Volume XXX Number 31 August 4,, 2006

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Looking forward to a warm dorm in college!

Anonymous group of ladies makes the college experience a joy for Barrio Logan students

By Pablo Jaime Sainz

After reading an article in La Prensa San Diego early last year about the obstacles a local Latino student had to overcome to succeed in school, Mary decided she wanted to help her and others in her situation.

It was the story of Bernice Ramirez, a graduating senior at The Preuss School at UCSD and a member of the Barrio Logan College Institute (BLCI) who had faced many financial and family issues throughout her life, what inspired Mary (she preferred not to give out her last name) to begin Warm Dorm.

It is an annual fundraiser to donate college supplies for BLCI students that, due to economic hardships, must choose between buying textbooks or the basic supplies they need to live on campus once they get to college.

“After reading that article, I felt that I wanted to help Bernice,” Mary said. “I couldn´t sleep that night. I wanted to do something good for her.”

After looking through all of his new dorm room supplies, Edward Vallejo and his family feel that he is ready to attend San Diego State University in the fall.

Several days later, at a scholarship ceremony at UCSD, Mary met Jennie Lange, high school program coordinator for BLCI, which prepares first-generation college-bound students by providing free after-school enrichment programs and support beginning in 3rd grade. .

There, Lange told her that there were five other girls in similar situations than Bernice.

Although Mary didn´t have a clear idea of what she wanted to do, she began to realize that having a comfortable dorm room was something that many students couldn’t get. That’s how she came up with the Warm Dorm concept.

After that night, Mary began asking her group of friends to donate college supplies, such as comforters, laundry hampers, and alarm clocks, for the students.

She and her friends raised $1,400 with which they bought six packages of supplies for the students.

But there was a condition: The group of women wanted to remain anonymous.

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¡Les espera un dormitorio tibio en la universidad!
Un grupo anónimo de señoras hace que la experiencia universitaria sea mejor para estudiantes de Barrio Logan
Por Pablo Jaime Sainz
Después de leer un articulo en La Prensa San Diego a principios del año pasado acerca de los obstáculos que una estudiante latina tuvo que enfrentar para tener éxito en la escuela, Mary decidió que quería ayudarla y a otros en su situación.

Catholic leaders respond to immigration hearings
By Pablo Jaime Sainz
Members of the Catholic clergy and leaders gathered at St. Joseph Cathedral in Downtown San Diego last Wednesday to raise their voices in favor of a comprehensive immigration reform.

Líderes católicos responden a las audiencias migratorias en San Diego
Por Pablo Jaime Sainz
Miembros del clero y líderes católicos se reunieron en la St. Joseph Cathedral en el centro de San Diego el miércoles pasado para alzar sus voces a favor de una reforma migratoria humanitaria.

Amortization, A Feeble Ordinance for West National City Residents
Businesses need not worry for now, zoning remains the same
By Raymond R. Beltran
Ask Benjamin Jingco, manager of B&J Motor and Body Shop on 14th St and Coolidge Ave, if his eighteen year business is vulnerable to rezoning measures in Old Town National City, and he’ll gladly brandish his permits from the Environmental Protection Agency, the Bureau of Automotive Repair, and his business license along with an explanation of how his business has been recognized, by the courts, as “grandfathered in”, exempt from rezoning persecution on the westside.


Mexico’s Critical Moment
By Laura Carlsen
Since the start of Mexico’s presidential campaigns, the race has opened up latent but profound fissures in Mexican society. The present post-electoral conflict not only hinges on legal issues of how the elections were run. It brings to the fore deep concerns about transparency, social justice, and the future course of a nation at a critical juncture in its fledgling transition to democracy.

New Controversies Erupt over Maquiladora Worker “Shortages”
Like the old days of Ciudad Juarez’s assembly-for-export economic boom, factory owners say they confront a labor shortage. With an estimated 10,000 maquiladora jobs available, mainly in production worker positions, maquiladoras and labor contractors are offering sign-up bonuses, head-hunters’ fees and even temporary boarding in hotels.

Bien equipados para regresar a clases: XVI colecta de útiles escolares en Tijuana
Por Luis Alonso Pérez
Miles de niños podrán jugar tranquilos este verano y no tendrán que preocuparse por la falta de material escolar para el siguiente año escolar, ya que la Fundación para la Protección de la Niñez (FPN) se encuentra trabajando ardua-mente para que regresen a clases bien equipados.

