Volume XXXI Number 02 January 12, 2007

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La Jolla Gallery Opens Its Doors To All

By Michael Klam

You might think of high-end art as something esoteric, vastly expensive and not to be touched. Try to imagine an art gallery in La Jolla where the CEO and the executive director welcome you to not only bring the entire family, but to touch the sculptures.

Madison Gallery’s Executive Director Alex Salazar says he will strive to sell art and promote upcoming Chicano artists.

Upon entering the recently opened Madison Gallery in the heart of downtown La Jolla, you notice that there are cracks in the floor. “When you walk in, it’s not perfect, but there’s a flow,” says Executive Director Alex Salazar. There are cozy yet elegant couches with pillows and plenty of space to move around. You feel comfortable. You feel at home.

And yet the artwork is stunning, extraordinary. A sculpted figure by Boban arches back with wings made of shining spoons, alive, his muscular arms and legs seem to move in the gallery light. You gravitate to a painting by Renzo, the image of a young woman in a loose, white gown, hooded, her face in shadows, dreamlike, and you find yourself lost in her, lost in a sense of curiosity and wonder.

Salazar is there with you. He spends most of his days in the gallery. A former teacher who has a Master of Arts in Theological Studies and Art History from Harvard University, he is as interested in educating the gallery’s visitors as he is in selling artwork, he says.

“I wanted to teach again, to be in a gallery teaching about art,” says Salazar. “A lot of art galleries can be very intimidating. You go straight to the prices. That can scare people off,” he says.

Salazar wants the Latino and Chicano community to come to the gallery without feeling intimidated, especially in La Jolla, he says. “I speak Spanish. Bring the kids. I’ll be more than happy to teach them about art.”

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Celebrate King not just for civil rights but also for antiwar activism
By Barbara Ransby
This Martin Luther King Jr. Day, as American deaths in Iraq exceed 3,000 and Iraqi casualties climb into the hundreds of thousands, we need to remember King’s words of wisdom about the perils of war.

A new report finds that while people of color support Democrats in the voting booth, they are still waiting for policies and programs that close the economic gap between them and whites.


By David Bacon
Development projects anywhere in the world often have a high human cost. In Colombia, the price is often measured in human lives and blood.

ICE’s Heartless New Strategy for Raids
By Rich Stolz
On the feast day of the Virgin of Guadalupe, December 12, agents of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raided six meat packing plants belonging to Swift & Company. The legal justification for the raids, purportedly to investigate identity theft, marks an aggressive new ICE strategy for rounding up undocumented immigrants.

The Secret Island
Bee writes a school essay about her immigrant parents. Does that have anything to do with why her papa was stopped in his cab and arrested?
By Edwidge Danticat
Now everything is inside out and upside down and Ma always says things opposite to the way Papa used to say them.

Focus on Community
By Patricia Chavez
Editor’s Note: It is with pleasure that we welcome Patricia Chavez as a regular contributor (bimonthly) to La Prensa San Diego. Ms. Chavez brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to her column as a San Diego State graduate, a community advocate, and most recently as a City Council member for the City of Chula Vista. Ms. Chavez will speak on issues relevant to community concerns, social issues, and political action in this column and we encourage our readers to email her and share your concerns with her. It is our hope that she will be able to assist the readers and community to bring about change.

Happy New Year! As I wave good bye to 2006 and a whirlwind year of politics, I greet 2007 with a bi-monthly column that I hope will provide insight to our reader’s communities, the people, and the mechanisms that either move or hinder the prosperity of our neighborhoods. So, I step into the occasional role of political commentator and hope to offer you a fresh perspective to the often cloudy world of politics.

MLK Day Presentations:
“I Remember Martin,” A dramatic presentation by Don McEvoy on Saturday, January 13, 7:30 p.m. at First Unitarian Universalist Church, 4190 Front Street (across from UCSD Medical Center). Free Admission

Por: Karina Flores-Hurley
Latinas, Un Examen Puede Salvar sus Vidas
De por sí, ser latina y mujer representa ya una señal de alerta respecto al cáncer cervical. Y es que, al parecer, las latinas son más vulnerables a esta enfermedad: son diagnosticadas y mueren a causa de este cáncer con mucho más frecuencia que cualquier otro grupo étnico en los Estados Unidos.

Latina, ¡Protégete!
Por Graciela Gómez Vittori
Trabajando en el ambiente médico descubrimos muchas cosas en la comunidad hispana que necesitan un cambio radical e importante.

Otay Water District Board Of Directors Elects New President
Gary Croucher Elected As President
SPRING VALLEY – The Otay Water District announced that Gary Croucher has been unanimously elected President of the Board of Directors. Jose Lopez was elected Vice-President and former President, Jaime Bonilla, transitioned to Treasurer.

Management Training Program at USD – Helping Small Business Owners Compete
Beginning January 30 and ending March 8, University of San Diego’s Office of Corporate and Professional Education is again offering a certificate program specifically designed to provide invaluable strategic planning and management skills to small business owners.

USA Federal Announces Opening of Martin P. Cassell Scholarship Applications
USA Federal Credit Union announced that applications for the 2007 Martin P. Cassell Scholarship program are now available. The program expects to award five $1,500 scholarships in 2007. The Member Relations Committee of the Board of Directors will select the five scholarship recipients. These recipients will be notified before the end of the school year. The “Martin P. Cassell Scholarship” is named after USA Federal’s former CEO, who died in a tragic automobile accident in 2000. Applicants are typically noted by high academic, athletic, cultural and community distinction.

