Volume XXXI Number 16 April 20, 2007

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Pánico y caos en hospital de Tijuana

Por Luis Alonso Pérez

Un grupo armado ingresó la mañana del miércoles al hospital general de Tijuana, donde se enfrentó a tiros con elementos policíacos, provocando caos y pánico entre los hospitalizados y el personal del hospital.

De acuerdo con el Comandante de la Policía Ministerial, Jaime Niebla, un comando de al menos 6 hombres fuertemente armados ingresó violentamente al edificio médico alrededor de las 11 horas.

Zenayla Toribio carga a su bebé mientras es confortada por su esposo Jose Luis Cortez y una mujer del Hospital General de Tijuana el Miércoles, Abril 18, 2007 en Tijuana, Baja California, México. Foto/David Maung

Los agresores intercambiaron fuego con agentes de la Policía Estatal Preventiva que custodiaban a un grupo de prisioneros de la penitenciería de Tijuana, trasladados al hospital para recibir atenciones médicas rutinarias.

El enfrentamiento dejó como saldo a dos agentes estatales y un delincuente muertos.

“Tenemos a dos elementos (muertos) de la Policía Estatal Preventiva asignados como custodios de la penitenciería. También tenemos a una persona asegurada, así como tres armas, un vehículo tipo Dakota y en el interior encontramos una funda (de pistola)” explicó Jaime Niebla, y aseguró que las investigaciones avanzaban con los pocos elementos que se tenían.

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From High School Honors to Overnight Parent
A sixteen year old picking up the pieces ICE left behind
By Raymond R. Beltran

Sixteen year-old Leslie Muñoz is trying to sell her parents’ sport utility vehicle. On weekends, she rummages through her family’s luxuries, the televisions, the radios, the computer gadgets and all the furniture to sell what she can from their home, where she’s also stuck a ‘For Rent’ sign out front.

Gangs, Terrorists, and Trade
By Adam Elkus
While most Americans are familiar with Al-Qaida, they’re less knowledgeable about a group spreading terror within U.S. inner cities: Mara Salvatrucha, also known as MS-13. Mara cadres have set up in many American cities, creating the beginnings of a national command hierarchy, with some Maras on the East and West coast reporting directly to and paying gang dues to leaders in Central America. Although the FBI and law enforcement agencies have tried to contain them using anti-racketeering statutes, which allow prosecutors to attack the structures of organized crime, the real problem lies beyond the border.

Colonos del Ejido Maclovio Rojas demandan justicia
Por Luis Alonso Pérez.
El pasado 10 de abril se cumplieron 19 años de la llegada de habitantes al ejido Maclovio Rojas, un predio ubicado al este de Tijuana, cuya propiedad aun continua en un proceso de disputa legal.


Vicente Fox receives award amid criticisms
By Pablo Jaime Sáinz

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox will receive the Award for Democracy and Peace from the Institute of the Americas, at the University of California, San Diego, on Wednesday, April 25.

Vicente Fox recibe premios a pesar de las críticas
Por Pablo Jaime Sáinz
El ex presidente de México, Vicente Fox, recibirá el Premio por la Democracia y la Paz del Instituto de las Américas, en la Universidad de California, San Diego, el miércoles 25 de abril.

Focus on Community
On a Positive Note ...
By Patty Chavez

Every Sunday evening before my Wednesday deadline I sketch out my thoughts for my upcoming article. And every Tuesday, social or local issues rearrange whatever outline I had in place. This week is no different.

Head Start Officials Say It’s a New Day
By Raymond R. Beltran
“It’s a new day for the neighborhood and what we’re doing for the Head Start program,” said Pilar Montoya, Director of Community Affairs at the Neighborhood Housing Association. “The organization is not what it was before August.”

How to Enjoy a Fabulous Earth Day
By Javier Sierra
Remember the fable of the grasshopper and the ant? In the summer, the grasshopper would spend the time doing nothing but enjoying the good weather, singing, eating and mocking the industrious ant who worked hard to make sure she would have enough food for the winter.

Cómo Disfrutar de un Fabuloso Día de la Tierra
Por Javier Sierra
¿Se acuerda de la fábula de la cigarra y la hormiga? La cigarra en verano se la pasaba haraganeando, disfrutando del buen tiempo, cantando, comiendo y burlándose de la industriosa hormiga que trabajaba duro para asegurarse que tendría suficiente comida durante el invierno.

