Volume XXXI Number 07 February 16, 2007

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Proposed crossborder airport terminal could ease congestion at Lindbergh Field

By Pablo Jaime Sáinz

Chula Vista resident Ernesto Cota has never set foot on Lindbergh Field, San Diego’s international airport.

Instead, Cota, like an estimated 350,000 San Diego residents each year, crosses the border to catch a plane in Tijuana’s Rodriguez International Airport.

“They don’t have flights to Culiacán in San Diego,” said the native of the Northern Mexican state of Sinaloa. “There’s no other way for me to get there, except through the Tijuana airport.”

A proposed crossborder terminal that would connect Otay Mesa on the U.S. side with Tijuana’s airport is being considered by The San Diego County Regional Airport Authority, which earlier this month authorized a market demand study of the crossborder terminal.

The logic being used is that, with more than 17.5 million passengers each year, Lindbergh Field will reach its full capacity in the next seven years, said Keith Wilschetz, director of airport systems planning. If more San Diegans use Tijuana’s Rodriguez field’s services, it would ease the overcrowding at Lindbergh, he said.

Although many San Diego County Regional Airport Authority board members support the idea of the crossborder terminal, a consulting firm that was hired announced earlier this year that there are “some major political and legal issues this project would face,” Keith said.

Some of those issues include getting permission from federal agencies to open a third official border crossing in Otay Mesa.

Una terminal transfronteriza podría disminuir congestionamiento en Lindbergh Field
Por Pablo Jaime Sáinz

El residente de Chula Vista, Ernesto Cota nunca ha puesto un pie en Lindbergh Field, el aeropuerto internacional de San Diego.

Some of Ken Burns’ World War II Heroes are Missing in Action
By Jorge Mariscal

Ralph Mariscal, Jr. graduated from Roosevelt High School in East Los Angeles in 1941. Only a few months later, he would be a U.S. Marine. Like thousands of other young Mexican Americans, he deployed to the Pacific Theater and served for the duration of the war.

Credit Card Is the Real ID in America
By Diego Ramirez
New America Media

As an undocumented immigrant in this country, I am denied a lot of the things that come easily to other people. A driver’s license, or the opportunity to obtain a proper job, is out of my reach. But the one thing that I am allowed might be the most powerful, and it’s made of plastic.

Bush praises black leaders at history month celebration, San Diegan recognized
By Kayla Webley
Scripps Howard Foundation Wire

WASHINGTON — President Bush celebrated an audience filled with black leaders Monday —astronauts, sports stars and his own cabinet member Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice— to mark African American History Month.


ELVIRA ARELLANO: A Focal Point in the Debate on Immigration
By Tram Nguyen

Instead of reporting to immigration authorities for her deportation order, Arellano took her 7-year-old son Saul and entered Adalberto United Methodist church.

First Steps for Success in School
Baby books are filled with pages of parent’s accounts of firsts: first smile, first steps, first word. Each step is a building block as a child grows, changes and develops. Parents look on with joy, but sometimes with a little uncertainty. There seems to be that little voice in the back of many parents mind that asks, “Is this normal? Should I be worried?”

Students at KIPP Adelante Prep Academy Demonstrate Philanthropy Can Cross Generations and Borders
Members of the Beta Club at KIPP Adelante Preparatory Academy (KIPP Adelante) have embarked on their second international fundraiser during the 2006-07 academic school year. For several weeks, Beta Club members have been selling chocolate roses that were delivered on Valentine’s Day. Proceeds from the chocolate sale, will support the services offered at a Nursing home in Mexico, Casa Para Pobres Desamparados, A.C” in Tecate, Mexicali.

Sweetwater District Students Benefit From UCSD Mentoring Program
Castle Park High students participate in unique college preview program

“The oldest book in our special collections area of the library is from the 13th century and describes proper spelling for that time period,” UCSD librarian Marlo Young informed a group of students from Castle Park High as they toured the Geisel Library recently.

Una amiga: tu espejo, tu otro yo
Por Doctora Luz

Existen diferentes tipos de amistades y experiencias de amor. Una relación muy especial es la amistad entre amigas. Es difícil encontrar una verdadera amiga; pero cuando la tienes, esa amistad se convierte en la vida misma, en un apoyo verdadero donde no vas a ser criticada. Aquella persona se alegra por tu felicidad, guarda secretos, comprende tus lágrimas, respeta tu espacio. No sé ustedes, pero en lo particular, mis dos hermanas, mi hija, mi madre, cuatro primas y cinco amigas que han cruzado en mi camino, le han dado un matiz muy especial en mi vida.