El primero de Febrero de 2007, El IRS lanzará el Día Para Tomar Conciencia del EITC
El jueves primero de Febre-ro de 2007, el IRS o Servicio de Impuestos Internos lanzará el Día Para tomar Conciencia del EITC, una campaña diseñada para incentivar a los contribuyentes elegibles a aplicar a este crédito tributario, con el fin de que paguen menos impuestos y con la posibilidad obtener más dinero en el reembolso.


Celebrating Sports in San Diego
The San Diego Chargers face the New England Patriots Sunday afternoon in their opening playoff game, taking their shot at the Super Bowl. On paper, the Chargers look good and are favored to win this game. The Charges are a well-balanced team with LaDainian Tomlinson leading the team.

Appointment Process Represents Unique Opportunities for CVESD
Chula Vista Elementary School Board is in the process of filling the seat vacated by Cheryl Cox upon her election as the mayor for Chula Vista. Cox’s term on the school board has two years remaining. The school board determined that they would fill the open seat through an appointment process and towards this end 39 people filed applications to be considered.

Nancy Pelosi’s Greatest Asset
By Gloria Feldt
After two days of pounding Washington’s marble hallways last week while the 110th Congress was sworn in, my flat-heeled boot clad feet were killing me. That Nancy Pelosi manages to do it in Jimmy Choo heels was enough to convince me of her resolve.

La nueva faceta de la Guerra en Irak
Por Humberto Caspa
El telón amplio de la Casa Blanca en Wa-shington nuevamente se abrió a medida que las cámaras de televisión iluminaron el despacho del presidente George W. Bush para llevar a cabo su mensaje. Su retórica es tan conocida y tan predecible que no se requiere de un analista político para anticipar sus objetivos en el conflicto del Medio Oriente: “Necesitamos más tropas”, destacó sin su acostumbrado brío de vaquero y su mueca insoportable.

Morir Sin Ciudadania
Por Alejandro Alvarado Bremer
El apoyo hispano a la guerra en Irak se desvanece, como ha ocurrido en el resto de la sociedad estadounidense, aunque en mayor medida, decepcionados por los resultados de la misión militar que se lleva a cabo en esa nación de oriente medio.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Future of the Funk
By Kevin Weston
Hey, Hey, Heeeeeyyyyyy – James Brown

DJ Sachamo says, “Believe What You Hear”
For the youngsters who think music began in the 1970s hip hop era of the grimy New York City Streets, a San Diego disc jockey is, through the airwaves, teaching music history, from the early roots of jazz to the revolution of funk, soul and yeah, hip hop.

Tratando de inspirar a todos
Una historia verdadera llega a la pantalla grande en Freedom Writers

Por Jose Daniel Bort
Investigar las diferencias raciales en el cine de hoy en día ha probado ser una interesante apuesta para el “establecimiento” de escritores en Hollywood. Siempre se terminará la conversación con “Crash”, la película que ganó el Oscar el año pasado, pero hay una lista grande de cintas que intentan abordar el mismo tema, y sus créditos implican lo más granado del pedigrí Hollywoodense.

Local Youth Producers Screen Documentary About Somali Refugees at Malcolm X Library
Media Arts Center San Diego Teen Producers Project in partnership with the City of San Diego Public Library, is gearing up to screen Where is Home?, the first of two youth-produced short documentary videos from Refugee Voices, a year-long project designed to document and preserve local East African stories. Where is Home? is scheduled to screen on Wednesday, January 17, 2007 at the Malcolm X Public Library at 6:30 p.m. The screening is FREE and open to the public. Youth producers and documentary interviewees will take part in a Q&A facilitated by USD Assistant Professor of Ethnic Studies Jesse Mills.

A Reir a Mandíbula Batiente con la Visita del Comediante “Polo Polo”
“Comediante con la gracia de convertir la tristeza en alegría”
Por: Paco Zavala
El comediante mexicano Leopoldo García Benitez, conocido como “Polo Polo” e identificado como el mejor comediante de todo México, tiene la virtud de poder convertir con su talento, gracia y personalidad un día triste en un día con una carga energética y dinámica de alegría y felicidad.

Presentan Dos Proyectos Editoriales Vinculados con la Cultura
Por: Paco Zavala
Este año de 2007, por ser número “non”, para los agoreros de la buena suerte dicen: “que es un excelente año para que las cosas marchen de mil amores” o dicho de otra manera: es un buen año. Año en el que se podrán solucionar muchos problemas; ojalá que uno de los agendados por todo mundo sea el de la convivencia cordial entre los ciudadanos de todo el mundo y entre todas las naciones, hay que decir: ¡Basta! a las guerras y a los malos entendidos.

The Sky is the Limit for Eastlake’s Sanchez
By John Philip Wyllie
Eastlake High School has long been a power in girl’s basketball and now with the addition of 6-2 senior Erica Sanchez, they are looking better than ever. Sanchez, a solid Division I college prospect, began her stellar high school career at tiny Midway Baptist. Hoping to better showcase her skills and with an eye toward her future, she decided to transfer to Eastlake for her final year of high school hoops. She hasn’t been sorry.

Titan’s Thompson a Warrior on the Mats
By John Philip Wyllie
Eastlake High School senior Hawk Thompson didn’t have the easiest of childhoods. Born south of the border to a Mexican mother and American father, he spent his first five years in Mexico. About the time he was ready to start school he was uprooted and placed in a new culture speaking a new language. His parents separated several years later. He rarely saw his father after that.

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