Febuary 2, 2007

This war in Iraq has gotten so far off course it would be a laughing matter except for the fact that people are dying. The Iraqies asked the US for more new and improved weaponary and the US turned them down because the Iraqies would not be able to handle the sophisticated weaponary… Hey, isn’t this the country that was supposed to have weapons of mass destruction???

We know we keep taking shots at President Bush for his Iraq war and it is probably getting old, but it is our Hijos and Hijas who are dying in a war that didn’t make sense when we got into this war. Now, it has been twisted into something that is no longer recognizable.

Minutemen, are nothing more than haters. North County Minutemen only confirm what we have known. Last week they went into the Migrant camps of Rancho Penasquitos and destroyed everything: clothes, blankets, shoes, everything and anything they could get their hands on with knives and scissors. That left migrants with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. These racists’ actions are being investigated as a hate crime.

MAPA in San Diego. Seems at least one Chicano is fed up with the current MAPA (Mexican American Political Association) in San Diego and has set out to create a new MAPA chapter. Gregory Morales dice that he wants a MAPA that works WITH the community! Any questions? Email him at: encanto_azul@hotmail.com

Mi little Indio está en Middle School in the South Bay area. In his most recent newsletter sent home, it read like a police report. The whole frontpage of the newsletter talked about guns, knives, brass knuckles, and fights!! Esto está muy loco, what’s going on at our local schools?!!!

Well, it is two years before the next Presidential election and the question we have early on: is there anyone who is not running for President? Me thinks all the people are opening exploriatory Presidential campaigns just so they can raise campaign dollars and then drop out of the race at a later date and have all that money to use on re-elections or as a retirement fund. But that is just me being a cynic.

Spanking ban was introduced in the California State Assembly Thursday. They want to ban spanking of those under four years old. That’s okay, but what about those over four years of age? I guess it is okay to whoop them? I think those assembly people have too much free time on their hands to come up with silly laws like this! That or they are trying to avoid the really important issues of the state.

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