April 28, 2006

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Time to Revert the Barrio Logan property back to the City

I support the City’s and Redevelopment Agency’s recommendations to Revert the property in Barrio Logan to the City. Furthermore, I encourage the City of San Diego and the Redevelopment Agency of the City of San Diego to open up the process for responsible and financially-proven developers during the RFP for Negotiating agreements and Disposition and Development Agreements.

This is an opportunity for the City and the Redevelopment Agency to start correcting their past mistakes on this project and start providing for the Barrio Logan Redevelopment area constituency. Not only do we still not have a Mercado commercial complex, but the Barrio Logan Community does not have a community planning group and does not have an official representative at the Park and Rec planning table.

We need a community planning group for Barrio Logan as well as a community representative to participate in the city process when it comes to development issues and park services and enhancements.

For 15 years, the City/Red. Agency has poured in $15 million into a project that never took place. For 15 years, the $15 million has been used to grow weeds in barren land.  For fifteeen years, the city has not collected tax increment, property taxes or sales taxes. 

15 years ago, the Redevelopment Agency razed 29 business and several homes with a promise to the community that a Mercado complex would be built. The community is still waiting. Institutional neglect keeps our neighborhoods in the 8th District in impoverished condition.

Do right by the Barrio Logan Community and revert the land to the City while opening up the bidding process with projects that are consistent with those identified by the PAC and backed by the community.

Remy Bermudez
San Diego


Interesting editorial April 21, 2006

Call goes out for ‘A Day without Immigrants’ or “The Great American Boycott” (published April 21, 2006) was not what I expected to hear. I was pretty torn about the boycott myself for many different reasons but will definitely not buy anything on that day out of solidarity (Note to self: fill up gas tank day before). After all, I can’t criticize the efffort as ineffective if I don’t participate. One of the strongest reasons I’m torn is that I feel bad about the merchants who will suffer losses on that day - I guess that’s the whole point but I still feel guilty. 

I agree about the students to a certain degree. It seems to me that not every hour spent in the classroom is well spent, not everything can be learned through books, students take field trips outside of the classroom and this is a valuable lesson on civil disobedience (but note that the lesson with civil disobedience is that you must still be punished). However, most of the students will have no idea why they are staying home from school and it’s just an excuse to have fun - no lesson learned and a waste of education. Bottom line - the organizers should not have included students. 

Bill Richter
Chula Vista

Reject the faith based initiative

The so-called faith-based initiative jeopardizes our freedoms by providing taxpayer money to advance religious faith.

The initiative threatens the 1st amendment – the government is endorsing certain religious groups. And it threatens religious liberty by making religious groups proxies of the federal government. The president’s executive orders are bad for government and even worse for religion. These initiatives endanger the integrity of religion, and the autonomy of houses of worship.

This nation will function best when religions do the work of religions and when the government does the work of government. Religion has made its greatest contribution to this nation as an independent voice of conscience calling the nation to the highest and best purpose in its founding vision.

Dinda Evans
San Diego

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