, and great pride to receive Best of Show.

Part of the award winning team from left to right: Ms Marissa Gaucin, Mrs Valdiva, Valeria Valdiva, Ms. Valdiva, Lisa Ramos, Mrs Ramos and Ms Ramos

Twenty one 7th graders and nineteen 8th graders took 2 Best of Show, 8 Best of Class, 12 Third Place, 1 Second Place, and 31 First Place ribbons. These 54 awards won by the students at National Middle School students demonstrate that this school is determined to continue with developing skills in Exploratory Technology and encouraging students to believe that they can compete and they can win.

Award Winners include:

In the area of Energy/Power Sources, Lisa Romos, 7th grade, won honors of Best of Show, Best of Class, and 1st place. Valeria Valdiva, 8th grade, won honors of Best of Class and 1st place.

In the area of Auto/Power Components, Anissa Camacho, 7th grade, won honors of Best of Show, Best of Class and 1st place, Justin Trias, 8th grade, won honors of Best of Class and 1st place.

In the area of Non Cad Architectural Drawing, Jesus Hernandez 8th grade, won honors of Best of Class and 1st place.

In the area of Group Drafting Project, Jacob Domingues, 8th grade, won honors of Best of Class and 1st place. David Nunez, 7th grade, also won honors of Best of Class and 1st place.

The class of 2007-08 is looking forward to the next round in the coming summer. Who knows how many ribbons they will bring home the next time?

Ataques y controversias partidistas empañan contienda electoral en Baja
Por Luis Alonso Pérez
A menos de 10 días para las elecciones en Baja California los partidos políticos libran una cruenta guerra sin cuartel para desacreditar y generar el rechazo de la sociedad hacia sus oponentes políticos, dejando a un lado las propuestas de gobierno y el análisis de los temas prioritarios para la comunidad.

Frontrunners Fumble YouTube Debate
lesser knowns shine in user generated format

By Eming Piansay
The Democratic debate on CNN/YouTube Monday night showed a stark contrast in the pool of candidates – between the familiar faces and the not-so-familiar ones.

Fr. Bud Kaicher: ‘We Ourselves Make the Kingdom Happen’
By Mark R. Day
“The evil twin inside me makes me want to go after the Minutemen,” Fr. Bud Kaicher told a packed congregation at St. Peter’s Church in Fallbrook July 25 as he began his sermon at a prayer service for day laborers. “But that is not why we are here tonight.”


Baja California News
Baja’s Next Governor?
On August 5, Jorge Hank Rhon could be elected the next governor of Baja California. Now purportedly a billionaire, the gaming magnate is one of the most controversial politicians on the Mexican political scene today. Hank Rhon is the 51-year-old son of the late, legendary godfather of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), Carlos “El Profesor” Hank Gonzalez, whose now-classic quote, “A poor politician is a bad politician,” has became a cliché of Mexican politics.

Meritorio reconocimiento recibe AMME de Gobiernos Estatales Estadounidenses
Por: Luis Manuel de la Teja
Si la cultura es el acceso de un pueblo a un nivel superior de su acción histórica, es meritorio el reconocimiento que recibió la Asociación Mundial de Mexicanos en el Exterior (AMME) por parte de los gobiernos estatales de California, Nueva York, Carolina de Norte, por su contribución al crecimiento empresarial de la comunidad mexicana, por ser un modelo de desarrollo exitoso que permita la integracion hispana al entorno estadounidense.

For 5.3 million workers, first minimum wage boost in 10 years takes effect
By Stephanie M. Peters
WASHINGTON — Irene Cole would like to buy her sons steak for a change, but at more than $11 a package in her grocery store, it’s an extravagance her budget just doesn’t allow.

México del Norte
Por Jorge Mújica Murias
Altgeld, John Peter
John Peter Altgeld, en el orden correcto de su nombre, de seguro que no se llamaba así, porque nació en un país que ya no existe porque otro lo invadió y lo conquistó, pero que en su tiempo se llamó Prusia. Aquí lo llamaremos Johan.

Senate Democratic Hispanic Task Force Meets With National Latino Leaders on Education
WASHINGTON – At a Senate Democratic Hispanic Task Force meeting last week with national Latino advocates, co-chairmen Sen. Robert Menendez (NJ) and Sen. Ken Salazar (CO) renewed their commitment to address some of the most pressing education policy issues impacting the Latino community. This includes focusing on the needs of English language learners, continuing to support the Even Start program and tackling the disproportionate high school drop out rate and higher education enrollment rates of Latino students. With the reauthorization of the No Child Left Behind imminent and other education proposals moving through Congress, Senate Democrats are working to ensure the needs of the Latino community are addressed.

