Volume XXX Number 23 June 9, 2006

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The Devils of Eden

By Mark R. Day

Two years ago, a team of U.S. marshals, aided by members of Interpol, pulled a car over on a street in Chandler, Arizona and arrested a middle aged man named Jean Succar. Lebanese by birth, Succar is a multi-millionaire with businesses in Cancun, Mexico and Los Angeles.

Mexican authorities say he is the kingpin of a child sex trafficking and pornography ring based in Cancun with close ties to top Mexican politicians and members of the country’s business elite. Succar is awaiting extradition to Mexico and is being defended by the Goldberg and Charles law firm of San Diego.

Author, Lydia Cacho.

The succar case surfaced in 2005 with publication of Los Demonios del Eden* (The Devils of Eden: The power that protects child pornography), by Lydia Cacho. Cacho is a writer and the director of a center for abused women and children in Cancun. The release of the controversial book shattered Mexico’s silence about the taboo subject of commercialized child sex abuse, showed its connections to powerful mafias and politicians, and led to a widely publicized libel suit against Cacho.

Her book documents the case against Succar and others she accuses of involvement in the child sex trade. One of those she accused of attending Succar’s house parties with children is Camel Nacif, also Lebanese-born.

Nacif is a textile magnate with denim maquiladoras in Puebla and several other Mexican cities. He is also a high-rolling gambler in Las Vegas and has been investigated by the State of Nevada Gaming Commission for tax evasion, money laundering and arms trafficking.

When Nacif filed a defamation suit against Cacho, the Mexican judicial police arrested her on Dec. 16, 2005 and drove her by car on harrowing 21-hour trip from Cancun to Puebla.

‘I Wanna Be a BP Agent’
Inside a Border Patrol Training Camp for Teens

By Daffodil Altan
EL CAJON — Just inside the El Cajon Border Patrol Station, where a thick gate opens to a concrete yard littered with tiny portable trailers, a group of handsome young Border Patrol agents stands at attention. Their leader, Gil Maza, a 40-something agent with a child’s face and a wide smile, says hello. It turns out these aren’t agents, but high school students who have come from around San Diego to learn what it takes to become a U.S. Border Patrol agent.

The deployment of troops along the border caused tension in the community
By Luis Alonso Pérez
The deployment of National Guard troops to the Mexico-US border region has received several critics from citizen groups from all over the country, as well as a strong opposition from members of the San Diego Latino community, who gathered near the border last weekend to protest against what they consider a clear act of intimidation from the state and federal government.

Envío de tropas a la Frontera provoca tensiones en la comunidad
Por Luis Alonso Pérez
El envío de tropas de la Guardia Nacional a la región fronteriza de México y Estados Unidos ha provocado severas críticas alrededor del país, así como una férrea oposición de parte de miembros de la comunidad latina de San Diego, quienes se reunieron el pasado fin de semana a unos metros de la frontera para manifestarse en contra de lo que consideran un claro acto de intimidación de parte del gobierno estatal y federal.

Bush promotes immigration reform at Hispanic prayer breakfast
By Austin B. Bogues
WASHINGTON - Moments after making remarks about the death of Iraqi insurgency leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, President Bush switched gears and promoted his immigration reform agenda at the National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast.


Few Mexicans in San Diego registered to vote in Presidential elections
Estimates say that only about 300 completed the process
By Pablo Jaime Sainz
Luis Morones came legally to the United States from Mexico 50 years ago.

Pocos mexicanos en San Diego se registraron para votar en elecciones presidenciales
Se estima que sólo unos 300 completaron el proceso
Por Pablo Jaime Sainz
Luis Morones vino legalmente a los Estados Unidos de México hace 50 años.

Segundo debate presidencial: Dos candidatos, dos ideologías, dos modelos de gobierno
Por Luis Alonso Pérez
Con las elecciones del 2 de julio a la vuelta de la esquina, los cinco candidatos a la presidencia de México se reunieron la noche del martes 6 de junio para debatir la segunda parte de la lista de temas prioritarios para la nación, entre los que se encuentran la seguridad pública, combate a la corrupción, política exterior, migración y reforma de Estado.

Border Controls Stir Business, Political Leaders
Dependent on cross-border tourism, a growing number of business and political leaders in the Mexico-US border region are worrying about the economic impact of pending US border security controls. One concern is over the Bush Administration’s Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) scheduled for a two-phase implementation beginning on December 31, 2006.  The measure will require US citizens returning from Mexico to present a passport or other accepted document. Until now, US citizens have typically shown driver’s licenses or simply stated “American citizen” to officials at border crossings.

