Volume XXX Number 48 December 1, 2006

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Nick Inzunza, A Swift Climb A Hard Fall

By Raymond R. Beltran

“Finishing like a rock star” is how National City Mayor Nick Inzunza likes to perceive his last days in office. Some think maybe a one hit wonder who overdosed on popularity and arrogance the way young talent does when they’re prematurely exalted. Sadly, it could be said that when he leaves this Tuesday, Dec 5, he leaves with no more than a tainted reputation.

‘Sanctuary city’ and ‘slumlord’ are labels, among others, that have surrounded Nick’s office most recently. But despite the cloud of negativity lingering from these issues, shame nor a bad reputation aren’t the reasons why, he says, he decided not to run for a second term last month.

“Any great family will have to go through some sort of scandal,” says outgoing National City Mayor Nick Inzunza.

Sitting in a room of empty packing boxes and wearing a pair of three hundred dollar boots instead of the trademark tennis shoes he wore to reflect his ‘on the go’ attitude, he says he plans to take more active role as a father to his three young children.

“Being mayor was never the end of the road. I never aspired to be a mayor,” he said last week. “It’s just like this is something I wanted to do and this is how I’m going to do it. I’m not going to make friends. I’m not going to try to be popular. I’m going to get in and get out.”

The former city councilman climbed the local government ranks quickly and just last year a handful of political analysts had the thirty six year old Nick Inzunza pegged for succeeding Juan Vargas’s seat in Assembly District 79. He was a bona fide candidate until a press-frenzy darkened his image for owning a neglected bunch of uninhabitable slums throughout Logan Heights.

He calls the incident a “speed bump” that nobody will remember compared to his political endeavors and calls the assembly seat aspirations that were not his own. But ‘getting out’ doesn’t look like a card in the deck either for the former mayor, who continues to insinuate there may be a congressional seat in his future and who hadn’t even finished his first city councilman term before being elected to mayor in 2002.

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Jesús Blancornelas, journalist leaves important legacy
By Pablo Jaime Sainz
The legacy that journalist Jesus Blancornelas leaves behind will be a great influence for future generations of Tijuana journalists.

Jesús Blancornelas, periodista que deja un importante legado
Por Pablo Jaime Sainz
El legado que deja el periodista Jesús Blancornelas será una gran influencia para las generaciones futuras de periodistas tijuanenses.

Dando fuerza a los líderes del mañana
Por Pablo Jaime Sainz
Una organización local de líderes empresariales latinos tendrá un evento donde reconocerán a empresas que apoyan a los hispanos además de que entregarán becas a futuros líderes de la comunidad.

Empowering the business leaders of tomorrow
By Pablo Jaime Sainz
A local organization of Latino business leaders will host an event where they will recognize businesses that support Hispanics as well as award scholarships to future leaders in the community.


Banks Leap Across Borders
Given the green light by the Federal Reserve Board, a Mexican bank has finalized its majority-ownership purchase of the Texas-based Inter National Bank (INB). Luis Pena Kegel, director general of the Banorte Financial Group, said the INB will use its base from the city of McAllen on the Texas-Mexico border to expand into other regions of the United States.

México del Norte
Por Jorge Mújica Murias
Calderotitlán, S.A. de I.F.
Siguiendo esa curiosa costumbre que los presidentes mexicanos del PRI y del PAN han seguido fielmente durante décadas, el presidente espurio de México, Felipe Calderón, pasó por Washington para rendir pleitesía aún antes de que le pongan la banda simbólica que le dará el carácter de presidente simbólico durante seis años.

Por: Santiago David Tavara
El reto de Calderón en Oaxaca
El primer reto del nuevo presidente mexicano Felipe Calderón será resolver el conflicto en el sureño estado de Oaxaca, donde cinco meses de enfrentamientos entre miembros de la Asamblea Popular de los Pueblos de Oaxaca (APPO) y la Policía Federal Preventiva (FPF) han dejado por lo menos 17 muertos, decenas de heridos y unos 160 detenidos.

Cruzando la frontera por las ofertas
Por Luis Alonso Pérez
El tercer viernes de noviembre, el día que marca el inicio de la temporada navideña con un festival nacional del consumo masivo que le han hecho merecedor del nombre “Viernes Negro”.