Reforma migratoria ¡Ahora o nunca!
Por:Luisa Fernanda Montero

El ambiente que se respira en torno a la aprobación de una reforma migratoria integral es muy positivo; activistas, legisladores y analistas coinciden en que este es el año de la reforma.

Leader In Neurobiology To Speak At District School Castle Park High hosts UCSD’s Dr. Macagno as part of the Healing the Community event
Dr. Eduardo Macagno, Dean of UCSD’s School of Biological Science and leader in the field of Neurobiology, will provide the keynote speech “My Journey From Space Physics to Brain Science” at the Healing the Community event at Castle Park High School on Saturday, February 17.


The Cost of Gas and Electricity Continues to Climb
Deregulation devastating low income families
In 1996 California State legislatures, by a unanimous vote and signed by Governor Pete Wilson, passed into law the deregulation of energy companies within the state. The intent was to create competition, which in turn was supposed to result in competitive pricing. This past month, one local homeowner presented his gas and electric bill for his modest home, which had surpassed the $200 benchmark for the second month in a row. The December bill had eclipsed $250! So much for competitive pricing.

Sweetwater School District Committed to Excellence Community invited to help guide district
By Pearl Quiñones, Board Member, Sweetwater Union High School District
A commitment to excellence given the enormous responsibility of educating our youth is the Sweetwater Union High School District’s primary obligation to the public that it serves.

Las redadas
Por José R.Uzal
El gobierno de Estados Unidos intensifica las redadas contra los inmigrantes indocumentados, ilegales como el gobierno prefiere llamarlos. En el caso de estos, alegadamente ilegales, la diferencia es que el gobierno de EE.UU. les permitió, tácitamente la entrada, después de la última amnistía en 1986. La presente administración, es culpable de mezclar el problema de la entrada de ilegales por la frontera sur y la necesidad de una reforma de las leyes migratorias de la nación. Los Republicanos y la Casa Blanca unieron ambos temas para confundir e instigar la opinión pública y ganar votos en las últimas elecciones generales. Posteriormente de las demostraciones masivas del verano pasado los forzaron a cambiar de estrategia. Los dos proyectos de ley en el congreso el HR 4437 en la Cámara y el S2611 en el Senado no llegaron a ser homologados en conferencia y enviados al presidente a pesar de que los Republicanos tenían el control total del gobierno en aquel entonces.

You Can’t Abuse Immigrants
By Domenico Maceri
“Hopefully this sends a message that you can’t point a gun at little kids,” stated Ronald Morales.

Irán, el nuevo elemento de la guerra
Por Humberto Caspa Ph.D
La semana pasada el Presidente Ruso, Vladimir Putin, cuestionó la unilateralidad estadounidense. Condenó especialmente al gobierno de George W. Bush por “crear inestabilidad mundial” con su postura belicosa.

Iran: new element of the war
By Humberto Caspa, Ph.D
Last week, Russian President, Vladimir Putin, questioned American unilateralism in the world stage. He especially condemned the Bush Administration for “fomenting instability around the globe.”

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Book Review:
The Father-Mother Corruption ... Luisa Valenzuela’s “The Lizard’s Tail”
By E.A. Barrera
The French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan developed a tri-level frame for the human psyche in which he described three separate orders: “The Imaginary”, “The Symbolic” and “The Real.” In Luisa Valenzuela’s novel “The Lizard’s Tail”, these orders become representative of the depiction of Argentina’s history of political corruption. The “Sorcerer” of her novel, a fictionalized look at the life of Isabella Peron’s henchman, Jose Lopez Rega, embodies all three of Lacan’s stations in a wonderful swath of literary magical realism.

Internationally acclaimed journalist Greg Palast to headline Mardi Gras celebration Tuesday, Feb. 20th at Sycuan Resort in El Cajon
EL CAJON – A live blues band, Cajun/Creole feast, silent auction and raffle are among the festivities planned at East County United’s 2nd annual Mardi Gras Party on Fat Tuesday, February 20th at the Sycuan Resort, 3007 Dehesa Road in El Cajon. The event also features speakers on key global, national and local political issues including a keynote speech by internationally-famed investigative journalist Greg Palast.

Homenaje a Pedro Infante en el ciclo de Conferencias Los Rostros de México
· La conferencia organizada por el Consulado General de México, en coordinación con el Instituto Cultural Mexicano y el Museo de Arte de San Diego, será presentada por el cineasta Alejandro Pelayo.

