Volume XXXI Number 15 April 13, 2007

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Untold Stories from the Border Will Have Their Moment

By Raymond R. Beltran

Most journalists would say they have a stack of story ideas piling up back at the office. Award winning reporter Laura Castañeda has them, along with a dream to embark on new adventures.

For her, it was unveiling the story behind Tijuana’s legendary Miguel Lopez, or better known as masked Mexican wrestler Lucha Libre.

Having worked for mainstream media over the years, she understands that most ideas, or leads, can pile up into structures with a great wealth of intriguing and insightful stories that go unsaid, especially along the U.S. Mexico border.

Award winning journalist, Laura Castañeda produced the show.

So, she created Stories de la Frontera, a half hour television segment that creates a platform for journalists to begin digging away at those stories.

“The concept … why I started putting this show together was to work with journalists who’ve worked border issues and I don’t mean just drugs and immigration,” Castañeda says. “I wanted to find stories that you couldn’t find anywhere else.”

And it seems she did. The show takes viewers into places along the ‘frontera’ where they may not have been.

The most recent show, airing on KPBS and Cox Channel 4 later this month, leads with a feature by former Univisión Correspondent Carmen Escobosa about the McGonigle Canyon of North County San Diego, where the outdoor trees and dry shrub became a home to many migrant workers from South America.

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PBS Reverses Position: Will Include Latinos In Burns Documentary
Today, PBS informed the Defend the Honor Campaign of their decision to reverse their position and include the Latino experience in Ken Burns’ forthcoming World War II documentary, The War., on World War II. In a letter released today, PBS President and CEO Paula Kerger reported that, “PBS, Ken Burns and his co-director/producer Lynn Novick have decided to create additional content that focuses on stories of Latino and Native American veterans of the Second World War.”

Organizers announce plans to revisit historic May 1 demonstrations
By Raymond R. Beltran
Immigrant rights activists are calling for a second round of May 1st protests next month to, one, mark the one year anniversary of the first ‘Day Without an Immigrant’ boycotts and, two, to put an end to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement operations that have recently caused panic in the immigrant community.

Newt’s Tiny But Dangerous Ghetto of a World View
We must confront the likes of Gingrich who wish to rule and define our lives from the ghettoes of their minds
By Roberto Lovato
When Newt Gingrich equated bilingual education with teaching “the language of living in a ghetto” this week, it took me back to my own linguistic roots. San Francisco’s Mission district was a place where the crowded housing projects overflowed with sounds of English, Spanish, Ebonics, Spanglish and other languages spoken and sung and mixed and dubbed until those moments when night and morning became one. The multilingual polyphony of this environment still makes it hard to define whether I grew up in a “ghetto” or a “barrio.”


On The Road For Immigration Reform
By Elizabeth Gonzalez
Editor’s Note: A mixed group of immigrants and their children — young, old, documented and not — traveled to Washington, D.C., to talk to Congress about immigration reform. Despite a lukewarm response from Congress, writer Elizabeth Gonzalez says she found the most inspiration in her fellow travelers. Gonzalez is on the staff of Silicon Valley De-Bug, a collaborative of writers, artists, workers and organizers in San Jose, CA.

Un Nuevo Estudio Revela la Brecha entre el Plan de Estudios de Preparatoria de Estados Unidos y las Expectativas Universitarias
Un nuevo estudio realizado por ACT señala la brecha entre qué están enseñando las escuelas preparatorias de Estados Unidos en sus cursos “básicos” y lo que esperan las universidades de los nuevos estudiantes para tener éxito en el primer año de clases.

México del Norte
Por Jorge Mújica Murias
De mil en mil…
¿Le dan pánico las redadas? ¿Piensa que la Migra va a llegar a medianoche a su casa y sacarlo de la cama? ¿Se quiere cambiar de trabajo porque “a la mejor llega la Migra mañana?

