June 30, 2006

Bullfight World
By Lyn Sherwood

Bullfight and Spanish Banned in Bercelona Area

Planning to visit Barcelona? For certain, it’s a magnificent city, well worth seeing. But, it’s also a hotbed of political derision. For one thing, don’t anticipate seeing any bullfights. And, unless you speak Catalán, don’t anticipate that Spanish will serve you, very well. Under recently-passed legislation, if a Catalán merchant should speak Spanish to any patron, he/she is subject to a fine.

Spain is facing its greatest threat to freedom since the Spanish Civil War. And, the players are quite similar, although in some aspects, they resemble Hitler’s Germany, while in other cases, they are as Socialistic as Hitler’s enemies in the former U.S.S.R.

According to articles posted on the Internet by Stanley Conrad, webmaster of Mundo Taurino, and Bill (Bat) Masterson, apoderado of Spanish novillero Paco Riquelme, under the dictates, initiated last week, by the Socialist Workers Party—which has held the area hostage for many years—bullfighting will, hereafter, be banned in Catalán, the northeastern area of the Iberian Peninsula. In addition, the Spanish language will be outlawed, in favor of the Catalán tongue. Only Catalán will be taught in schools, and all governmental activities will be conducted in that language.

Deputies in the regional parliament, inspired by left wing Catalán nationalist Esquerra Republicana de Cataluña and ex-Franquista D. Jesus Palanco, who heads a vast publishing empire, supported the anti bullfight ban, by a vote of 74-51. Only the law has to be officially changed, in order for the ban to become a reality.

And, therein may lay the only recourse for aficionados. The law that must be changed, in order for the ban to take effect, is national, thus requiring a vote by all Spaniards, which is far from likely.

In 1979, a move to establish Catalanian nationhood was defeated by the voters. A few weeks ago, still another attempt was made. A vote was held on the “Estatute de Cataluña” a referendum to establish Catalunia as a sovereign nation, independent of Spain. As fewer than 50% of the voters actually cast ballots, the European Union refused to approve the legitimacy of the bill.

Said Bill Masterson, “Catal-uña, as a result, will continue its slide into intellectual, cultural, and historic depravity. They are no more a nation than (is) Dallas, within the historic concept of Texas. This is purely and simply a move, as prior to the Civil War, against all that implies Spanish culture, and motivated by a violent group of lunatics who live upon the fringe of reality.

“The ‘fathers’ of the referendum, José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero and Arthur Más, have lost total credibility. A minority of radicals have and will banish everything that signifies Spanish culture,” Masterson wrote.

The “violent group of lunatics” to which Masterson referred include PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), and their extrem-ist followers, who have vigorously encouraged the ban of bullfighting, not only in Catalán, but indeed throughout all of Spain, as well as the entire world.

“It would be a cultural and intellectual loss, if bullfights were banned,” said Luis Corrales, director of Defensa de la Fiesta.” “The Socialist Workers Party of Spain is difficult for many to discuss,” continued Masterson. “During the years of Felipe Gonzalez (who was forced to resign), it was the most politically corrupt party in the modern history of Europe. Today, it is a sect which is dividing Spain, as in the 1930s. The Socialist Workers Party and its National Front movement is the closest thing in Europe to Fascism, since Nazi Germany.”

A similar situation for independence is being sponsored by the Basque Nationalists, who also want their own country. Basque leaders have used the argument of “blood purity”, saying that Basques possess a special blood strain.

If both events should come to pass, Spain would become a country of approximately the same size as Southern California.

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