May 26, 2006

Pues, Mi Gente, una pregunta: What’s the difference between our Mexican and American culture and that of “Los Americanos? This past week we noted the difference in how USA/Americanos relate to animal life. The grief and emotional trauma shown when the Race Horse, Barbaro, shattered his right leg at the very beginning of the Preakness Stakes in Baltimore, Maryland was indicative of how sensitive they were to the pain, of the shattered right leg, was to Barbaro . It made este Indio wonder… How come we, Mexican/Hispanic peoples, are so inured to the pain and suffering that Bulls go through at “La Fiesta Brava"? Don’t we feel the pain of the Bull as the blade slips into his body and he bleeds to death?

A day doesn’t go without the local media reporting the stabbing, shooting or beating of members of local Mexican American community by other Raza. What motivates our youth to beat, stab, or kill other members of their own race? Do we have so much self hatred that we must seek out others that look like you and purposefully kill them? Do we harbor so much self hatred that we must kill our alter-images? Stop hating yourselves so much and seek out what is good about yourselves (Ourselves). Our writers and Editors try very hard to write and carry pictures that speak to the goodness and beauty of our Gente. There is so much to love about ourselves!

En caso that you haven’t noticed, most of our so call Mexican American Broadcasting via Radio and/or Television has totally been taken over by the Mexican Media Television and Radio Tycoons based in Mexico. “Hecho en Mexico” doesn’t naturally mean that Mexicans born and raised North of the Border enjoy Mexico/Mexican Broadcasting! Most Mexican programming is being made within different perimeters that suite Mexican tastes. Mexican Americans, born and raised in the USA are too “POCHOS” to be able to sit and watch Mexican Broadcasting for long period of times! (P.S.) Mi esposa doesn’t like all those sexy chamaconas on Mexican T.V.

Este Indio wonders how come The American G.I. Forum, isn’t speaking out on the War in Iraq, or the heavy dependence of Chicanos in the U.S. Marine Corps to man the Front lines in Iraq? Por qué non of the Mexican American Legion Posts actively speaking out on the war in Iraq? Qué pasa!!!

PREGUNTA FOR THE STRONG MAYOR: Who is your Hispanic Rep? With so many residents in the City of San Diego seems you would need someone to advise you on issues pertinent to the large Mexican American Community of San Diego.

On the Battle for the Cross on Mount Soledad… Where does it end? Shall we next try to remove all Religious statements on our paper money, coins, the fronts of all public buildings? Shall we stop swearing on the Holy Bible every time you take an Oath for Office? Come on folks. Give it up. (From the Constitution AMENDMENT 1) Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof… (Ratified December 1791) Seems to me if I wish to go pray before a Cross on a mountain top (Mount Soledad) I should have the Right to do so! And no one has the RIGHT to try and prohibit the free exercise thereof.

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