Volume XXX Number 51 December 22, 2006

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Despite Lack of Center, Youth Stick Together

By Raymond R. Beltran

They were supposed to be at the YMCA’s Balboa Community Youth Center, but due to a fall out amongst the Y’s staff, some thirty five kids had their Christmas celebration in a recreation hall below a church in East Side San Diego.

They’re not homeless, just inner city youth in need of a place to hang their hats when school and home become equal to a rock and a hard place. Some are from struggling single parent homes, some are foreign refugees, others have parents with drug problems, and two are orphans who’ve become legal adults with nowhere to go. All fit the at-risk description, but none are unfortunate considering their commitment to each other.

Kalif Price (center) is currently using a church hall to provide after school programs for children in North Park.Photo by R.R. Beltran.

Last month, their Balboa Community Youth Center, run by the YMCA, underwent new directorship, and two staff that had been there several years were sent walking, one fired another resigned.

Thirty five kids decided to follow.

For the past month, they’ve been functioning as the Alpha Omega Creative Arts Youth Center in a hall provided by the Church of Christ along El Cajon Boulevard in East San Diego, and this Tuesday, former YMCA employees, Kalif Price and Katie Price (no relation), organized a raging Christmas party for the children with presents, a full course meal, a deejay, dancing, and a visit from Ol’ Saint Nick.

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Unidos para proteger a los migrantes
Por Luis Alonso Pérez.
Arturo Correa, un migrante mexicano que fue deportado a Tijuana, hace unos meses fue detenido arbitrariamente por elementos de la policía municipal y fue encarcelado sin haber roto ninguna ley.

A Hope Pack for the way back home
By Pablo Jaime Sáinz
For many undocumented immigrants in the United States, deportation is a nightmare they hope will never become a reality. Some of the ones that are detained and deported before reaching their goals, deportation is a failure.

Un Paquete de Esperanza para el camino a casa
Por Pablo Jaime Sáinz
Para muchos inmigrantes indocumentados en Estados Unidos, la deportación significa una pesadilla que desean nunca se haga realidad. Algunos que son detenidos y deportados antes de poder llegar a cumplir sus metas, ser deportados es una derrota.


Knocking Down Affirmative Action — What It Means for America
By Brian Shott
Editor’s Note: Michigan voters recently approved by a large margin an initiative to end public affirmative action programs. Now, former UC Regent Ward Connerly — author of Prop. 209, which banned race and gender from consideration in public hiring, contracting and school admissions in California — says he’ll take the fight against affirmative action to nine new states. Brian Shot interviews Ellis Cose, a contributing editor with Newsweek magazine and author of the report “Killing Affirmative Action: Would Ending It Really Result in a Better, More Perfect, Union?” published by the USC Annenberg’s Institute for Justice and Journalism.

Justice Deported
By David Bacon
In 1947, Woody Guthrie wrote a song about the crash of a plane carrying Mexican immigrant farm workers back to the border. In haunting lyrics he describes how it caught fire as it flew low over Los Gatos Canyon, near Coalinga at the edge of California’s San Joaquin Valley. Observers below saw people and belongings flung out of the aircraft before it hit the ground, falling like leaves, he wrote.

Immigration: look at economic causes, human rights
By Juan Blanco Prada
Monday, Dec. 18 was International Migrants Day, a day to honor the rights of migrant workers around the world.

El aumento de salario es un beneficio para los latinos
Araceli Martínez-Ortega
SACRAMENTO- A partir del próximo 1 de enero entrará en vigor en California el aumento al salario mínimo de 6.75 a 7.50 dólares por hora.

Rodriguez stuns Bonilla in Texas runoff
By Bob Cusack
In a major upset, former Rep. Ciro Rodriguez (D-Texas) defeated Rep. Henry Bonilla (R-Texas) in a runoff for the 23rd district of Texas.

Hispanic Caucus Applauds Speaker-Elect Pelosi’s Continued Commitment to Diversity in Leadership
Washington, DC – This week, Speaker-Elect Nancy Pelosi with the nomination of Rep. Becerra to be Assistant to the Speaker, has now nominated three Congressional Hispanic Caucus members to lead committees and senior leadership posts.

México del Norte
Por Jorge Mújica Murias
Migra contra sindicatos
Pues no. Por alguna razón del destino, a Chicago no le tocaron las redadas de la semana pasada por parte de inmigración.

Por: Luisa Fernanda Montero
Esta Navidad; manejar borracho es un crimen, serás arrestado
Como buenos latinos nos gusta celebrar nuestras fiestas en grande y más aun las navidades. Las fiestas de la oficina, las posadas, la Noche Buena, la despedida de año, los Reyes Magos y hasta la Candelaria son parte de nuestras tradiciones latinas que continuamos celebrando aquí en los Estados Unidos y donde quiera que vivamos.

Underage Drinking Goes Up During the Holidays
Alcohol is likely to be present at many holiday parties and celebrations. And as adults celebrate with family and friends, young people will be celebrating right along with them.

En Memoria
Sensible Deceso de Nuestro Amigo y Compañero Romualdo Alvarez Chávez


Feliz Navidad – Merry Christmas
Christmas is about the birth of Christ, salvation, and hope. Christmas is also about Santa Claus, presents, the children, and the end of a year. Christmas is about many different things and for each and every person it means something special. Christmas is the time of the year that we all look forward to.