Becerra launches bid for caucus vice chairman
By Josephine Hearn
Rep. Xavier Becerra (Calif.) intends to run for Democratic Caucus Vice Chairman if the party wins control of the House in November, he told colleagues Friday.

Criar a nuestros hijos en Estados Unidos
Por: Doctora Luz
Cuando fui a visitar a mi hermana Rosa, quien vive en México, observó que mis hijos se comportaban de una manera diferente a los suyos. Rosa me dijo: “Tus hijos son unos irrespetuosos, no saludan, se creen que son mejores porque sólo quieren hablar inglés y no te hacen caso”.

Por Luisa Fernanda Montero
Vivir con epilepsia, Adriana Peralta, una sobreviviente que no se detiene ante nada
La última crisis de Adriana fue en octubre, vino como todas las demás, sin ningún anuncio, dejándola exhausta y perpleja por varios minutos; sus ojos idos, perdidos en la distancia parecen preguntar porqué mientras ella retorna poco a poco y vuelve a ser la mujer jovial y alegre que ha sido siempre, a pesar de haber vivido los últimos ocho años de su vida, con una condición que le ha quitado mucho y no le ha dado nada: la epilepsia.

Urgen transplantes en Baja California
Por Luis Alonso Pérez
Alfonso Lozoya tiene 6 años. Como cualquier otro niño le gusta jugar con sus primos y disfruta hacer su trabajo de la escuela.

Doctor’s Corner:
Malignant Melanoma, a deadly form of skin cancer
By Eduardo Grunvald, M.D.
One of the most difficult cases I have encountered in my career involved a 35-year-old Mexican mother of three young children. I first met her during hospital rounds. She was one of 15 patients that morning. But unlike the others, she would not survive her illness.

Melanoma Maligno, Forma Mortal de Cáncer de la Piel
Por Eduardo Grunvald, M.D.
Uno de los casos más difíciles que he enfrentado en mi carrera ha sido el de una madre mexicana de 35 años con tres hijos pequeños. La conocí por primera vez haciendo mis visitas en el hospital. Ella era una de 15 pacientes esa mañana. Pero de lo contrario a los otros pacientes, ella no sobreviviría su enfermedad.


San Diego Politicians Apparently Not Thinking About Their Economic Responsibilities
Summer Heat is having an impact on San Diego politicians at all levels. It seems that just a few weeks ago, all or mostly all of our Mayors, Councilmen/Women and Supervisors had one concern, “How to pay their respective community’s bills.” Seems that they all have arrived at a major conclusion, that their Cities and Municipalities were on the verge of bankruptcy. The common lament as the elected officials saw it: Money was short! Water pipes were leaking, streets were in terrible disrepair, drainage pipes for the disposal of sewage were just not functioning, the beaches were constantly polluted, the price of buying a new home was out of sight, salaries were low for the working class, they couldn’t afford to pay the rent, not even for run down shacks. Buying groceries or shopping at the mall was quickly turning into trips of impossibilities. The politicians lamented that there wasn’t sufficient city, municipal, or agency funding to pay the employees that they felt were needed. Fear is becoming commonplace.

The Top Ten Ways America Gets Immigration Wrong
By Michele Wucker
The most striking thing about today’s immigration debate is how many times America has been here before—and how many times it has made the same mistakes. With respect to David Letterman, here is a list of the biggest errors that U.S. policymakers have made in designing immigration policy. As Congress wrestles to find the right mix of immigration enforcement and immigration reform, it should keep in mind what it has done wrong in the past so that it has a chance to get it right this time.

La paradoja de Fidel
Por Humberto Caspa, Ph.D
¡Si, el Comandante ha muerto! ¡No, el Comandante no ha muerto! Como en una novela inverosímil, que sólo tiene cabida en la magistral pluma de Gabriel García Márquez, la gente en Miami y en La Habana sigue agitando banderas cubanas para manifestar su alegría y desazón, respectivamente, por el repentino decaimiento de Fidel Castro.

Don’t forget the four million American citizens living in Puerto Rico
Lawrence A. Hunter, Ph.D.
Congress is struggling over what to do about illegal aliens coming to the United States from Mexico and Central America yet a huge problem within the Hispanic branch of our own American family is overlooked.  Four million American citizens of Hispanic origin struggle in Puerto Rico under circumstances that can only be described as totally un-American.

