August 3, 2007

Iraqie politicians estas no dummies. Despite Pres. Bush’s time line to show progress by September they took the month of August off for vacation. No Iraqie in their right mind and who can afford it, stays in Baghdad when the temperature hovers at around 105 and there is no shade in a desert. So like all good politicans they got out of the kitchen when the heat gets too hot!

Esto Indio saw smoke signals saying the Chula Vista School Board member David Bejarano is planning a run for the 78th Assembly District. If the rumor is true the next sound you will hear will be the whooshing sound of the wind going out of CV city councilman’s John McCann campaign for the same seat. Both Bejarano and McCann are Republicans and will slug it out to represent the Party to replace Republican Shirely Horton.

Hombres going to Tijuana to party this weekend don’t forget Sunday is election day which means the bars will be closed for most of the day!

Speaking of Tijuana, a Mexican council person has introduced a bill that would eliminate the requirement to own beach property you have to be a Mexican citizen. Compadres, you sure you want to do that, talk about immigration problems they’ll be flooding across the border to buy up the beach front property.

California prisons are so overcrowded that a judge has ordered the governor to fix the problem. Of course the governor wants to build more prisons. Judge wants to see less prisoners. Maybe it is time to revisit the three strikes law that puts anybody that has three felony convictions in prison for life? Even if the third strike is not what one would consider particularly heinous such as pot possession.

El jefe de National City, Mayor Morrison, has his heart set on some sort of sports arena for the bay front. He wants to challenge a report that says a sports arena is not in the best interest for the area. I don’t know about a sports arena but I know one thing the residents of this poor city need is jobs. How about working on something that will bring jobs to the area????

Want to solve the gang problem? Send the parents of this little trouble makers to parenting class! Well that is one answer that Assembly member Tony Mendoza (D) thinks will address the “Root Causes of Gang Activity”. Well there you go! Say Senior Mendoza instead pouring money into parenting classes, why don’t you pour that money into something more worthwhile, like jobs, affordable housing, a good education!

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