May 19, 2006

Q-Vo Mi Gente! Primary Elections are getting closer and closer! The Television Ads are getting more and more outrageous! It’s so bad you don’t know who or whom to believe!

Las mentiras are getting worse and worse! June 6 is the Election! ¿Dónde puede votar? Look at your sample Ballot that you will receive. The address of your Poll will be shown on the back cover. Y si no lo encuentra llame al Registro de Votantes al 858-565 -5800. ¡Ellos le dicen cómo encontrar su urna de votación! There will be Habla-Hispanos to help you!

Los Votantes Hispanos will be the strong swing Vote in many of the political races in the City and County of San Diego this year! You marched, paraded, spoke out in the streets and roadways of the City of San Diego, the County and the State! Now ¡Vayan a Votar! No matter que raza son los candidatos! Lo que tienen que hacer es apoyar las necesidades de la gente mexicana, española, en fin la raza! Too long gente ¡We have supported a los gringos y ellos lo han ignorado! ¡Ya Basta!

This Election there are quite a few Mexican Americans/Hispanic candidates running for office. Does this mean that they are the best candidates for our people? As we look at their propaganda, we wonder. WHERE HAVE THEY BEEN WHEN WE NEEDED THEM? Candidates that want to represent our communities must have demonstrated in the past their commitment, desire, to resolve the many racial problems we have had to contend with in contemporary American society! Look to your past and see where they were when we needed them! We have had enough of the Vargas, Inzunzas, Chacons, etc etc… We need political representation not “Brown Tokenism! We don’t need the mexican type of Governance that is so common on Latin America!

YES! Que Viva México… Better, yet, that we, born and bred in America del Norte, bring justice, real freedom and equal opportunity to our people! We sacrificed our people in America’s wars to make a great Nation out of America! NOW’s our time to join in the Resurrection of America and make it in reality a true and tried Democratic Country!

Pos Juan Vargas, who has been the 79th State Assembly District Representative finally crossed swords with the 51st District U.S. Representative, Bob Filner. Both are Democrats… Assemblyman Vargas claims Hispanic Heritage. Congressman Filner is Jewish. Vargas is not able to run for reelection to the State 79th Assembly District. So feeling safe, Mr. Vargas decided to once more run against Congressman Filner. I guess because the 51st District has quite a few Mexican American voters, Señor Vargas thinks he can take the seat away from Congressman Filner. History, is going to be repeated. We predict, Mr. Vargas will once again lose when running against Congressman Filner! Señor Vargas has a much better record in voting the interests of the White business voters than he has voting in the interests of “La Gente.” Congressman Filner ever since he was elected to public office has voted in the interests of OUR PEOPLE. Congressman Filner, we predict, will once again send Vargas home packing. Our People know who/whom has best represented them in the past and who has taken them for granted and failed to represent our GENTE in his District!

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