Paradise Creek becomes the pride of National City
By Pablo Jaime Sáinz
For 12 years, a group of volunteers led by Ted Godshalk worked hard at making Paradise Creek Educational Park a reality for National City.

Paradise Creek se convierte en un orgullo para National City
Por Pablo Jaime Sáinz
Por 12 años, un grupo de voluntarios liderados por Ted Godshalk trabajó arduamente para hacer de Paradise Creek Educational Park una realidad para National City.

ELH Students Win Southern California ‘Botball’ Robotics Tournament
Next stop: Hawaii for national competition
Just two days before their regional robotics competition was to begin, the team of Eastlake High students was confronted with a major challenge. The “brain,” the key part, died to one of their robots. What to do? The students used their resourcefulness to secure a new part from tournament organizers, even driving to the airport to pick it up and then make the necessary repairs.

Por Ricardo J. Galarza
Cinco consejos útiles para los impuestos
Ahora que se acerca la fecha para la declaración anual de impuestos conviene reseñar algunos consejos sobre todo porque si se aprueba una reforma migratoria, aquellos que se acojan a la nueva ley deberán estar al día con el Servicio de Rentas Internas o “Hacienda” (IRS, por sus siglas en inglés o Impuestos). He aquí los más importantes, tanto para aquellos que ya hayan hecho su declaración anteriormente, como para los que nunca la han presentado:

Urban League of San Diego County’s “Diversity Works!”
Career Fair/Expo boosts employment opportunities for all
San Diego is a city with a highly diverse population. The Urban League of San Diego County is helping to make rewarding employment available to all as sponsor of the 18th Annual Career Fair/Expo, to be held on Thursday, April 26, 2007, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., at Golden Hall’s San Diego Concourse at 202 “C” Street.

Editorial and Commentary

PBS and Ken Burns capitulate on WWII documentary
Hispanics hail this as a victory!
When acclaimed documentarian Ken Burns first previewed his much anticipated documentary on World War II, Hispanics were shocked to see that Hispanic contributions to the war had been completely excluded from this lengthy project. They were outraged, asking the question how you could not include Hispanics when they contributed over 500,000 soldiers to this war and were one of the mostly highly decorated ethnic groups.

On tax day, think about costs of Iraq War
By Anita Dancs
As tax day approaches and the Iraq War rages on, each one of us should think about where our money is going.

Leave Americans in Mexico Be
by Jacob G. Hornberger
There is a big immigration problem that has been growing year after year. An increasing number of American citizens are moving to Mexico, and some of them are even becoming undocumented workers. Even worse, they are refusing to assimilate and are even insisting on retaining their U.S. citizenship.

Limites de la libertad de expresión
Por Humberto Caspa, Ph.D
Yo creo que muchos escuchamos los comentarios ofensivos de Don Imus, presentador de radio de radio CBS y la cadena de MSNBC. Este señor llamó a unas jugadoras de basketball de la universidad de Rutgers “mujerzuelas de cabello enmarañado”.

Para cambiar los hábitos de la comunidad latina en materia de ahorro
Por Raul Yzaguirre
Hoy en día, en el país existe una grave disparidad en materia de prácticas de ahorro. En 2006, la tasa de ahorro personal de los Estados Unidos descendió a su nivel más bajo en 74 años. Según un estudio realizado por el Pew Research Center, un 40% de los latinos encuestados dijo gastar más de lo que les permiten sus medios, y el 42% dijo sentir que su situación financiera está fuera de su control. Por primera vez desde la Gran Depresión, nuestro país tiene una tasa de ahorro negativa.

Republicans you gotta to love them: The Congressional Hispanic Caucus wanted to get a resolution passed recently that honored César E. Chávez, but those good old boys from Kentucky would have none of it. Republican Minority Leader Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky didn’t like the resolution unless the resolution stated that Chávez once led an anti-immigrant march. Come on guys, it is only a resolution and you are taking the intent of Chávez out of context.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

By Gustavo Arellano
Dear Mexican: Have you seen the email flying around, allegedly from country rock star Charlie Daniels? What’s your reaction?