El Grupo de Trabajo Hispano de los Demócratas del Senado se Reunen Con Líderes Latinos Sobre La Educación
WASHINGTON – La semana pasada, en una reunión del Grupo de Trabajo Hispano Demócrata del Senado con líderes Latinos nacionales, co-presidentes Senador Robert Menendez (NJ) y Senador Ken Salazar (CO) renovaron su apoyo a dirigir atención a los asuntos relacionados con la educación y el impacto que tienen en la comunidad Latina. Esto incluye una enfocada en las necesidades de los estudiantes que están aprendiendo inglés, una continuación de apoyo para el programa Even Start, y un afrontamiento de la alta cantidad de estudiantes que dejan los estudios y la baja tarifa de inscripción a nivel universitario para los estudiantes Latinos.  Los demócratas del Senado consideran la reautorización del proyecto de No Child Left Behind una prioridad para asegurar que las necesidades de la comunidad Latina se atiendan.

Por Rebeca Logan
Ser bilingüe mejora el desarrollo infantil
El mayor sueño de muchos padres de familia inmigrantes, es que sus hijos aprendan a sobresalir en Estados Unidos y que tengan una vida saludable y exitosa.

Grossmont College president has a ‘passion’ for helping students
EL CAJON – – It was during her undergraduate years at American University in the nation’s capital that Dr. Sunita Cooke, Grossmont College’s new president, found her calling as an educator.

5th and 6th Grade Students Say Thank You!
The Thomas and Pearl Martinez Foundation, in Chula Vista, have been presenting “Incentive Awards” to graduating fifth and sixth graders to recognize their hard work and to encourage them to continue working hard at their education.

Esquina del Doctor
La Próstata, el órgano menos comprendido
Por Dr. Eduardo Grunvald
Poco después que empecé a salir con mi novia actual, ella me preguntó durante una conversación casual sobre citas al doctor, ¿“debería yo tener mi próstata examinada”? Respondí con una risa, “si tú necesitas un examen de próstata, yo estoy metido en un gran problema”. Para mí, esta anécdota es simplemente otro ejemplo de cómo este pequeño órgano es tan mal entendido.

Doctor’s Corner
The Prostate: the most misunderstood organ
By Dr. Eduardo Grunvald
When my fiancé and I first started dating, she asked me during a casual conversation about doctor appointments, “should I have my prostate checked”? I responded with a chuckle, “if you need your prostate checked, I’m in trouble.” For me, this was just another example of how this small organ is so misunderstood.

Editorial and Commentary

For thinking about buying a condo, Castaneda is charged with perjury?
Chula Vista City Councilman Steve Castaneda has been in-vestigated by the District Attorney’s new Public Integrity Unit, set up to investigate allegations of criminal misconduct among elected officials, candidates for office and campaign officials in San Diego County. After a year the investigation found no criminal wrong doing, yet charges have been filed against Castaneda.

Clashes of Civilization Stereotypes
By Rosa Martha Villarreal
In a story in the July 2, 2007 Des Moins Register, Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo once again evoked Samuel Huntington’s theme of the “clash of civilizations” to assert that the culture of Latin American immigrants (especially Mexicans) threaten the very nature of American civilization. However, Mexico is a Hispanic culture (and Spain’s culture is part of Western civilization), and its Republican-style government and constitution are modeled on that of the United States. So why is Mexico being equated with, say, the Taliban? To borrow a term from Jacques Derrida, a negative perception has been “privileged” on Mexican culture as being primitive, ignorant, and anti-modern. These stereotypes are so deeply ingrained in the American consciousness that hardly anyone challenges the assertion that Mexico poses a “civilization” threat to the United States.

Colombian Free Trade Pact Shot Down: One Step Forward for the U.S., One Back for Canada
By Kathleen Dugan and Kevin Easdale
Recently, the Democratic leadership of the House of Representatives staunchly denounced the previously initialed free trade agreement (FTA) with Colombia, while postponing (at least for several months) the ratification of a comparable trade measure with Peru and Panama. This is merely the latest devastating blow to the standing of Colombia’s hard-line right-wing president, Àlvaro Uribe, whose disapproval rating hit a high of 27 percent in a Gallup Poll published on July 14. Not only is this a heavy blow against Uribe delivered by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and her senior colleagues, but it also is an embarrassing setback for the Bush Administration, which had elevated Uribe into being Washington’s closest regional ally and made Colombia into the third largest recipient of U.S. assistance. Meanwhile, on July 16, the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper visited Uribe in pursuit of a Canada-Colombia FTA in what could not be considered a high water mark for exemplary diplomacy.

Juego peligroso
por Dagoberto Márquez
La trama relatada por los medios de comunicación en relación con la fortuna encontrada en una residencia de muy buen nivel económico en la Ciudad de México empieza a ponerse interesante, muy interesante diríase. Este opinante se refiere a lo relacionado con lo atribuido al señor Zhenli Ye Gon. También a los más de 205 millones de dólares, a la implicación teórica en todo esto del Partido Acción Nacional, a las graves acusaciones formuladas desde los Estados Unidos por el propio Ye Gon, así como a la peligrosa combinación de presuntos fondos ilegales en la campaña presidencial de 2006 y las presuntas acciones aún no probadas pero tal vez vinculadas al tráfico de estupefacientes. Para acabar con el cuadro, al probable e ilícito financiamiento a la de suyo asombrosa campaña publicitaria llevada a cabo hace más de un año en promedio por el ahora presidente don Felipe Calderón.

