Volume XXXI Number 04 January 26, 2007

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México y España con las mayores nominaciones al Oscar para los latinos

Arrase en la academia que tuvo a Almodóvar como única omisión importante

Por Jose Daniel Bort

Latinos lograron un total de dieciocho nominaciones (un record) en la reciente votación para los premios Oscar de este año. Esto se debe primordialmente a tres películas con marcada producción Mexicana y Española: Babel, que logró siete (seis para latinos), Children of Men, con tres, y El laberinto del Fauno, que recibió seis nominaciones en categorías técnicas más la entrada en la lista corta de la mejor película extranjera.

Cruz Penélope, como mejor actriz en Volver.

Notablemente ausente fue el director Pedro Almodóvar, quien ya ha ganado en un par de ocasiones, ya que su película Volver falló en obtener una nominación en la misma categoría que El Laberinto. Sin embargo, la actriz española Penélope Cruz si obtuvo la nominación a la mejor actriz.

También entró dentro de la categoría de mejor corto de ficción el español Borja Cobeaga con su trabajo “Éramos pocos” (y parió la abuela). Por su parte, el Mexicano Fernando Cámara logró una nominación como mejor mezcla de sonido por el film Apocalypto, la extravaganza maya de Mel Gibson, que tuvo tres nominaciones en las técnicas.

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A place of hope for HIV-positive children
By Pablo Jaime Sáinz
HIV and AIDS are considered the plague of our times. Millions of people worldwide are infected with the deadly virus and disease. Although it causes harm to all people infected with it, the deadly results are more devastating when children are the ones affected.

Bush’s War on Terror: Immigrants Both Soldiers and Targets
By Roberto Lovato
Just three hours before President Bush delivered his State of the Union speech, my nephew, Eric, a former undocumented Salvadoran immigrant who is now stationed with the National Guard near the Afghan-Pakistani border, wrote me an email in Spanish. “A suicide bomber blew himself up at our front gate this morning. Ten people were killed, 15 wounded. I volunteered and helped pick up the dead and human remains. Esta bien feo esto (this is really ugly).”


English Language Learners Benefit Under The Law
By Sarah Sparks
The most important pressure driving No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act reauthorization is likely to come from a shift, not of politics, but of population: the swelling ranks of American students who do not speak English. Of all student groups, English language learners (ELLs) have gained the most attention and, some argue, have made the most progress in the last five years of the law, thanks to NCLB’s requirement that schools teach ELLs at the same level and in the same classrooms as their classmates.

Push for official language would challenge bilingual schools
By Paul Kita
WASHINGTON - Bolstered by recent polling evidence, politicians and a pro-English action group are pushing for the adoption of English as the official U.S. language.

Katrina Glaringly Missing in Bush’s State of the Union
By Earl Ofari Hutchinson
It’s hard to say what’s worse: President Bush’s abject failure to utter a peep about Katrina reconstruction efforts in his State of the Union speech, or the media’s equally abject failure to call him out for not saying anything about it.

México del Norte
Por Jorge Mújica Murias
El Plan Bush contra la Inmigración
Al fin, como parte de su discurso del “Estado de la Unión”, versión gringa del informe de gobierno del presidente, George Bush mostró el cobre. En su discurso (que de hecho no informa nada sino que nomás es un rolletote político lleno de intenciones y una lista de buenos deseos –buenos para él, y generalmente malos para el resto del planeta), el presidente más impopular que han tenido los Estados Unidos en toda su historia planteó un poco más de lo mismo y mucho de nada de cambios de opinión.

Focus on Communty
By Patty Chavez
Bejarano tapped to fill vacant school board seat
After some bad acting and lightly veiled attempt to make it seem like David Bejarano was not the candidate of choice, the Chula Vista Elementary School District Board unanimously appointed Bejarano to finish a term left vacant by Cheryl Cox who won her bid for Chula Vista Mayor in November. There is a lot of chisme surrounding this appointment, but quite frankly, it doesn’t matter to me which candidate is married to whom, friendships within the board, or their home address. Education and our children is the focus, and I hope the chismosos that run a muck in this region allow the board to be able to get on with the business of the school and Mr. Bajarano does not have to suffer through accusations of being “handpicked.”

Regional urban landscape is unique, says local leader
By Pablo Jaime Sáinz
There’s no doubt that the high costs of housing is a major problem affecting residents of San Diego County. That’s why thousands of people have left San Diego and are now living in Tijuana, crossing the border on a daily basis to work in the U.S.

Panorama urbano de la región es único, dice líder local
Por Pablo Jaime Sáinz
No cabe duda que los altos costos de la vivienda son un problema importante que afecta a los residentes del Condado de San Diego. Por eso miles de personas han dejado San Diego y ahora viven en Tijuana, cruzando la frontera diariamente para trabajar en Estados Unidos.

SBA Forms Strategic Alliance with the Mexican International Chamber of Commerce and Industry
The district director of San Diego’s U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) office, Ruben Garcia, has signed a strategic alliance with the Mexican International Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Mex-Chamber) and its board chairman, Roberto Garces.

