October 13, 2006

The real meaning of Soul mate: Oftentimes we hear the term: ’Finding your Soul mate’, when it comes to love and marriage! Well David Agosto, Southwestern College School Board, really knows the meaning. He needed a kidney for a transplant and wasn’t having any luck finding a matching donor until his wife step forward and now it is his wife’s kidney that he is able to live. Now that is a soul mate!

You know you have hit The Big Time When…. Herman Baca Is quoted in the Onion as opposing the Charger stadium in National City and the football heads at Sports Talk 1090 that morning, bashed Baca and called into question his role as an activists.

Condolences go out Ron Morrison who lost his son a couple of weekends ago.

Jim Gilchrist, leader of the Minutemen, act is starting to wear thin. Gilchrist went to Columbia University and got booed off the stage.

Undeterred, the minuteman project can now be heard on the radio out of Vegas, Thursday nights. Guess the Rodger Hedgecock show will lose some listeners that evening.

Compadres: We wanted to bring you the views of the School Board Candidates in National City, but only Anne Campbell cared to be interviewed. Brian Clapper came by the office but didn’t respond to the reporters request for an interview. Quien sabe. If this is what they are like before an election wonder what they will be like after they are elected. I mean if you can’t stand the heat…. Why run?

El Editor met with the new Superintendent at Sweetwater Union High School District, Jesus M. Gandara, seems like a real nice guy out of Texas who comes into the district with a strong track record. When we got around to Prop O, the $640 million school bond, he didn’t like what he heard. The community is still smarting from the last Bond measure that failed to deliver on those promises. Not much of a honeymoon for Mr. Gandara.

The City of Escondido is in the ranks of most racist Cities!. Those poor Council members just don’t get it, no matter what they do the Hispanic community will continue to grow and all this does is galvanize the community and someday real soon they will have a Hispanic (i.e. Raza) City Council. Instead of building bridges this City Council is burning bridges. Don’t forget if you had not had the assistance of so call Mexicans you wouldn’t have your Cultural Center !!!! Get your cabazas out of the sand!

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