May 19, 2006


National City – Proposition D. Been there, done that!

This past November the voters of National City overwhelmingly rejected Proposition B, the 1% Sales Tax Increase! In their infinite wisdom, the City Council voted to put the same exact Proposition on the Ballot with one minor tweak: That the Sales Tax expire in ten years. But in essence Proposition D has the same problems that lead to the defeat of Proposition B!

The City officials are desperate to solve a problem, which they created. Due to a lack of imagination or effort they have not come up with a way to solve their problem, except to tax the poor working man. All we hear about are the cuts to Services, Police, and Fire Protection to scare the voters into voting in favor of this Prop D. Yet, nothing in the Ballot statement states exactly where this money will be used! It does not specifically state that these extra funds will be used for police or fire services. Nor, does it state what services will be saved.

The projected $7-$9 million will be infused into the General Fund and once there, it will, and can be, spent on anything they chose to spend it on. There are issues of trust and faith in the current crop of elected and appointed City Officials. The residents of the City of National City have stated, in the past, that they do not trust their elected representatives to use the monies approved for specific purposes once they have them!

The City of National City is in the mess it’s in because of the ineptitude and incompetence of the elected officials. They have given themselves raises, hired extra staffing to facilitate development, spent countless dollars on consultants, squandered monies on TV infomercials, slick brochures, and spent monies on self serving travels. These elected officials have spent monies they didn’t have and now the bill is due. This City Council has not done one thing to curb the unnecessary spending. The only thing they can think of is how they can raise more money to keep on doing what they are doing. This is reflected in a recent City Council meeting where they stated: “If this Bill fails, then they will take a pay cut!” Perhaps, their resigning would be the best thing they could do to help National City.

Thirty Five Percent of National City is designated redevelopment which means that tax monies generated from those areas can only go back into those areas!. Why doesn’t the City scale back the redevelopment areas freeing up Tax Revenue for the General Fund? Ideas, such as these, need to be explored before the poorest City in the County raises their taxes beyond the means of the taxpayers to pay! Remember, we are talking about National City the poorest City in the County of San Diego!

Vote NO on Proposition D and send a message to the Mayor and City Council:

Get your act together and come up with a better plan to save National City or RESIGN!

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