UCSD School of Medicine Program Reaches Out to New Hispanic Health Professionals
Award to support six-month training internships for research in HIV/AIDS in the U.S./Mexico border region
The University of California, San Diego (UCSD) School of Medicine has launched a new program to train a select group of promising young Hispanic public health and biomedical research experts, who will work with health professionals at UCSD and in Mexico to explore new strategies for addressing the critical challenge of HIV/AIDS and related infectious diseases in border communities.

Esquina del Doctor:
Esperanza de curación en investigación de células madre embrionarias
Por Eduardo Grunvald, M.D.
La carrera artística de Michael J. Fox pronto podría pasar al olvido por su éxito como cabildero – su apasionado apoyo a la investigación de células madre embrionarias en las elecciones del mes pasado, giró el ambiente político a favor de la controversial legislación en varios estados de esta nación.

Doctor’s Corner:
Hope for a cure found in embryonic stem cell research
By Eduardo Grunvald, M.D.
Michael J. Fox‘s successful acting career might soon be upstaged by his success as a lobbyist – his stumping for stem cell research in last month’s election turned the tide in favor of the controversial legislation in several states across America.

Community Notes:
SATURDAY FORUM ON IMMIGRATION ISSUES: December 2, 9 am - 11 am at St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral in the Hillcrest/Banker’s Hill area. We will present a two-hour informational forum on the topic of immigration reform, offering the community a chance to learn more about this critical issue. Three high caliber speakers will discuss the theology, practicality, and reality of immigration, followed by Q&A.

Holiday Wishes and New Home Dreams?
The Olson Company Hosts Holiday New Home Sales Events: Yuletide Music, Life-Sized Gingerbread Houses & Toys for Tots Marines
Gift shopping vs. new home shopping: the latter typically wins when it comes to spending dollars during the holiday season. In reality, it’s the best time to buy a home, say real estate experts with The Olson Company, a nationally recognized developer of unique residential communities throughout California.

Lorraine Hernandez
December 29, 1957 – November 25, 2006


Appointment Process circumventing Democracy
In the South Bay the recent elections have ushered in two new mayors, one for Chula Vista and one for National City. At the same time, they created two new vacancies for elected positions in those cities.

Ecuadorean Elections: Correa’s Most Surprising, Most Important Victory
By Dr. Larry Birns
The astonishing comeback of Rafael Correa from what appeared to be a definitive first round defeat marks one of the most extraordinary reversals of the political fate of a South American leader within memory. Correa’s victory also represents a significant triumph for the average Ecuadorean who refused to be beguiled by Álvaro Noboa’s well-fueled, so-called populist, but splash-dash campaign. In a poor country like Ecuador, Noboa’s unparalleled expenditure of money – some of it handed out personally by him – was a hardly-concealed effort to buy an election. Meanwhile, Correa ran an issue-oriented campaign centered on alleviating the dead-end plight of the nation’s poor.

The Battle for the Latino Vote
By John Zogby
The 2006 elections are barely over and the race for the 2008 presidency has begun in earnest. With the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary are only fourteen months away, candidates are establishing their exploratory committees and trying out their various dance steps on the Sunday talk shows.

Chismes de Mi Gallinero
A Postmortem and Latino Losses
By Julio C. Calderon
The 2006 elections are fading into history. The pundits are deep into their analysis on what went wrong, or what went right. The biggest losers in this election weren’t even on the ballot; President George W Bush; Rush Limbaugh; and the Latino community. Bush and Limbaugh losses are obvious, more subtle are the Latino community’s losses.

National City Spotlight:
Wait! Read This Before Sending in That Stadium Survey
By Ted Godshalk
A voter survey released before the recent November election detailed the dissatisfaction residents have toward National City’s politicians. The survey by GIS Strategy Research found that only 37% of voters polled feel that city government can be trusted, and that just 32% said they would vote for an incumbent in November’s election.

Y qué con la palabra “Indio”
Por Humberto Caspa, Ph.D
Al comediante Michael Richards se le salieron los “ajos” y los “cominos” frente a su público la semana pasada. Estaba presentando su usual monólogo jacarandoso en el local Laugh Factory de Los Angeles, cuando dos espectadores afroamericanos le criticaron por su falta de gracia y su incapacidad de hacerlos reír. A Richards no le gustó nada; se enfureció y los insultó sin vacilación.

