Volume XXXI Number 14 April 6, 2007

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Immigration raids rattle the Latino community

A human rights issue and politically driven, say activists

By Raymond R. Beltran

"This is terror just as there was terror in the 1940s, when Hitler terrorized the Jews,” said San Diego resident, Vicente Rodriguez.

Last Sunday, in front of the San Diego Federal Building in downtown, Rodriguez rallied with fellow members of the City College-based Si Se Puede organization to denounce last week’s ICE raids and raise the issue of the inhumane tactics in what immigration officials have callously titled ‘Operation Return to Sender.’

"We need to let these people know that they have to make a statement to the president to stop the raids,” he said. “We need to take a timeout to fix this broken immigration system correctly.”

In the passed three weeks, ICE agents have rattled Latino communities in San Diego and Imperial County by knocking on doors and asking for legal documentation of households, witnesses say straying from a targeted individual, to apprehend and deport those who they’ve broadly labeled ‘undocumented criminals’ and those evading court orders to leave the country.

Elva Salinas, City College professor and human rights advocate, rallies with group, Si Se Puede, at the Federal Building downtown to call attention to recent deportation operations that they say are inhumane. Photos by Gus Reyes.

In three weeks, 359 people were arrested in San Diego and are in the process of being deported, if not sent already, but less than a quarter percent have criminal backgrounds.

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Por Jose R. Uzal
Ya comenzó la cuaresma. La liturgia cristiana conmemora dos eventos céntricos a la fe: el nacimiento y la muerte de nuestro señor Jesucristo. Ambas fechas se han diluido en el mundo moderno y laico convirtiéndose en eventos comerciales y oportunidades de ocio. En EE.UU. le añadimos la doctrina de separación entre el Estado y la Iglesia y terminamos con algo totalmente diferente a la idea original. Signos de rebelión contra esta situación comienzan a aparecer en nuestra sociedad y la religión organizada se ha unido y ha comenzado a protestar la eliminación de Cristo de las fiestas navideñas pero pocos hablan de la misma situación en la Pascua.

Santana and ‘Big Papi’ Lead Latino Baseballers
By Ray Estrada
Vida en el Valle
America’s pastime has become América’s deporte. If you don’t agree, just take a look at the Opening Day rosters when the Major League Baseball season threw out its first pitch on April 1.


La Nueva Gringolandia: The US Migrant Boom in Mexico
By Kent Paterson

Elizabeth Rogers and Alex Kelly embarked on the trip of their lives. Selling their Chicago condominium, the couple flew to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, this past winter for a needed break from the old work routine. Based in beautiful but expensive Banderas Bay, the young travelers visited beaches, endured roving street vendors and explored the wonders of the tropical Pacific coast, a place where the waters hop with migratory humpback whales, dolphins and sea turtles. Rogers was struck by the gay-friendly atmosphere. 𠇊 lot of rainbow-colored flags and that kind of thing, which is nice,” said the young woman. “That’s accepted down here, I think.”

Estudiantes Tijuanenses vigilarán los derechos humanos en su comunidad
Por Luis Alonso Pérez
El municipio de Tijuana ha puesto en marcha un innovador programa de vigilancia de los derechos humanos, en el que estudiantes universitarios observarán y documentarán violaciones cometidas por servidores públicos a la ciudadanía.

México del Norte
Por Jorge Mújica Murias 
Doble identidad 
El mismo día que el Congresista Luis Gutiérrez presentó su pifiada propuesta de ley de seguridad nacional que de paso regulariza a algunos inmigrantes indocumentados, los periódicos de Estados Unidos recogieron una nota sobre “Dos Extrañas, Una Ilegal, Que Comparten Una Identidad”.

Focus on community
By Patty Chavez
Good to Be Brown and Think Green
With global warming taking center stage as the pre-eminent issue of our time, Latinos need to start taking notice. We are already seeing a change in the world’s climate. Unless global warming is halted scientists are predicting disastrous consequences such as a rise in sea levels damaging coastal communities, new diseases, increased pollution and a growing number of natural disasters.

Semana Santa: Holy Week and Easter Festivities in Tijuana
By Pablo Jaime Sainz

Call it the Mexican Spring Break.

Semana Santa: Las Festividades de Pascua en Tijuana
Por Pablo Jaime Sainz

Llámenlo el Spring Break mexicano.

¿Hijos malcriados y padres alcahuetes?
¿Hijos independientes y padres tolerantes?

Parte 1
Por: Doctora Luz
¿Qué nos está sucediendo con nuestros hijos? Antes, con solamente una mirada de nuestros padres, nos recorría el miedo por entero y, sin pensarlos, los obedecíamos.

Barrio Logan parents simmered over new school boundaries
By Raymond R. Beltran

The school district’s Area 5 Superintendent Delfino Aleman was surrounded by a circle of acceptance rather than opposition Thursday, March 29, when he reintroduced a controversial attendance boundary system to elementary school parents in Barrio Logan. Parents who were originally irate about being forced to transfer their children to other campuses were simmered now that they have been offered more opportunities.

Por Rebeca Logan
Fervor Latino y reforma migratoria marcan la Semana Santa
Cada año miles de Latinos en Estados Unidos conmemoran la Semana Santa con un fervor religioso y tradiciones latinoamericanas que han transformado las celebraciones de fe de costa a costa.

Editorial and Commentary

National City is going to have to decide what to do about the Westside
For the members of the National City City Council, it is like being between and rock and a hard place, or a better analogy would be “damned if you do and damned if you don’t.” What we are referring to is the proposed ordinance put forward by the National City Council this past week that would prohibit the Momax Truck Driving School from driving their diesel trucks from within 50 feet of schools and homes.

