Volume XXX Number 22 June 2, 2006

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La Esmeralda, Haunted by Torture and Abuse, Docks in San Diego

By Michael Klam

As the Chilean Navy’s tall ship, La Esmeralda, enters San Diego waters for the fourth time this Sunday afternoon, many will see it as a staunch reminder that political prisoner abuse and torture are not a thing of the past.

Given ongoing investigations into secret CIA extraordinary rendition sites across the globe, the well documented abuses at Abu Ghraib, and on the heels of U.S. government discussions to close Guantanamo Bay, the survivors, friends and family members of those tortured aboard La Esmeralda will protest the ship’s arrival at San Diego’s Broadway Pier. Amnesty International, Survivors of Torture, International, and the International Museum of Human Rights will also be present.

La Esmeralda in Valparaíso harbour on the day it left on its current cruise.

Some background: On Sept. 11, 1973 Gen. Augusto Pinochet and his military junta, funded by the CIA, seized power in a coup d’etat that would lead to decades of large-scale repressions and human rights violations in Chile.

In the weeks after the coup, La Esmeralda (also known as the White Lady, a symbol of Chilean pride that continues as a training ship for young recruits) was used to imprison, beat, sexually assault, electrocute and water torture those who sympathized with the ousted socialist president, Salvador Allende.

The Chilean Navy only recently admitted that detainees were tortured. The navy’s Adm. Miguel Ángel Vergara said in 2004 that the navy “profoundly regrets” the abuses. Vergara did not acknowledge that the navy as an institution was at fault, saying, “Those personal and ethical responsibilities are strictly personal.”

In essence, he suggested that the superior officers were not to blame.

A November 2004 report printed in the Chilean newspaper, La Nación, said the navy “profoundly laments the violation of human rights, in any place and under any circumstance, particularly that which occurred on board the ship, Esmeralda, which is a symbol for all of Chile.”

Eligible Latinos encouraged to vote for their representative
By Martha Sarabia
After the indictment and sentencing of former U.S. Congressmen Randy “Duke” Cunningham for corruption, the efforts to replace the 50th Congressional District seat have only increased as the time goes by.

Motivan a electores latinos a votar por su representante
Por Martha Sarabia
Después de la acusación y sentencia del ex congresista estadounidense Randy “Duke” Cunningham por cargos de corrupción, los esfuerzos para elegir la persona a ocupar el distrito 50 del Congreso aumentan con el tiempo.


My Brother is a Candidate
By E.A. Barrera
This year, my brother Richard Barrera is a candidate for Supervisor. The first in my family to do so, he is challenging long time incumbent Republican Ron Roberts for his seat on the County Board of Supervisors in District 4. That my brother would run for office - much less attempt to unseat a Republican icon of old San Diego - created an opportunity for me to briefly re-enter a partisan political world I had abandoned a decade earlier for a career in journalism.

Investigadores mexicanos analizan el papel de México ante la reforma migratoria
Por Luis Alonso Pérez
La aprobación del Acta de Reforma Migratoria Comprehensiva el pasado jueves 25 de Mayo, regresó la esperanza de legalización para millones de inmigrantes.

Five Candidates Running for Seat 1 in Chula Vista
By José A. Álvarez
The public’s distrust in city government. The City Council’s appointment process for vacant seats. Eminent Domain. Affordable Housing. Development and redevelopment. The Chargers.

With Mariachi Pride
By Pablo Jaime Sainz
When Enrique Campos wears his mariachi suit and plays one of the many instruments he’s learn to play, he said he feels a tremendous pride in his Mexican heritage.

Con orgullo de mariachi
Por Pablo Jaime Sainz
Cuando Enrique Campos se pone su traje de mariachi y toca uno de los muchos instrumentos que ha aprendido a tocar, afirma que siente un tremendo orgullo en su herencia mexicana.

Grossmont College commencement speaker credits community college for remarkable turnaround
Below-average high-school grad on this way to UCLA
When Andrew Valle learned he had been selected from a group of Grossmont College honor graduates to speak at Thursday’s commencement, he knew right away what the focus of his address would be.

UCSD Health Sciences Students to Play Key Role in City Heights International Village Celebration
Students from UCSD’s Healthcare Opportunities, Preparation and Empowerment (HOPE) Program will join other community outreach partners in playing key roles in the 14th Annual International Village Celebration on June 3in San Diego’s City Heights area.


Don’t Be Fooled by Prop. 81
Proposition 81: California Reading and Literacy Improvement and Public Library Construction Renovation Bond Act of 2006.
This Proposition is little tricky. This Proposition asks that the voters approve a $600 million bond sell off which would then be paid by through the State General Fund. It doesn’t sound like a tax but it is. The revenues will come primarily from state personal and corporate incomes taxes and the state sales tax. If there is insufficient dollars in the General Fund this means that our personal and corporate taxes as well as the state sales tax.

Give Our Children A Headstart, Vote for Prop. 82
Proposition 82: Preschool Education. Tax on Incomes Over $400,000 for Individuals; $800,000 for Couples. Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute
Prop. 82, is a Preschool Education inititative that is pretty simple to understand. The education process has failed the Hispanic community. Hispanics are at the bottom of the educational ladder. Hispanics are at the bottom when it comes to testing. Hispanics are the bottom when it comes to graduating from High School. Hispanics are at the bottom when it comes to higher education. The only place that Hispanics are on the top of the list is when it comes to the drop out rate.

