June 30, 2006

Que calor! It feels like I am back in Mexicali! Now I remember why I miss San Diego… I miss the Ocean, the coolness (most of the time), but Mother Nature is giving us a taste of what she can do in summer! Heat reminds me of los dais when we are out picking cotton balls, or the grapes (uvas), under 110 degree heat in Bakersfield or Fresno! I now remember why I am sure happy I don’t have to work out in the fields anymore!

Orale Rodger Hedgecrook anytime you want to take the place of one of the so call “Illegal Aliens” out in the fields, be my guest. Este Indio will even bring you your tacos and frijoles in the hot fields just to make you feel at home. Hell hombre, bring along some of your loud mouth Gringos that enjoy harassing the poor workers who have no other choice in life!

In cased the local contingent of the KKK is bored, come and bring them along to the Border Field State Park on July 1, beginning at 12 noon! Real GENTE will be there in memory of the 4,000 or more of our Gente that have died since Operation Gatekeeper began in Oct. 1994! March along the fence, you and your Amigos love so much, all the way to the sea... Some will go to pray for the departed. (PS) Don’t bring your íntimo amigo Rush Limbaugh… Drug addicts not particularly loved.

Pos keeping the pressure on the extreme Republican Right-wingers, and other assorted kooks will be the Border Angels, Gente Unida, Si, SE Puede Coalition, MAPA, InterFaith COALITIONS and many others this July 5. Be at the Imperial Beach Border Patrol Station. Bring Crosses and/or other interfaith symbols. This will be placed along the “Bilbray” Border Fence. AND, attend the hearing at the Imperial Beach, Border Patrol Station. Need more info on these events call 619-269-7865 (Border Angels).

Mejor noticia: Eligible students for Academic Competiveness and SMART Grants can apply starting July 1 for GRANTS. Call 888-780-9649 to participate!

Bueno, Gente its almost time to get back to the Soccer Matches. It’s a GOOOOOOAL for ???????? someone.

By the way, don’t hold your breath on Quicky Congressman Bilbray lasting too long a time in office. The man just carry too much excess baggage!

Pues chao mi gente, hasta la próxima!


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