Walking a fine line on immigration raids
For two weeks in San Diego, Immigration and Custom Enforcement officials have targeted convicted immigration felons for deportation. This involved going to the homes of these felons. In the process, there have been other immigrants not targeted and not convicted felons, arrested for supposedly being in the country illegally, all without due process.

Academic Performance Disparity in South Bay Schools
By Ed Herrera
The California State Department of Education has released its state-wide assessments of academic performance indexes that continue to reinforce achievement gaps and academic performance disparity between South County and North County Schools in San Diego.

Our Patience on Iraq Should Be Exhausted
By Sheldon Richman
President Bush started the fifth year of his war in Iraq by pleading with the American people for patience. Give the escalation (“surge”) a chance to work, he said. He sees signs of success already, but the Democrats in Congress are showing their impatience, with the House attaching a 2008 withdrawal deadline to the war appropriations bill and the Senate set to consider the same legislation.

Se Buscan: Líderes Valientes
Por Israel Ortega
Si hay algo de que todos podemos estar en acuerdo es que los EEUU es un país de inmigrantes. Casi todos de algún lugar u otro inmigró al país. Sin embargo, lo que es más importante es que todos quienes llegaron, eventualmente se asimilaron, convirtiéndose americanos.

China, Talk Shows y Extraterrestres
Por Humberto Caspa, Ph.D
Cosas absurdas normalmente suceden en los programas televisivos de “talk show.” La mayoría de los temas son vulgares, obscenos y violentos. Lo insólito no lo vi en el programa de “Laura en América” o en “José Luis Sin Censura”, sino lo escuché en el “Show de Cristina”, el más respetado de todos.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

By Gustavo Arellano
Dear Mexican: I lived here illegally for the first half of my life, so I’m very offended when I hear anti-immigrant comments. I especially can’t stand “Illegals don’t pay taxes, so they shouldn’t be here.” When my father applied for residency during the amnesty in the 1980’s, part of the requirement was to provide proof you had work for a number of years. My father and others had check stubs from their employers who deducted taxes from their pay. Am I the ignorant one here? Do Mexican illegal immigrants really not pay taxes? I’d like to know so the next time someone makes that comment, I can quickly shut them up…or stay quiet.

¡Tic Tac Tiempo!
Movie Crossing Arizona exhibits the polarity on the immigration debate
Heightened security in California and Texas has pushed illegal border-crossers into the treacherous Arizona desert in unprecedented numbers – an estimated 4,500 a day. Most are men in search of work, but increasingly the border-crossers are women and children seeking to reunite with their families. This influx of migrants crossing through Arizona and the attendant rising death toll have elicited complicated feelings about human rights, culture, class, labor and national security.

Manipulando la forma de ver el cine
Tarantino y Rodríguez se juntan otra vez en Grindhouse
Por Jose Daniel Bort
Su amistad es ampliamente conocida en todos los predios del cine, y juntos han desarrollado otros proyectos, entre ellos “Four Rooms” y “From Dusk Till Dawn”, pero ahora los directores de cine Quentin Tarantino y Robert Rodríguez han llevado su colaboración laboral a todo un nivel diferente con “Grindhouse”.

Dos Mujeres Mexicanas Una Venerada Actriz y la Otra Rutilante Estrella Son Recordadas
“Recordamos a Dolores del Río y a María Félix”
Por: Paco Zavala
Dueña de un larguísimo nombre: Dolores Asúnsolo y López Negrete de Martínez del Río, así se llamaba la extraordinaria actríz Dolores del Río, primera diva mexicana del cine, originaria de Durango, Dgo. México, nacida el 3 de agosto de 1904. Muere en la Joya, California el 11 de abril de 1983.

Cecil Lytle to Perform the Second Annual “Evening with Cecil Lytle” Fund-Raising Concert for Gompers Charter Middle School
Award winning musician, Dr. Cecil Lytle, will play “Classical Masterpieces and Jazz Stylings” in a trio with Rob Thorsen on string bass and Brett Sanders, a Gompers Charter alumnus, on drums. UCSD’s Gospel Choir, conducted by Ken Anderson, and the Gompers Charter Middle School choir will perform the second half of the show. The concert will be held in the GCMS auditorium at 6:30 p.m. on April 19th. Doors open at 6 p.m. Tax deductible tickets are $35 to raise funds for technology, learning programs and supplemental instruction.

Golden Boy vs. Pretty Boy Who Will Be The Man?
Part Three: Ten Similarities Between Oscar de la Hoya and Floyd Mayweather, Jr.
By Greg Goodrich
Rarely have two professional boxers had as much in common as Oscar de la Hoya and Floyd Mayweather, Jr. and at the same time, been so completely different as persons who ply their trade inside the squared circle. That much is self evident as to the way that they conduct themselves outside the ring as well. De La Hoya is quiet, reserved, polished and media savvy; May-weather, Jr. is loquacious, outspoken, crude and often-times his own worst enemy. However, they are making quite a team in promoting their upcoming May 5th WBC Jr. Middleweight title fight... The World Awaits!

The Curse of Being an Aficionado
Bullfight World
By Lyn Sherwood
The 2007 Tijuana bullfight season is about to open, and many neophytes will be seeing their first corridas. Most such people are unprepared for it and are likely to be turned off by the experience. Others become taurine agnostics, neither repelled or inspired by it. And, some, a minority for sure, enjoy the drama on the sand, and aspire to become genuine aficionados. It is to this group that this essay is dedicated, as a warning of the Pandora’s Box that they are prying open.

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