The Public Forum . . . El Foro Publico
Editorial Hits the Mark
I applaud your editorial (July 28: “Editorial served as a wake-up call to the Democrat Party”). Your points are well taken. The Democratic Party must not expect Latino voters to automatically vote for Democrats. Democrats must work for their vote and bring to the table to participate in the Party and just not at election time.

De Suecia, come mensajes de personas that just can’t do without their weekly TEZOZOMOC CHISME! Pues Julio Martinez de yonderlesit.org (de Suecia), Tezzy hasn’t forgotten all his cuates, not only from the barrios del USA, pero también, we especially have you in our hearts and minds when you are so distanced from your Gente!!

Etc. Etc. Etc.
Reviews, Sporting news, and other tid bits

First Person
Church shoes, jogging suit
By Al Carlos Hernandez
One of the quickest ways to tell if someone is from another country is by the way they mix and match their casual clothes. If a male or female is wearing dress shoes and a jogging suit, chances are they are from anywhere but here.

Presentarán “Poesía Cabaret” en una Lectura Colectiva
Por: Paco Zavala
Tijuana ciudad de contrastes inverosímiles y constantes, sorprende a la comunidad con las innovaciones que diariamente emergen de la inquietud de sus gentes por demostrar al mundo ¡que existen!, ¡que están ahí!, ¡que los busquen!, ¡que los encuentren!, ¡que los palpen!, ¡que los toquen! y que se yo, cuanta locura, pero la verdad es esa, Tijuana, la hermosa y bella Tijuana existe al mundo, con todo su barullo, delincuencia, economía, trabajo, encanto y en todo su entorno.

Habana Urbana: La isla del caribe vista desde el lente de un grupo de artistas
Por Luis Alonso Pérez
Habana Urbana es el nombre de la nueva exposición que reúne 8 diferentes aproximaciones fotográficas a la capital de Cuba, inaugurada el miércoles 2 de agosto en El lugar del Nopal, un famoso centro cultural independiente situado en el corazón de Tijuana.

Disfrutan los Teatristas de Baja California el Apoyo que les Brindan las Instituciones en 2006
Por: Paco Zavala
Con la promoción y apoyo al movimiento teatral que les están brindando las instituciones públicas bajacalifornianas, todos los directores y actores teatrales profesionales y en formación profesional se encuentran de plácemes; en este año 2006, se ha lanzado una Convocatoria de Apoyo a la Producción Teatral de Baja California.

Artes de Mexico to Open at Mingei International Museum - North County
This exhibition— composed of two complementary exhibitions, folk art in the Grand Plaza Gallery and pre-Columbian art in the Mezzanine Gallery, celebrates a rich variety of objects made for daily life, play and ceremony. These vital and exuberant arts are intimate expressions of Mexico’s history, vast land, diverse regions and people.

Hijo de ratón, cazafortuna
Jeffrey García focaliza su talento en la animación
Por Jose Daniel Bort
El comediante Jeffrey García ya tenía más de quince años de experiencia recorriendo escenarios cuando la oportunidad del cielo le cayó en las manos. No, no se trataba de contratos millonarios con el Comedy Central a la Carlos Mencia o Dave Chappelle, sus compañeros de hazañas bajo el micrófono, sino a través de un pequeño personaje en una serie para TV de dibujos animados para niños.

El sabor de la tradición
Una mirada de afuera fue capaz de poner “Quinceañera” en celuloide
Por Jose Daniel Bort
Ha estado en la lista “por hacer” de todos los planes de negocios de todas las compañías de cine enfocadas al mercado latino. Tuvieron que venir un par de americanos habitantes de Echo Park en Los Ángeles para hacerla.

An Interview with Sergio Mendes
By Francisco H. Ciriza
Sergio Mendes is a living musical legend. His musical career having spanned from the mid 1960’s to the present has not only brought music fans and Brazilian sounds together, but has also served to make Mendes the most internationally successful Brazilian artist of all time. Often, it was Mendes’ ability to mix pop and traditional musical elements into an infectiously cool blend of exotic songs that has kept both him and his music close to the hearts of music fans worldwide for 40 years.


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