San Diego residents come together to help child victims of war
By Luis Alonso Pérez
On the night of April 9, 2004, coalition forces dropped bombs over the city of Fallujah, Iraq; one of them fell near Ismaeel Khalaf’s home while everyone was sleeping, injuring his pregnant wife in the stomach and killing their unborn child. His seven year-old son Abdul-Hakeem Khalaf’s face was severely wounded.

Big Plans, Big Accomplishments
When most students hand in an assignment, they get a grade, Alex Villa got four hundred students to talk about immigration.

Local High School Scholar-Athlete Who Overcame Rare Disease Named Regional Hispanic Heritage Youth Award Winner in Sports
Award-winning Scholar Athlete Raquel Vallejo wasn’t always good at sports. Indeed, long before she became a sports prodigy of sorts at Our Lady of Peace Academy, this 18-year-old Mexican-Bolivian-American young woman was diagnosed with hyperinsulinemia – a rare and crippling endocrinal disorder, which made her gain weight at an inordinate pace. Worse still, her mother’s lack of English-language skills at the time kept her from fully understanding her doctors’ explanations of why she kept growing larger, literally by the minute.

Local Student Receives Scholarship
Port With No Borders Scholarship Awarded to Deserving Candidate
A local student was recently awarded with the Port With No Borders Scholarship, sponsored by the San Diego Unified Port District and the San Diego Port Tenants Association. Scholarship funds were available by application for students meeting the established criteria and who are employees or children of an employee of the San Diego Unified Port District or any of its tenants.  Four students were selected by the 2006-07 Port Scholarship Advisory Committee.

Reporte Demuestra un Aumento de Ingresos Considerable Para Estudiantes Graduados de los Colegios Comunitarios de California
Ayuda Financiera Está Disponible Para Asistir a Estudiantes a Lograr Sus Metas Educativas
Los graduados de los programas escolares de los Colegios Comunitarios de California logran obtener un aumento de ingresos de más de $16,000 en los tres años después de terminar sus estudios, de acuerdo a un estudio recientemente realizado por la Oficina del Rector de los Colegios Comunitarios de California.

Mexican American Women Think of Others First
By Esmeralda Servin
Mexican women are often seen as the family anchor; taking care of the children, husband and, sometimes, parents.

Por Luis J. Rodriguez
Una solución para todo tipo de problema
Durante más de 25 años, me he dedicado a ofrecer charlas, talleres y conferencias en prisiones, correccionales juveniles, escuelas y otros centros del país. Recientemente, un joven escuchaba nerviosamente en una correccional juvenil de máxima seguridad en California, mientras yo hablaba frente al grupo de menores confinados del cual él era parte.

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Thomas Martinez
June 23, 1917 — June 2, 2006

Thomas (Tom) Martinez quietly passed away in the early morning hours of June 2 at the Birch Patrick Convalescent Hospital, in Chula Vista. Tom was 88 years old. While his passing may have been quiet, Tom’s life was anything but quiet. Tom was a man’s man. Tom lived his life to the fullest. Tom was a leader who made the life of those around him better. Tom lived a life that others aspired to.


The Primary Elections at First Glance
As we sat here in the office discussing the Primary Elections the discussion centered on the disappointing voter turnout! But our senior editor said we have to give the people the good news first, something to build upon. So here is the good news:

Hispanic Media Size Up Election Results: Litmus Test for Anti-Immigrant Sentiment
By Elena Shore
Hispanic media and other close observers of Latino affairs are reading Tuesday’s elections as a barometer of the public’s views on immigration and Latinos’ ability to show their power at the polls.

A Flood of Bad Immigration Numbers
by Daniel Griswold
The debate in Washington over reforming America’s immigration laws has produced not only heated rhetoric but a few fantastic claims. Few are wilder than a prediction from a well-known think-tank that the reform bill now under consideration in the Senate will result in 103 million legal immigrants to the United States during the next 20 years.

Inmigración: Los Muros Internos en America Latina
Por Manuel R Villacorta O.
Los últimos meses han sido especialmente importantes en Estados Unidos: se debate una reforma migratoria que definitivamente, habrá de marcar el perfil de las relaciones de este país con América Latina. Quizá como muchos aseguran América Latina haya perdido importancia estratégica y económica en el mundo a partir del nuevo orden regido por el tríptico EU-Europa-China. Pero los latinoamericanos dentro de Estados Unidos han sido, son y seguirán siendo extraordinariamente importantes. Internamente por el aporte fundamental que realizan a la economía más poderosa del planeta, externamente porque cuantitativamente suman decenas de millones y en casos específicos mantienen en pie las economías de sus países como producto del envío de remesas, casos ejemplares lo demuestran: México, el Caribe  y Centroamérica.

