July 14, 2006

Bullfight World
By Lyn Sherwood

Tijuana Bullfights Back on Schedule With Big Weekend

With the completion of the international soccer championships, the Tijuana bullfight season resumes, this weekend. Does it ever! To celebrate the city’s 117th anniversary, Plaza El Toreo will hold three consecutive days of bullfights.

This Friday, at 7 p.m., Rejoneadores Eduardo Cuevas Lebrija and Jorge Hernandez Garate will face a pair of bulls from Jaime Cavaiz, while the Forcados de Mazatlán will perform their dangerous Portuguese-style duties. In the meantime, matadors Juan Bautista, of France, and Tijuanense César Castañeda will challenge four bulls of Vicky de la Mora. It should be quite an exciting evening.

Great expectations are growing for the corrida of Saturday, at 4 p.m.  Famed Spanish matador José Antonio “Morante de la Puebla” will make his Tijuana debut, working mano-a-mano with one of Mexico’s best, Tijuanense Alejandro Amaya. They will face a sextet of animals from Fernando de La Mora.

Then, on Sunday, at 4 p.m., Eloy Cavazos, Alejandro Amaya, and Juan Antonio Adame will face a herd of bulls from Arroyo Zarco. This will be a particularly interesting event, for it will mark the 40-year anniversary as a matador for “The Little Giant” Eloy Cavazos.

Eloy, in spite of his diminutive height, is considered one of the finest swordsmen in Mexico. He made his Plaza Mexico debut, as a novillero, on June 12, 1966. He cut two ears from his first bull, but suffered a grave goring from his second.

On Aug. 28 of that year, in Monterrey, Cavazos graduated to full matadorship on a card, featuring his sponsor, Antonio Velásquez, with Manolo Martinez as witness. On that afternoon, Eloy earned his first ear as a full matador.

He then confirmed his alternative (graduation ceremony), in Madrid, on May 22 of 1971, and recorded impressive triumphs, throughout the entire planet of the bulls.

In 1977, he performed in 127 corridas de toros, including one historic afternoon in which he killed eight bulls, two each in four different plazas: San Luis de La Paz, Dolores Hidalgo, San Miguel de Allende, and Guanajuato.

Wouldn’t it be great that the three days of bullfights will prove so successful, the celebration could become an annual event?

The regular season in Tijuana will continue, at El Toreo, on July 30, then move to Plaza Monumental (The Beautiful Bullring by the Sea) for August 6 and 20, September 3 and 17, with other corridas on October 1, 15 and 29.

Meanwhile, in Artesia, on Monday, July 31 at 6:00 pm, there will be a bloodless corrida, featuring rejoneador (Cavaleiro) Vasco Taborda, of Portugal and Mexican matador José Luis Angelino, facing bulls of Candido Costa.  The Forcados de Artesia and the Banda de Artesia will also participate. The admission is $25.

Looks like a big weekend for aficionados.

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