April 20, 2007


A Week of Terror

Terror struck at the heart of America with the killings of 32 innocent young adults at Virginia Tech and, there is a feeling as if there is nothing we can do to stop this type of terror from occurring again.

This feeling of haplessness sunk in for this particular editor when he received an email that 20 police of a local city had scramble to a middle school, which had been locked down, in search of a boy with a gun. The school it turns out is where this editor’s son attended 7th grade. The police found the boy and discovered that he was flashing a toy gun on campus. The initial reaction was fear for my son’s safety and a sense of haplessness. The school is not a bad school, in fact it is a good school within the district. If our children are not safe here, then where?

It also happens that this editor’s wife is an elementary school teacher, 2nd grade, in a low income neighborhood that struggles to meet the standards. This year alone she has had to deal with a student telling her that she wished she was dead. Parents who beat their children so bad that they leave a multitude of welts. Having to deal with lock downs for the past two years because of dangerous circumstances. This on top of the “normal” problems faced at a low income school.

Then we have a running gun battle on the streets and within a hospital in Tijuana. This is not some distant, foreign place, but a place that many of us travel to, live, shop, and play. This affects us just as much as a resident of Tijuana, and instills, once again, a sense of haplessness.

While we send our soldiers to Iraq to fight the spread of terrorists to the United States, perhaps we should focus more on the terror that is already here where we live.

When I send my children off to school and kiss my wife goodbye for the day, it is not with a sense of comfort, but with a sense of trepidation, and I look forward to them returning home safe and sound. For 32 people there will be no returning home.

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