Congressman Filner Cosponsors Bill Honoring the Legacy of Cesar Chavez
Today, Congressman Bob Filner announced his co-sponorship of legislation to create a federal holiday to honor Cesar E. Chavez. Cesar Chavez Day is currently celebrated on March 31st as a holiday in nine states, including California.

Representative Xavier Becerra (CA-31), Assistant to the Speaker and the only member of Congress from Southern California on the House Ways and Means Committee, reintroduced legislation yesterday that would establish a commission to explore the possibility of creating a national museum in Washington, D.C., focused on the artistic, cultural, and historical contributions of American Latinos.

A Higher Order of Patriotism... Daniel Ellsberg Calls For “Pentagon Papers of Iraq”
By E.A. Barrera
Daniel Ellsberg is coming to San Diego. He will be speaking on Saturday, January 27th at the First Unitarian Universalist Church on Front Street. His topic will be the necessity to create a culture of whistle-blowing and truth telling by people with knowledge about government lies and deceptions especially in a time of war. Few people are better equipped or understand the costs of such whistle-blowing.

Por: Luisa Fernanda Montero
La violencia doméstica es también asunto de hombres
Diariamente millones de mujeres en el mundo son víctimas de algún tipo de maltrato en el seno de su propio hogar, muchas aun, asumen  que la violencia es simplemente parte de su existencia, y viven su dolor con  resignación, otras, muy pocas aun, han roto la cadena del miedo y han iniciado un proceso vital en el que luchan por mantener la violencia fuera de su entorno. Pero es mucho lo que queda por hacer y en ese proceso la sociedad entera tiene un papel muy importante.

Doctor’s Corner:
There is good news on the cancer front
By Eduardo Grunvald, M.D.
Last week the American Cancer Society released a report showing a drop of over 3,000 cancer deaths in the U.S. from 2003 to 2004, the most recent year these types of statistics are available. A year earlier, 2002-2003, saw a drop of 369 deaths, the first time in 70 years of recorded data that there was a decline in actual number of cancer deaths.

Esquina del Doctor:
Hay buenas noticias en la lucha contra el cáncer
Por Eduardo Grunvald, M.D.
La semana pasada, la Sociedad Americana de Cáncer publicó un informe indicando que hubo una disminución de más de 3,000 muertes por cáncer en los Estados Unidos entre 2003 y 2004, año en el cual se hicieron disponibles este tipo de estadísticas. Un año antes, 2002-2003, se vio una disminución de 369 muertes, la primera vez en 70 años registrados que se notó una caída en el número actual de muertes por cáncer.


A Woman or a Minority as President, That Day May Be Sooner than Later
The conventional thinking today, is that the next President of the United States will come from the Democratic Party. At the head of the Democratic pack is Hillary Rodham Clinton who is being pressured by the fast rising Barack Obama, Illinois Senator. And, Bill Richardson, a Hispanic and Governor of New Mexico, has thrown his hat into the race to become the next President of the United States.

Which Side Are You On? Advocates Must Decide on Temporary Workers
By David Bacon
Of all the supporters of corporate immigration reform, Homeland Secretary Michael Chertoff is the most honest. The notorious raids at the Swift and Co. meatpacking plants, he told the media, would show Congress the need for “stronger border security, effective interior enforcement and a temporary-worker program.’’ Bush wants, he said, “a program that would allow businesses that need foreign workers, because they can’t otherwise satisfy their labor needs, to be able to get those workers in a regulated program.”

La Reforma Integral
Por José R. Uzal
Se anunció esta semana en la prensa nacional que “la Cámara de Comercio de Estados Unidos, sindicatos nacionales de trabajadores de servicios (SEIU) de la confección y de hoteles (Unite/HERE), la Conferencia de Obispos Católicos de Estados Unidos, entre otras asociaciones empresariales, centros de investigación, organizaciones latinas y de defensa de derechos civiles y grupos de defensa de derechos de los inmigrantes, anunciaron la creación de la Alianza por la Reforma Migratoria de 2007”.

Dulces amarguras del Oscar y la política
Por Humberto Caspa, Ph.D
Fue un martes lleno de contradicciones para la población latina y latina-estadounidense. Hubo de todo: Felicidad, llanto, coraje, pesadumbre, maldición, etc. En pocas palabras, lo del martes fue una escena viva del tridimensionalismo del director cinematográfico Alejandro Iñárritu. Se juntaron tres eventos y compaginaron un drama inconsolable de la vida real.

El fantasma de la deuda externa
Por Humberto Caspa, Ph.D
El presidente George W. Bush se está quedando solo. Los congresistas del partido Demócrata lo dejaron abandonado con un plan en Irak que no va ni atrás ni adelante. Algunos republicanos ya demostraron su impaciencia, ahora empiezan a desampararlo. La animosidad contra Bush no termina aquí, sino que continua en América Latina.

Este Indo sat down to listen to the President’s State of the Union Speech and hijole, before I knew it I had dozzed off, just couldn’t keep the old ojos open. Mi esposa dice, no importa much of the same old stuff, nothing new.