Uninsured in America
By Douglas W. Laube, MD, MEd,
President, The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

Americans are constantly reminded of the importance of proactive participation in their health care. Public health awareness campaigns tell us that vigilantly observing changes in our bodies, staying current with preventive health screenings, and regularly visiting our doctors are key to preventing or lowering the risk of chronic disease and managing current medical conditions. It’s good advice, but keeping up with routine screenings and doctor visits is easier said than done for the more than 46 million Americans living without health insurance.

Epilepsia, Independencia y Felicidad

Por Luisa Fernanda Montero
Para Lourdes Contreras no ha sido fácil vivir con epilepsia, pero su energía, positivismo y fuerza de voluntad han hecho de ella una mujer capaz de superar todas las dificultades, de convertir sus retos en oportunidades y de contarle al mundo que se pueden alcanzar los sueños y que las limitaciones, muchas veces, están solo en nuestra mente.

Chula Vista Names Garcia City Manager
After an extensive nationwide search and interview process, the Chula Vista Mayor and City Council tonight unanimously selected David R. Garcia for the position of City Manager. Since 2003, Garcia has served as the County Administrator of Yuma County, Arizona.

No Gang Violence Children and Parents Learn About Their Rights
Hundreds of people celebrated Easter early at the Outlet Center of Viejas on the 1st of April. At this event, organized by EXA 91.7 FM and La Precisosa 99.3 FM, children had the opportunity to have fun and hang out with the Easter Bunny.

Editorial and Commentary

A Week of Terror
Terror struck at the heart of America with the killings of 32 innocent young adults at Virginia Tech and, there is a feeling as if there is nothing we can do to stop this type of terror from occurring again.

Repercusiones de la masacre
Por Humberto Caspa, Ph.D
A unos días después de uno de los eventos más trágicos de la historia norteamericana, todavía es difícil poner los dedos sobre el teclado de la computadora y empezar a escribir algunas líneas alusivas a ese incidente lamentable.

Cho Was Like Me — But Don’t Judge Our Community
By Autumn Lee
SAN FRANCISCO — The story of Virginia Tech University student Seung Hui Cho, 23, a Korean-American who shot and killed 33 people (including himself) touched me in a weird way. Cho was a lot like me: a permanent resident with a green card who came to the United States from Korea in 1992. I was two then. He was eight.

The Victimization of Talk Show Hosts
By Joe Ortiz
The recent fiasco concerning shock jock host Don Imus has opened the doors to a new dialogue that has been lying dormant for decades. Imus’ removal from the lofty platform that provided numerous elected officials, media personalities and civic leaders a bully pulpit to showcase their respective agendas, has been toppled over by an outcry of indignation, mainly from African Americans.

El Sueño Americano
Por José R Uzal
A los corredores de bienes raíces les encanta difundir el mito del sueño americano, el cual definen como el llegar a ser propietario. Hoy en día al comenzar a perderse las propiedades los mismos corredores de propiedades acusan al sueño de haberse convertido en una pesadilla. Nada más lejos de la verdad.

Gonzalez Honors Hispanic American Veterans of the Second World War
Washington, DC – This week, Congressman Charles Gonzalez honored the contributions made by Hispanic Americans to our nation during the Second World War in a speech during a special order session of the United States House of Representatives. His remarks pay tribute to the half million Hispanic Americans who courageously “fought for our country even as the schools they attended, jobs they worked, wages they earned, and living conditions they tolerated reflected systematic inequality that denied them full rights of citizenship.”

A bulletin was sent out stating that an announcement would be made at the Chicano Park Festival announcing the expected end of the boycott of the Centro Cultural de la Raza. Esto Indio piensa que ni modo. This boycott has dragged on so long that now that they are calling an end to it, it doesn’t seem to matter as much anymore. The bigger question will be... what now?

