July 14, 2006

Mobilizations in Support of Andrés Manuel López Obrador in Tijuana

By Luis Alonso Pérez

A group of around two hundred supporters of presidential candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador congregated in Tijuana’s Teniente Guerrero Park last Saturday afternoon, in what local members of the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) called an informative assembly.

Local leaders of the PRD declared that their constitutional rights where violated during the electoral process, they also denounced the irregularities that happened during Election Day and informed the crowd about the four actions proposed by López Obrador during a mobilization in support of the ballot recount, held that same day in Mexico City’s Zocalo.

During the informative assembly, the crowd was called to attend a larger march on Sunday July 16, once again in Teniente Guerrero Park, as part of a day of civil mobilizations held in cities all over Mexico. A larger turnaround of supporters is expected for Sunday’s event.

Attendants where reminded of their candidate’s plead to keeping every mobilization peaceful, not to commit any actions that affect third parties and not to respond to provocations by antagonistic groups during the countrywide mobilizations.

AMLO supporters where also called to join in a national signature collection campaign to demand the Federal Electoral Institute a thorough recount of voting ballots. More that half a million signatures are expected to be raised in Tijuana.

Organizers handed out photocopies of the signatures forms and invited volunteers to gather signatures from friends, family, neighbors, and workmates.

People where asked to wear a green, white and red ribbon, similar to those worn during the legal process held a few years against Lopez Obrador when he was the mayor of Mexico City. According to organizers, wearing it means resistance to “antidemocracy”.

Another important Lopez Obrador plead announced during the meeting was to keep informed about the progress of the legal procedures in the recount campaign and the investigations of electoral fraud allegedly committed by the National Action Party (PAN) during the election season.

Supporters denounced the lack of media coverage of the mobilization held that same day in Mexico City’s Zocalo, and asked the crowd to support the ballot recount campaign, warning that “this will continue”, according to Roberto Davalos, local leader of PRD.

“What Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is doing is very important said Davalos, and called “the defense of our nation”.

PRD supporters waved yellow flags and held signs with the candidate’s picture. A supporter stood out among the crowd, holding the most recent issue of renowned Mexican journalistic magazine Proceso. On the cover was IFE’s director Luis Carlos Ugalde and under his photo was the phrase “IFE: judge and accomplice”, in reference to an article explaining Election Day irregularities.

Javier Gonzales Monroy, local PRD congressional representative candidate said in front of the crowd that members of PAN have been waging “dirty war” against López Obrador, and reminded supporters that during the last major elections in Tijuana, PAN Leaders demanded a vote by vote recount, given the small difference between their candidate Jorge Ramos and now mayor Jorge Hank Rhon.

At the end of the meeting, there was a march through the busy downtown Tijuana streets, which concluded in Santa Cecilia Plaza with the second part of the informative assembly.

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