The Public Forum:
Dear Friends,
We need your support, please.
As most of you know, Vista Community Clinic has many outreach services and programs to the migrant population in the North County/North Coastal area.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Where Are You From, Ese?
Reflections on a Sunday afternoon
By Jesse Perez
I kind of zoned out during one of the NFL games this past weekend.

Lo Sagrado del Rebaño, la Historia de las Chivas, el Equipo de Fútbol Guadalajara, en el Ciclo de Conferencias Los Rostros de Mexico
Organizada por el Consulado General de México, en coordinación con el Instituto Cultural Mexicano y el Museo de Arte de San Diego, la conferencia será presentada por el historiador, Andrés Fábregas.

El Rincón Literario en la Biblioteca Central de Escondido
Como parte del proyecto de lectura comunitaria 2007, ‘Escondido lee un libro’, la Biblioteca Pública de Escondido dará comienzo una discusión bilingüe llamada ‘El Rincón Literario’. La primera reunión se llevará a cabo el lunes, 29 de enero de las 7:00 a las 8:15 p.m. en el salón Turrentine ubicado en la Biblioteca Central. La Biblioteca Central de Escondido está ubicada en el número 239 South Kalmia Street, en la zona central de Escondido.

Bilingual Book Group Begins at Escondido Public Library
As part of the 2007 community reading project, Escondido Reads One Book, the Escondido Public Library is starting a new bilingual book discussion group called ‘El Rincón Literario.’ (The Literary Corner). The first meeting will be on Monday, January 29 from 7:00 p.m. to 8:15 p.m. in the Turrentine Room at the main library. The Escondido Public Library is located in downtown Es-condido at 239 South Kalmia Street.

Inauguraron “LOFT” un Nuevo Espacio para Estudiar Teatro
Un lugar de Convivencia Creativa, Aprendizaje, Estudio y Creación
Por: Paco Zavala
Indudablemente que el año que hace unos cuantos días comenzó, entró con bríos incocebidos y una dinámica muy fuerte para entrar en calor una de las actividades que al tiempo dará mucho de que hablar. Es la Escuela de Artes Teatrales “LOFT”, la que bajo la atinada dirección del maestro Fernando López Mateos, será a futuro uno de los mejores centros eucativos de entrenamiento teatral en la comunidad.

ABC’s Not-So-Ugly Betty
By Yeidy M. Rivero
A colleague recently asked me to compare Betty Suárez, the leading character of ABC’s new hit Ugly Betty, to Ally McBeal. “Well, they probably both have vaginas,” I replied. Gender is about the only identity that Betty shares with previous and contemporary female television characters. How many working-class, Mexican American, clumsy, allegedly “ugly,” intelligent women with an illegal-immigrant father have been portrayed on U.S. television? Until Betty’s arrival, none.

Conflagrando un equipo femenino
Jennifer Garner vuelve a la escena con ‘Catch and release’
Por Jose Daniel Bort
Cuando la familia está de por medio, las decisiones son difíciles de tomar.

Vicky Carr, Jose Luis Rodriguez “El Puma”, Mariachi Vargas and Mariachi Los Camperos will be special guests at Noche de Mariachis, a colorfully produced salute to the greatest mariachi performers and music in the world this Friday, Jan 26, at Palomar College (Auditorium P-32, 1140 West Mission Road, San Marcos, CA 92069). This event begins 6:30 p.m. and is free to the public.

Super Soph Vargas the Man in Middle for Lancers
By John Philip Wyllie
Last week may have been a turning point for the boy’s soccer team at Hilltop High. The Lancers opened league play by rebounding from a slow non-league start to take a pair of matches from Mar Vista High. The second game of the two-game series saw center midfielder Erik Vargas step up to contribute two goals. He assisted on two others. Vargas, a gifted sophomore center midfielder, is the engine that drives the Lancers.

Garcia has Found His Niche in Wrestling
By John Philip Wyllie
Undefeated in league competition a year ago, Otay Ranch’s Sonny Garcia went on to take first place in the 145-pound weight class of the South Bay Tournament and third in the Metro Tourney. For his efforts at season’s end he was selected to the First Team All League Team. Back this year for his senior campaign, Garcia has bulked up to 160 pounds. And so far at least, he has enjoyed the same type of success.

Terror in the Afternoon
A Reflection on an Historic Bullfight in Tijuana History
Bullfight World By Lyn Sherwood
Sunday, July 23, 1972, in Plaza El Toreo de Tijuana, was an afternoon that most aficionados wished would just give up and go away. But, like a horrible nightmare, it tenaciously hung on, minute after terrifying minute.

Julio Diaz Confident He’ll Become Sycuan Ringside Promotions’ Fourth Current World Champion
The only thing Sycuan Ringside Promotions’ International Boxing Federation (IBF) interim lightweight champion Julio Diaz is willing to lose when he opposes defending IBF lightweight champion Jesus Chavez on Saturday, Feb. 3, is that nagging “interim” label.

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