February 2, 2007

What’s Going On, Here?

Bullfight World
By Lyn Sherwood

Have you ever had one of those days when nothing seemed to go right?

Lately, they’ve been happening frequently.

You got in very late, last night, just to discover that somebody had screwed up your hotel reservations. You had to share a room with Jorge.

This morning, you overslept and missed the sorteo. So did Jorge. You don’t know who the hell drew bulls for you. But, it doesn’t matter. You’ll probably get the biggest ones, anyway.

Yesterday’s corrida was a disaster. It wasn’t planned as a nocturnal affair; it just turned out, that way. And, no lights in the damned plaza.

You’ve got a hangover, and you’re still hoping that Wednesday night’s groupie didn’t give you a case of something bad. You scratch a lot.

Somehow, you lost your zapatillas, so you borrowed a pair from Jorge, whose feet are two sizes smaller than your own. The damned car broke down, so you had to pile your banderilleros, picador, sword handler, and everybody else into the only available taxi. A Fiat. Naturally, you arrived late at the plaza, so the judge hit you with a big fine. It wouldn’t have been so bad, had you not been senior sword.

Your first bull was a cream-puff. But, that damned, stupid Jorge ran it against a burladero, breaking a horn. Now, they’ve replaced it with this critter that seems blind in one eye and can’t see too well out of the other. It has to be eight years old and at least 600 kilos.

God, don’t you wish that you had taken a leak, before leaving the hotel?

Here comes the rain. There’s a fist fight in the stands. Somebody has started a fire. And, now, they’ve changed the act, before this ugly animal ever got a decent pic.

Sometimes, you wish that you had been born in Australia. And, Jorge had been born in Lithuania!


Southwestern College of Continuing Education is going to offer a course on bullfighting. And, it has selected a very qualified instructor, Pete Rombold, the well known amateur torero who has 46 years of experience in bullfighting.

On two consecutive Saturday mornings—Feb. 24 and March 3—the course, “Bullfighting – Myth to Method”, will be held from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. It will cover a wide spectrum of topics related to La Fiesta Brava. There will be a participation fee of $25.

Said Rombold, “The course is designed to provide students will a comprehensive understanding of the aesthetic and practical aspects of the modern bullfight. This is achieved, beginning with an examination of early man’s relationship with will bulls, through the development of today’s contemporary corrida de toros.

Other areas of interest will be:

(a) The life of the fighting bulls and heifers

(b) Becoming a Matador de Toros

(c) How to fight a bull: the science, the art, the training, the dance, and the injuries.

(d) What takes place in the bullring, and why.

The classes will be highlighted with a slide show, video, a hands-on look at actual bullfighting equipment, including a “suit of lights”, bullfight music, and more. Students will be instructed in how to perform basic cape passes.

Registration for the classes is available by calling (619) 482-6376. the last day to register is Feb. 15.

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