Entrevista exclusiva:
Interpretará “La Boheme” de Puccini el Tenor Tijuanense Manuel Paz
Por: Paco Zavala
Tuvimos la fortuna de contactar al tenor tijuanense Manuel Paz, quién interpretará el rol de Rodolfo (el poeta), en la versión de “La Boheme” ópera de Giacomo Puccini, que se representará en Tijuana el próximo 17 de marzo en la Sala de Espectáculos del Centro Cultural Tijuana. El tenor Manuel Paz compartirá la escena en este montaje operático con puros valores artísticos tijuanenses, porque ésta será una representación eminentemente a realizarce con artistas tijuanenses, dentro de los que destacan: Salvador Padilla (barítono), en el rol de Marcelo; Esther González (soprano) en el papel de Mimí); Norma Navarrete (soprano) desempeñándose como Musetta, Hernan del Riego y otros artistas de los cuales aún no tenemos sus nombres participarán en este montaje.

Disfrutamos de Inolvidable Velada Poética Presentada por Poetas de “Acanto y Laurel”
Por: Paco Zavala
En un ambiente pletórico y emotivo se realizó un encuentro poético binacional, que organizó y diseñó el grupo de poetas que constituyen “Acanto y Laurel”. El pasado jueves 8 de febrero presentaron en la Sala de Usos Múltiples del Centro Cultural Tijuana, apoyados por esta institución quien cedió las instalaciones para disfrutar de la lectura de poemas y pensamientos de poetas pertenecientes a este distinguido grupo de bardos amantes de la prosa y el verso, residentes en ambos lados fronterizos.

Celebrating Diversity
Oscar Night America Coming to Union Station

By Bel Hernandez
2007 will go down in cinematic history as the year the Oscars embraced diversity. With Latino talent leading the nominations with upwards of a dozen nominations, also represented are Native-Americans, Asians and African-Americans.

Este Año el Oscar Ha Demostrado Que Ama a los Latinos en Hollywood
Los Abandonados (The Abandoned) muestra el talento de un actor latino más de caracter, Carlos Reig-Plaza.

Los mexicanos Alejandro Gonzales Iqarritu, Guillermo del Toro, Alfonso Cuaron, Adriana Barraza y Guillermo Arriaga obtuvieron las nominaciones clave de los Premios de la Academia este año, junto con la española Penelope Cruz, quien comentó “Se veía llegar por mucho tiempo”. Esta es la primera vez en la historia de los Premios de la Academia de Cine en Movimiento, Artes y Ciencias (también llamado la casa de los “Oscars”) que se ha dado tanto reconocimiento a actores Latinos.

¡Tic Tac Tiempo!
Author and Activist Luis J. Rodriguez Pays a Visit to San Diego
One of the hardest working Chicano writers, Luis J. Rodriguez has surpassed that of a nationally acclaimed, award winning author and poet. Today, he is that, plus a dedicated activist, organizer, healer and lecturer to many.

Spartans Shooting for Playoff Bid Behind Canizales
By John Philip Wyllie
Following Tuesday’s decisive 4-2 victory over Bonita Vista High, the Chula Vista Spartans have a shot at a league title and a coveted CIF Tournament playoff bid. The win raised the Spartans record to 9-9-2 (overall) and 6-2-1 (in league). Part of their improvement this season can be attributed to the sterling play of their center midfielder and field general Andres Canizales.

De La Fuente Delivers for the Barons
By John Philip Wyllie
Perennial South Bay women’s water polo powerhouse Bonita Vista had to settle for a share of the Mesa League title this season after it split its two-game series with emerging rival Otay Ranch. Both teams finished with identical 5-1 league records so both qualified as co-champions for the CIF tournament. The scores of those Thursday first round playoff matches were not known at deadline.

Recuperar las raíces del juego
Por Carlos Miguélez
“El fútbol es un juego antes que un producto, un deporte antes que un mercado, un espectáculo antes que un negocio”, declaraba la leyenda del fútbol francés, Michel Platini, al ser elegido nuevo presidente de la UEFA con la idea de devolver al fútbol su esencia. Para preservar el “único fútbol que existe, el que une a las personas”, protegerlo de amenazas creadas por intereses ajenos al juego.

Mexico to Kick Off the Hugo Sanchez Era with Five Matches in its 2007 U.S. Tour
The Federación Mexicana de Fútbol (FMF), together with Soccer United Marketing (SUM), recently announced the Mexican National Team’s 2007 U.S. Tour. As in previous tours, the Mexican National Team, under new coach and soccer legend Hugo Sanchez, will play five games. The dates are February 28, March 28, August 22, September 12 and October 17, 2007.

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