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

By Gustavo Arellano
Dear Readers: The Reconquista has arrived! On May 1, ¡Ask a Mexican! comes out in book form gracias to the literary madmen at Scribner. Expect more of the same, but más: more essays, more illustrations from Mark Dancey (the gabacho who created this column’s logo), and more questions. Below are just a sample of the preguntas the Mexican answers exclusively in his book, broken down by chapters. Want the answers? Buy the book!:

First Person:
By Al Carlos Hernandez
Don’t know about you, but there are some people I just don’t feel like dealing with so I do my best to avoid them, no matter the cost. There are sometimes when you just don’t feel like shooting the breeze, chopping it up or chewing the fat.

VAPA Director Bill Virchis to Receive ‘Administrator of the Year’ Award
Arts educator William A. Virchis, the first Director of Visual and Performing Arts for the Sweetwater Union High School District, was selected by the California Association for Music Education, Southern Border Section, as its “Administrator of the Year.”

Mexican Journalist on Latin America and author of “Dancing with Cuba” to speak on “Truth and Beauty in Mexico” and UCSD
Alma Guillermoprieto, author and Mexican journalist who has written extensively about Latin America for the U.S. press, will speak on Truth and Beauty in Mexico and Latin America at 7 p.m. April 24 in the Price Center Ballroom at the University of California, San Diego.

¡Tic Tac Tiempo!....
Established by Chicano activists on April 22, 1970, Chicano Park has received national and international acclaim as a major outdoor public art site known for its powerful mural paintings depicting the past and present struggle of Mexican and Chicano history.

Elders’ stories inspire Latino kids to write
From the time she began writing on Big Chief tablets from Woolworth’s in the 1950s, Irene Márquez was hooked on writing. It’s what motivated her to found Los Bilingual Writers, a writing workshop aimed at promoting writing in Latino communities in San Diego — and validating bilingual writing. And it’s why she turned her efforts several years ago to helping Latino kids learn to write. Her latest project, the Bilingual Literacy Project, funded by the Council under the California Story Fund, involves both Latino kids and senior citizens in writing and storytelling.

Expone en Cuba Trabajos Pictóricos el Artista Bajacaliforniano José Hugo Sánchez
Exposición denominada “Impactos Fronterizos, Violencia y Migración”
Por: Paco Zavala
Tratar de exponer temas vinculados con el joven artista bajacaliforniano José Hugo Sánchez, es remontarnos a muchos años atrás, cuando el artista era estudiante, visitaba las instalaciones de la Asociación Nacional de Actores, para conversar con el inolvidable maestro de teatro Jorge Andrés Fernández, del cual era amigo entrañable.

Unique Collaboration Between La Jolla Country Day and the University of Baja California
La Jolla Country Day School students will perform “Los Niños de Sal” (Children of the Salt), by Mexican playwright Hernan Galindo, in both English and Spanish on both sides of the border beginning next Friday, April 27 through Sunday, April 29.

En Marcha la “IX Muestra de Danza Internacional Tijuana Cuerpos en Tránsito 2007”
“Coreografías de Baja California, Distrito Federal, Sinaloa, Sonora de México, países invitados Italia y Cuba”
Por: Paco Zavala
Durante el transcurso de nueve años hemos estado observando el fortalecimiento del movimiento dancístico en la comunidad bajacaliforniana, con la presentación anual del importante evento anual “Cuerpos en Tránsito”, el que en este año llega a su novena edición.

Golden Boy vs. Pretty Boy, Who Will Be The Man?
Part Four: Styles and Stamina
By Greg Goodrich
On May 5, 2007, Oscar de la Hoya (38-4) will defend his WBC Jr. Middleweight title against reigning pound for pound kingpin and defending WBC Welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather, Jr. (37-0). This historic bout captioned ‘The World Awaits’ is scheduled for 12 rounds, and will be held at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Bullfight World
By Lyn Sherwood
Bullfighting and Religion
As demonstrated by the cave paintings in Altamira, Spain, and Los Trios and Lascaux, France, the bull, or at least its ancestor, the aurochs, has played a vital role in the history of Homo Sapiens. Such is reflected in Greek mythology and in organized religions.

Taboada Ready to Return to the Mustangs Mound
By John Philip Wyllie
Having compiled a winning (7-5) record in the early going against some tough out-of- league opponents, the Otay Ranch Mustangs look ready to compete for what would be their first Mesa League baseball banner. Senior pitcher and first baseman, Juan Taboada is one of several players that coach, Robert McCurdy will be counting on.

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