First Person:
Cash money is redundant
By Al Carlos Hernandez
We are living in an increasingly cash-less society. It never ceases to amaze me when you see someone buying a cup of coffee or a sandwich with a debit, or even worse, a credit card. When this happens two things come to mind; first is that the person is so broke that they are living on their cards; second is that the card is stolen.

Celebra Todo México el Cincuenta Aniversario Luctuoso de Pedro Infante
“Se llora la ausencia del desaparecido Hijo del Pueblo”
Por: Paco Zavala
Esta historia es un homenaje que se le rinde a la memoria del Hijo del Pueblo, a cincuenta años de su lamentable despedida de la faz de la tierra a: Pedro Infante, el actor, cantante, filántropo, hermano, amigo, enamorado, buen padre y excelente hijo.

Hispanic Arts Theatre presents a staged reading of “Man of La Mancha”
Hispanic Arts Theatre, in association with M.E.Ch.A., USD is very pleased to announce their next artistic venture — a complete staged reading and vocal performance of the Tony Award winning classic— “Man of La Mancha”.

¡Tic Tac Tiempo!....
University Art Gallery Exhibits the Life of Migrant Farm Laborers
By Tina Yapelli
California’s ongoing story of migrant farm workers and their families will be told through an art exhibition at the University Art Gallery from April 2 to May 2.

Los Straitjackets: Paying a Tribute to the Pioneers of Rock en Español
By James Klein
Los Straitjackets are an instrumental rock band. In their performances, they always wear Mexican professional wrestling masks. Although mysterious, the band plays its own songs and versions of “covers” with a perfection that is difficult to surpass.

Los Straitjackets: Pagando un Tributo a Los Pioneros de Rock en Español
Por James Klein
Los Straitjackets son una banda de rock instrumental. En sus espectáculos, ellos siempre usan máscaras profesionales de lucha libre. Aunque misterioso, la banda ejecuta temas propios o versiones de “covers” con una perfección difícil de superar.

Realizan Feria Artesanal y de Productos Nativos en San Antonio Necua
“Invita la Comunidad Indígena Kumiai para el próximo 22 de abril”
Por: Paco Zavala
Disfrute el olor del campo primaveral bajacaliforniano el próximo domingo 22 de abril de este año corriente de las 10 de mañana a las 5 de la tarde. Prepárese para un gran “Picnic” o día de campo, admirando la naturaleza de nuestras fascinantes tierras y montañas, visite la Comunidad de San Antonio Necua, sitio en el que se realizará una gran Feria Artesanal.

Un pulpo a la Holandesa
Para los amantes del cine Europeo llega ‘Black Book’
Por Jose Daniel Bort
Hacía tiempo que una película como ésta no aparecía por las carteleras americanas. Demasiado “europea” para ser tomada en cuenta en un lanzamiento en grande, demasiado “grande” para ser lanzada como una película Europea. Lo cierto es que Black Book es un espectáculo gratificante, atrevido, con ínfulas de épico pero más que nada muy divertido.

BV’s Molina-Estolano Generating Lots of Energy
By John Philip Wyllie
You had better have lots of energy if you plan on keeping up with Bonita Vista High’s Vicki Molina-Estolano. As a senior midfielder on the Baron’s up and coming lacrosse team, Molina-Estolano is a tireless worker and a key member of the team’s defense.

Retired Boxers Foundation Partners with Brian Viloria to Help the Poor
The Retired Boxers Foundation is proud to announce a partnership with Brian “The Hawaiian Punch” Viloria and his family, establishing “The Brian Viloria Champs for Youth Fund” under the umbrella of the Retired Boxers Foundation. Brian Viloria is a light flyweight with a record of 19-1-0-1 with 12 knockouts.

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