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

Dear Mexican: I was flipping through my television when I noticed the Spanish-language channel showed a man in a red suit with yellow pants, antennae on his head and a heart with the letters “CH” on his chest. It appeared to be a sitcom, and all the characters related to the insect guy as if he were normal. What really blew my socks off, though, was a part where the insect guy and his cohorts dressed as Confederate soldiers in the antebellum South. At one point, Insect Guy is suddenly in black face! What’s the story of this sitcom? Was it a big hit for Mexicans? And what’s the deal with the racist stereotyping?

Cribs indeed
First Person
By Al Carlos Hernandez
We have this 150 channel cable hook up and sometimes I get lost in the jump-cut shuffle, for hours. The big screen takes me on a visceral trip around the world which is a long way from the 12 inch black and white 3 channel box with the aluminum antenna we shared in the projects, back in the day.

¡¡¡Los Bilingual Writers han sido publicados!!!
Por Pablo Jaime Sainz
Para los escritores noveles, ver su obra publicada por primera vez bien podría ser el momento más importante de sus carreras literarias.

Los Bilingual Writers are published!!!
By Pablo Jaime Sainz
For new writers, seeing their work published for the first time might be the most important moment in their literary careers.

Mexico’s RBD ready to conquer the U.S. market
By Isaac Garrido
NEW YORK - For the six members of RBD, the Mexican pop superstars, getting cold and wet in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade was one step toward achieving stardom here.

Pandeando al coro
“The nativity story” arriesga poco en su historia
Por Jose Daniel Bort
Las grandes historias bíblicas son complicadas de hacer en cine por el hecho de la autenticidad. Son historias que pasan de una generación a otra por vía oral, y cada persona tiene su propia relación personal con ella, una que muchas consideran sagrada y especial.

La fuente de la eterna juventud
O cómo hacer una película terriblemente contrita
Por Jose Daniel Bort
The fountain pasará a la historia como una de esas películas que nunca se debieron haber hecho. Es sencillamente una mala idea llevaba con mucho dinero y poder a la pantalla que termina por aburrir hasta al más pintado. Es un ejercicio en exceso y arrogancia que visto desde el cristal donde se mire, no funciona.

¡ Tic Tac Tiempo !
This Wednesday, Dec 6, join MANA, the Mexican American National Association MANA for their Annual Holiday Celebration. This non-profit group fosters leadership development, community service, and advocacy within the Latina community and promotes opportunities for self-development, education, economic, political, health and social awareness. This event takes place at Side Bar (536 Market Street) in San Diego and will begin at 6 p.m. They are also accepting applications for the Sylvia Chavez Memorial Scholarship, with a February 1, 2007 deadline. Please visit www.sd mana.org more information about MANA de San Diego or contact Teresa Davies at membership@sdmana.org.

Avila Striving for National Competition
By John Philip Wyllie
Two weeks ago, Eric Avila became the first male athlete in 16 years to win an individual CIF cross country championship for Bonita Vista High. He completed the hilly 3.04-mile course in just 15:58, a whopping 16 seconds ahead of the second place finisher in a field of over 200 qualifiers. Last week, he went on to finish third in the state competition, just a few seconds behind the leader. And the fleet-footed senior is not done yet. This weekend he will be competing in the western regional competition. With a good showing there, Avila will gain entrance to the national championship meet which will be held next weekend right here in San Diego.

Holiday Soccer Fever- Play beautiful!
By David Wyman
It’s that time of year again. The Temecula Holiday Classic Adult Soccer Tournament (TAHSC) is to be held at the John Blanche Memorial Soccer Complex on December 9th and 10th 2006. It is the second of many more to be held there annually. The Southwest Old Boys over 30 select club is primarily responsible for putting this event on. They, as well as their family members, volunteer their time collectively during the course of the year to make this tournament a great soccer weekend of fun for all. The SOB’s, as they are called, are a traveling squad who just recently in August won both the Soccer Resort 8v8 Las Vegas Classic and the Soccer Resort 8 vs. 8 San Diego tournament in the Spring for the over 30 men’s division. They will be participating in this year’s Holiday Classic in the men’s over 30 bracket, which plays 11 vs. 11. They are one of the favorites, but are up against some very good teams again this year.

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