Mr. Bush defina la victoria
Por José R. Uzal
Estados Unidos está en peligro de perder una guerra a pesar de tener la maquinaria militar más poderosa del planeta. Tanto los Demócratas como la Administración lo saben y ambos se han enfrascado en una lucha política que ignora totalmente a los militares y al pueblo norteamericano. Bush está, indiscutiblemente, determinado a no permitir que la guerra se pierda durante su mandato. Los Demócratas por su parte solo quieren que la guerra termine dentro de la presidencia actual. Están determinados a no heredar el conflicto.

H. Nelson Goodson
of El Conquistador Newspaper has sent out a call to flex economic muscle to influence the immigration debate. The idea is to only shop in stores that post signs stating “we support immigration reform now.” Hijole hombre, does this mean I won’t be able to shop at Costco? So far this message is falling on deaf ears.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

First Person
Church Shoes, Jogging Suit, Need to Ask Somebody
Household decorum and or personal dress is largely decided by the relative proximity to time away from the homeland
By Al Carlos Hernandez
One of the quickest ways to tell if someone is from another country is by the way they mix and match their casual clothes. If a male or female is wearing dress shoes and a jogging suit, chances are they are from anywhere but here.

Ask A Mexican
By Gustavo Arellano
Dear Readers: You love us, you really love us! Mere moments after publishing my July 12 column (in which Know Nothings had their say on the failed Senate amnesty bill), ustedes bombarded the Mexican with letters expressing your disgust toward those pendejos. Space prohibits the printing of all, so let’s give the only word not to a gabacho or wab, but a limey:

¿Eres naco?
Un tijuanense se ha hecho famoso por su ropa naca

Por Pablo Jaime Sáinz
En el pasado, un naco era la persona que siempre brillaba por su mal gusto para todo: para hablar, para caminar, pero sobre todo, para vestir.

Are you a naco?
A Tijuana native has become famous thanks to his NaCo clothes

By Pablo Jaime Sáinz
In the past, a naco was the person that always shined because of his poor taste for everything: His way of talking, his way of walking, but above all, his way of dressing.

Película animada promueve orgullo indígena entre niños mexicanos
“City of Gold” será parte del San Diego International Children’s Film Fest
Por Pablo Jaime Sáinz
Cuando la cineasta local de San Diego Jeanne McKinney empezó a aprender acerca de la historia azteca, dijo que supo que quería tomar ese conoci-miento y convertirlo en una película animada para niños.

Animated film promotes Indigenous pride among Mexican children
“City of Gold” will be part of the San Diego International Children’s Film Fest
By Pablo Jaime Sáinz
When local San Diego filmmaker Jeanne McKinney started learning about Aztec history, she said she knew she wanted to take that knowledge and turn it into a children’s animated film.

Cuban Artist Alexandre Arrechea Responds to SDMA’S Latin American Collection for Contemporary Links Series
Cuban artist Alexandre Arrechea will be featured in the fifth installment of Contemporary Links, SDMA’s acclaimed series that invites renowned contemporary artists to create new artworks in response to the Museum’s permanent collection. Running through October 14, 2007, Contemporary Links 5—Alexandre Arrechea: Scalpel and Cotton, is a multi-faceted project consisting of one sculpture, one photograph, and five drawings that reflects on the culture of security systems and surveillance in museums. Each piece incorporates an element from one of four important modern Latin American works from SDMA’s collection, all of which were chosen by the artist himself and will also be on view.

Girls to Women Conference Girls 12 to 21 will be inspired and empowered during this celebration of diversity and inner beauty, including a panel presentations by women in the South Bay regarding peer relationships, teen dating, self care, vocal expression and designing fashions. Saturday, July 28, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Turning the Hearts Center (345 5th Ave) in Chula Vista. FREE with lunch and prizes. Register at 619-691-9643 or email Alejandra@turningtheheartscenter.org.

Amaya Was The Superior Torero, But The Crowd Didn’t Understand
Bullfight World
By Lyn Sherwood
We must admit, at the outset, that Friday, July 20, was rather an irregular and awkward time to schedule a bullfight. But, then, Bullfight World isn’t in charge of such things.

Sunwaves reign in rain
Avenge earlier losses to Seattle, win conference
An atypical light summer rain fell for a few minutes early in the second half of the San Diego Sunwaves - Seattle Sounders USL W-League regular season finale at Torero Stadium on Sunday. Perhaps it was the San Diego soccer gods attempting to be hospitable to the visiting Sounders? Perhaps it was a tease that despite the cloudy, Seattle-like weather, it wasn’t to be their day.

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