April 20, 2007

No Gang Violence Children and Parents Learn About Their Rights

Hundreds of people celebrated Easter early at the Outlet Center of Viejas on the 1st of April. At this event, organized by EXA 91.7 FM and La Precisosa 99.3 FM, children had the opportunity to have fun and hang out with the Easter Bunny.

One of the most visited booths at the event was that of Youth for Human Rights, whose mission it is to educate youth in the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights so they become valuable advocates for peace and tolerance. This document was written after the second World War in order to establish the rights of all people regardless of race, color, nationality, religion, gender or creed.

Youth for Human Rights, San Diego Chapter, invited children and young adults to participate in a drawing contest during which they first received a brief explanation of human rights and watched a video of Public Service Announcements which illustrates three of these thirty rights: “No Discrimination,” “Freedom of Expression” and “Freedom of Thought.”

Finally each participant was asked to draw something to show what human rights meant to them personally. The winners of the contest received a set of drawing pens and an educational pamphlet called “Know Your Human Rights” produced by Youth for Human Rights International which gives all thirty of the rights from the original UN document.

The parents and children in addition to having fun, learned the importance of knowing their human rights. L. Ron Hubbard, a great humanitarian, wrote “Human rights must be made a fact, not an idealistic dream.”

This event was co-organized by the Human Rights Department of the Church of Scientology. Through these audio-visual presentations and other educational tools, the Church’s Human Rights Department seeks to reach millions to raise awareness and bring about global change.

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