April 28, 2006

Morrison Hotel Gallery Presents An Artistic Alternative to a Traditional Cinco Celebration

The Morrison Hotel Gallery is proud to present the San Diego debut of the photography of Fernando Aceves. This free event will give fans and spectators a once in a lifetime opportunity to mingle with the photographer and enjoy the acoustic guitar styling of world renowned guitarist Javier Batiz.

Fernando Aceves was born in Mexico City and those who have known him throughout his life say that he has always had a camera in hand. Beginning at an early age, Fernando showed a natural inclination for rock n’ roll and for photography. That natural inclination has lent itself to history making photographs. Completely self-taught, Fernando has discovered the secrets of this demanding discipline.

This Mexican photographer has spent his entire career developing a particular instinct (in fractions of seconds during a few songs), capturing the sentiment and essence of a performer. Fernando Aceves is undoubtedly the one person in Mexico who has been able to catch an un-repeatable moment, and preserve it forever with the greatest degree of precision.

Fernando Aceves has work-ed for concert promoters, record companies, and national publications (the magazines Swatch, La Mosca, Nuevo Siglo, Reforma, and El Universal) as well as foreign publications such as Gatopardo from Columbia; Player Magazine, Free and Easy and Playboy in Japan; Focus in Germany, and Kerrang in Spain.

Some of the performers he has worked with directly include icons such as Paul McCartney, the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and David Bowie who are all admirers of his photography. Aceves has covered more than 900 concerts within Mexico, and more than 100 concerts in the United States, Canada and Europe.

In addition to his concert photographs, which are continually published in newspapers and magazines on a daily basis, Aceves published a book in 1999 featuring 129 black and white portraits of the leaders in rock n’ roll in Mexico. The title of his book is “Ilusiones y Destellos; Retratos del Rock Mexi-cano.” (Illusions and Sparks from Mexican Rock). Then again in 2000, he published his second book entitled “50 Jazzistas Mexicanos”, which focuses on the rich Mexican Jazz scene.

As a brilliant compliment to these exceptional works, The Morrison Hotel Gallery is excited to announce that “The Godfather of Mexican Rock” Javier Batiz will be on hand to perform during the opening. According to legendary guitarist Carlos Santana, Batiz is the primary reason that the Grammy-winning artist decided to play guitar. Batiz is rumored to have taught Santana how to play “The Blues” and in 1961, the two were actually in a band in Tijuana Mexico together, called Los TJ’s. Javier Batiz is revered around the world for his guitar skills and has been featured in 38 different film scores. Recently, he was featured on a Mexico City television program which was seen by over 180 million viewers.

Fernando Aceves will be present for the opening night reception on Friday, May 5, between 6 pm and 9 pm. Admission to the exhibit is free.

Morrison Hotel Gallery is located at 1230 Prospect Street, La Jolla.

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