La Navidad y sus verdugos
Por Humberto Caspa, Ph.D
“Quién mató a Jesucristo”, decía una caricatura política publicada por el periódico La Opinión tres años atrás. Entre las posibles respuestas estaban: Un judío, Carlos Marx, un romano y Santa Clauss (Papa Noel). Todas las respuestas son correctas, pero en medio de la celebración de la Navidad, Santa Clauss se lleva la estrella.

“Time for a Change on Health Coverage”
By Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
One of the most serious problems facing California and our nation is the large number of people without medical insurance.  In California, 6.5 million people —more than any other state— have no medical insurance for all or part of the year. Nationally the number is a staggering 47 million.

Castro caducó
Por José R. Uzal
La prensa internacional comienza a prepararse para el sepelio de Castro y su sepultura en la Plaza de la Revolución en la ciudad de La Habana. Los reporteros están llegando a Cuba sigilosamente y bajo el control absoluto del gobierno cubano. Las unidades móviles de satélites de todas las empresas de noticias se están desplazando hacia Cayo Hueso (Key West) para asegurar una cobertura total del esperado evento. Las credenciales de prensa están siendo estrictamente controladas para asegurar la participación de periodistas amigos de todo el globo. Todas las embajadas en Cuba, incluyendo la sección de intereses de EE.UU., han sido informadas para que estén preparadas para que sus respectivos dignatarios asistan al monumental entierro que se llevará a cabo dentro de pocos días en Cuba.

Mexico’s Short Summer of Liberal Democracy
By Víctor M. Quintana S.
The best assessment of Mexico’s recent presidential election is the ruling handed down by the Federal Election Tribunal (TEPJF) on the challenges submitted by the Coalition for the Good of All (Coalición por el bien de Todos). The tribunal found that there had been improper meddling by the president of the republic; an illegal fear-mongering campaign orchestrated against López Obrador by business and some civil organizations; and a smear campaign waged by the national television networks. While acknowledging that all of these irregularities occurred, the tribunal, astonishingly, did not consider them grounds to annul the election. The tribunal’s decision is at the center of the country’s current political crisis and democratic regression.

San Diego City Council person Ben Hueso is on the short list to replace Steve PADILLA on the California Coastal Commission! His qualifications you ask? The sister of  Speaker Nuñez, who will do the appointing, lives in Logan Heights and is a big supporter of Señor Hueso. It is going to take a lot more to get this appointment, one of the more coveted appointments in the whole State! Pregunta: How much money has Señor Hueso raised for the Party in the past?

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

The Mexican is currently inside a trunk trying to sneak back into the United States after the Christmas holiday. In the meanwhile, here are some oldies-but-goldies:

Una pastorela con un giro sandieguino
Por Pablo Jaime Sáinz
Es la historia que todos conocemos pero con un nuevo giro, un giro muy fronterizo, muy mechicano...

A pastorela with a San Diego twist
By Pablo Jaime Sáinz
It’s the story we all know but with a new twist, a very border twist, very mechicano...

Celebraciones Decembrinas en la Zona Fronteriza
Por: Paco Zavala
Con motivo del advenimiento del mes de diciembre la dinámica en la zona fronteriza subió de tono, se convirtió en febril y con dejos de arrebato, todo mundo comprando. Las tiendas desde el pasado septiembre anunciaban sus ofertas a todo lo que da, con anuncios en los anaqueles, en los exteriores, en el radio y en la televisión; los niños ya están ansiosos porque llegue la navidad, para abrir sus regalos; las líneas para cruzar la frontera son interminables todo el santo día.

¡ Tic Tac Tiempo !
Celebra GRAN POSADA: Viernes 22 de diciembre, a partir de las 8:00 p.m. en el Sotano de Rita (Avenida Revolución 968, Sótano A) en Tijuana. El próximo viernes 22 de diciembre, celebramos las fiestas de fin de año en el SÓTANO DE RITA con nuestra GRAN POSADA. Amenizan las bandas Labhia, La Ballena de Jonás y los Extraños Hijos del Profe. Actuará el Mago Turín y se presenta el show de la Faca. Para más informacion, llame Jesús Robles, Armando Cáceda, ó en el internet, www.sotanoderita.com y sotanoderita@hotmail.com

Borders on Film, Cine Chileno, Latino Animation, Cine Gay and Workshops announced for the 14th Annual San Diego Latino Film Festival
The San Diego Latino Film Festival hosts its 1st Annual San Diego Latino Film Festival Preview in order to announce its expanded and continuing programs and offerings for 2007

Cox Launches CSTV, The mtn. in San Diego
Sports networks to carry SDSU Aztec game telecasts
Cox Communications and CSTV Networks, Inc. today announced an agreement for Cox to distribute CSTV and the mtn. sports networks in its San Diego market. Both networks will be available on Cox Digital Cable’s Sports and Information tier beginning Friday, December 22, 2006.

Responding to Respondents Regarding ‘Cruelty’ Column
Bullfight World
by Lyn Sherwood
A few weeks ago, Bullfight World examined the subject of cruelty in bullfighting. The responses on my e-mail (lynsherwood@hotmail.com) have been heavy. Some notes, from knowledgeable aficionados, question my own afición and accuse me of being pro-animal right’s, which is just plain silly. I did admit that, based exclusively on morality, most people consider bullfighting to be cruel. So, allow me to follow up.

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