Ballot Recommendations

National City Spotlight:
Much More Than the Cost of a Cup of Coffee
By Ted Godshalk
This commentary has been brewing for some time. Over a cup of coffee at the Chicano Perk, it finally flows, like the traffic that is flowing north out of town on National City Boulevard. Lately, the story percolating in National City has been a blend of scandals for the Mayor and very tight municipal finances. With a $6 million deficit, the official line is that expenditures must be cut by 20%. A re-warmed sales tax proposal is on the ballot for Tuesday, and this leaves a very bitter taste.

Vote “Yes” on Proposition 82: The Preschool for All Act
By Janet Murgia, President and CEO of National Council of La Raza, and
Katrina Mendiola ,NCLR California State Advocacy Coordinator
All parents want their children to gain the education and skills they need to find a good job and achieve success in life. Many parents do not realize that one of the best ways to put their children on this path to success is to enroll them in preschool. Even if they do recognize the value of preschool, though, some parents cannot afford it or do not have preschool services in their neighborhoods. This situation may be about to change, which is good news for Latino families, who have traditionally been underserved by preschool programs.

Vote “Sí”, a favor de la Propuesta de Ley 82: Es una buena inversión
Por Janet Murgia, President and CEO of National Council of La Raza, y
Katrina Mendiola, NCLR California State Advocacy Coordinator
Visite un centro preescolar de buena calidad y se encontrará con niños trabajando arduamente. Para el observador casual, podría parecer que sólo están jugando en la arena, armando rompecabezas, o cantando. Pero, en realidad, el juego es trabajo para los estudiantes porque en el centro preescolar se les enseña como aprender y a llevarse bien unos con otros. Estas destrezas son fundamentales para el éxito de estos estudiantes tanto en la escuela como en la vida profesional. Los niños que van a centros preescolares aprenden a seguir instrucciones, a formular preguntas y a interactuar con otros. También comienzan a desarrollar sus destrezas de lectura, de matemáticas, y de solución de problemas. Está muy claro que las enseñanzas del centro preescolar constituyen el fundamento ideal para la futura fuerza laboral de California.

Un Capítulo Olvidado
Por Joe Dunn
Imagínese un sábado tranquilo en el parque donde los niños patean una pelota y familias jóvenes se juntan para celebrar el fin de semana.

The Public Forum . . . El Foro Publico
Prop. C supporters urge a Yes Vote
The editorial page of La Prensa recommended recently a no vote on Prop C, the property rights initiative sponsored by local residents, property, business and homeowners in the City of Chula Vista that is on the June 6th ballot in that city. We the undersigned, and thousands of members in the Chula Vista community (as evidenced by over 14,000 qualified signatures put forth to qualify Prop C for the ballot) respectfully disagree with La Prensa. We thank them for equal time in their paper, but we urge all voters on June 6th to vote yes on Proposition C.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Lila Downs Promueve su Nuevo CD en Tijuana
Por: Paco Zavala
El próximo viernes 2 de junio, a las 9:00 pm., la gran cantante mexicana Lila Downs, presentará su nuevo CD, denominado “La Cantina”, (entre copa y copa), en una regia velada musical en el Foro de Tijuana, situado en la “Revu” de Tijuana, entre las calles 7ma y 8ava.

Yoshua Okón presenta La Panadería 1994-2002
Yoshua Okón presentará el libro La Panadería 1994-2002 co-editado por el mismo y Alex Dorfsman. La Panaderia es el primer libro que documenta el corto pero extraordinario tiempo de La Panaderia, un espacio de arte alternativo fundado en 1994 en la Ciudad de México. La Panadería además de ser un espacio de exposiciones, tambien ofrecía un programa de intercambio de residencias y eventos culturales con artistas locales e internacionales.

Yoshua Okón presents La Panadería 1994-2002
Yoshua Okón will present and be available for the book signing of La Panadería 1994-2002 co-edited by himself and Alex Dorfsman tonight at Lui Velazquez. La Panaderia is the first book to document the short but extraordinary history of a unique artist-run space founded in 1994 in Mexico City, Mexico. La Panadería housed exhibitions, a residency exchange program, and cultural events involving local and international artists.

El rompimiento de Jennifer
La Aniston descubre sus cicatrices a través de “The break up”
Por Jose Daniel Bort
Pareciera el caso más agudo de arte imitando a la vida, pero cuando a la conocida actriz de la serie “Friends” Jennifer Aniston le cayó en las manos el guión de “el rompimiento”, lo único que vio fue una oportunidad.

Fuerte entusiasmo por el Mundial en San Diego
Por Pablo Jaime Sainz
Usted puede verlo en las caras de los estudiantes de high school que traen puesta la verde, la camiseta oficial de la selección mexicana.

Bullfight World
By Lyn Sherwood
Donnybrook in the Afternoon: Ortega and Crew Should Have Been Jailed For Disrespecting Tijuana Judge
A crowd of 7,000 - 8,000 spectators turned out, May 28, to Plaza El Toreo de Tijuana to watch matadors Rafael Ortega, Juan Antonio Adame, and Ishmael Rodriguez challenge a set of bulls from Santa Fe del Campo. But, the afternoon was marred by a huge donnybrook between Ortega and his cuadrilla, against the plaza judge.

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