April 28, 2006

Hood of Horrors

Latino stars scare up new opportunities in Hollywood

By Ray Hosea

With the tremendous success of horror films over the past few years, it is not surprising to see the genre become as diverse as America itself with sub-genres that include splatter, gore, slasher, goth and comedic horror.

One of the fastest growing segments of the genre is “urban horror”, meaning films that feature inner city themes and characters.

One of the most highly anticipated upcoming horror films is “Hood of Horrors” which features a multi-ethnic cast that includes Snoop Dogg, Ernie Hudson, Danny Trejo, Lin Shaye, Jason Alexander, Method Man and Billy Dee Williams.

The film involves three blood soaked tales revolving around the residents of an inner city neighborhood whose actions in this life will determine their destination in the afterlife.

The first of the three stories features a trio of rising young Latin stars ... Andrea Leon, Daniella Alonso and Noel Guglielmi.

Andrea Leon is a former model and stage actress whose big break came early last year when she landed the role of the sexy villainess Apache on Telemundo’s short lived telenovela “La Ley del Silencio.”

”Aside from The Exorcist, I couldn’t tell you the last horror film I saw ...,” she laughs over the phone from her home in Los Angeles. “Now I’m obsessed ... or possessed ... depending how you look at it.”

Andrea plays the ghostly mother of another rising young beauty named Daniella Alonso. This New York based actress of Peruvian descent was a regular on the WB’s “One Tree Hill” and has appeared on both “CSI: NY” and “Law & Order”. Her film credits include “Rhythm of the Saints” and MTV Films’ upcoming “All You’ve Got”.

The third member of this rising crop of Latin performers is Noel Guglielmi. Noel is perhaps best recognized from his roles in “Training Day”, “Bruce Almighty”, “The Fast and the Furious” and “Old School”.

“Noel is the real deal with unparalleled intensity”, said producer Christopher Tuffin of the horror shingle BloodWorks. “He is the Danny Trejo of the next generation.”

According to Mr. Tuffin, “the landscape of Hollywood is becoming much more international and there is a great need for Latin actors and actresses to bring authenticity to these roles and to represent Latin audiences worldwide.”

So hopefully the rest of Hollywood will follow the same logic and open up mainstream films to the same diversity exhibited by the independent and genre filmmakers.

Reprinted from LatinoLA.com.

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