Seeking Peace and Quiet in My Hood
By Ernie McCray
I know freedom isn’t free but it baffles me why some rights come at such a high price. Like the right to lay one’s head down at night sans loud conversations and drunken laughter; the right to not have people pee and vomit and have sex and fist fights in your yard like feral beings; the right to not have your parked cars run into; the right to not have to tolerate being “slummarized” while all around you gentrifies.

El “Peje” nada contra la corriente
Por Humberto Caspa, Ph.D
Ya no hay duda, la candidatura de Andrés Manuel López Obrador desconcierta a propios y extraños. Ayer, cuando la población mexicana requería de un análisis minucioso de sus candidatos a través de un debate público, nuevamente los órganos de difusión —con ello la mirada de la gente— se retorció hacia una balacera en el Distrito Federal.

The Public Forum . . . El Foro Publico
8th District Council Race Results Disappointing
I was disappointed by the results of Tuesday’s election in the 8th district. I’ve known Remy Bermudez for many years. She is a dedicated, creative person with a common-sense vision of the way things can work. I know her goal is to serve the local community well, not to lay the foundation for a political career. She would be an excellent Council member.

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Reseña y entrevista:
Estrenan su Tercera Grabación Cidigráfica “Enrique e Isela” Dueto Musical Tijuanense
“Rinden Homenaje a Autores e Intérpretes de Temas Inmortales”
Por: Paco Zavala
La semana pasada recibí la visita del dueto formado por Enrique e Isela. El motivo, darnos a conocer que concluyeron la grabación de su tercera producción cidigráfica, al cual intitularon simplemente “Enrique e Isela ....de nuevo”. Enrique e Isela son dos voces que unidas en una sola, transportan al afortunado auditor, a un mundo fascinante de sonidos, fraseos y matíces de inigualable calidad; ellos forman una dupla de excelentes voces apasionadas, sensuales, rítmicas y bien acopladas.

Inauguran Exposición de Armas Antiguas en el Centro Cultural Tijuana
Por Luis Alonso Pérez
Arte, tecnología y simbolismo. Tres palabras que regularmente no son asociadas con las armas, brindan una perspectiva cultural a los objetos que relacionamos con guerra, muerte y destrucción, en la nueva exposición del CECUT Armas del Mundo Antiguo: Arte, Tecnología y Simbolismo, es el nombre de la nueva colección que busca reflejar su evolución y desarrollo a través de los siglos en diversas culturas de los cinco continentes.

Ruda Experiencia Vivió el Artista Plástico Maestro José Pastor
Por: Paco Zavala
El artista plástico tijuanense José Pastor, con una trayectoria impecable tanto en su vida privada, artística, como pública. Pastor, es un ciudadano serio, honorable y trabajador incansable, muy conocido en los círculos de convivencia artística y social tijuanenses; viajero permanente a diversos confines del mundo actual. Sufrió el pasado 27 de mayo una amarga experiencia y para tal efecto editaremos el comunicado que sobre este evento amablemente nos envió.

Mexican Rock Band - Zoe looking foward to a bright future
By Francisco H. Ciriza
The music industry in Mexico has not been kind to rock-based artists on the outer fringes of popular music over the past five to ten years. Outside of the major money makers like pop rockers Maná solo artists like Luis Miguel, and the packaged attractions like RBD (Rebelde) less commercially inclined groups have been left to fend for themselves. But Mexico City’s Zoé is on the rebound, currently riding a high after having recently resurfaced from its own demise.

¡Sensacional! Velada Musical del Ensamble Coral Juvenum Cantorum de Tijuana
“Cautivaron al público con magistrales interpretaciones”
Por: Paco Zavala
Asistimos a presenciar y escuchar al Ensamble Coral Juvenum Cantorum de Tijuana, que presentó un extraordinario concierto de música sacra en el Santuario de Nuestra Señora del Sagrado Corazón en la ciudad de Tijuana, el pasado viernes 2 de junio a las 8:00 pm. Este evento se realizó en esta sala gracias al apoyo y a la cortesía del Padre Antonio Plascencia del Seminario Mayor de Tijuana.

Bullfight World
By Lyn Sherwood
Hollywood’s Love Affair With Bullfighting
Prior to 1932, with the publishing of Ernest Heming-way’s Death In The Afternoon, only a small handful of Americans could speak knowledgeably of the national passion of so many countries. Most of them had been influenced by the first Blood and Sand film, starring Rudolph Valentino.

Sanabia Sees his Future on the Mound
By John Philip Wyllie
A solid pitching staff carried the (19-11) Castle Park Trojans into the CIF San Diego Section Division II playoffs this season. And while that campaign ended with a disappointing 6-2 CIF loss on May 23 to Point Loma, the year as a whole was a success. Trojans ace, Alex Sanabia developed into the go-to guy for coach, Joaquin Sosa.

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