Volume XXX Number 17 April 28, 2006

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Latino activists organize alternative event to support the national boycott

By Martha Sarabia

In a surprisingly active participation during weeks of protest against some proposed laws in Congress considered to be anti-immigrants, Latinos in North San Diego County are preparing for the national boycott day on May 1.

The boycott is organized by many activists nationwide, who mainly oppose immigration bill HR 4437 that if it is approved, it would declare all undocumented immigrants in the United States as felons. They are asking immigrant communities to abstain from going to work, sending their children to school and spending any money to show their importance in the nation’s economy.

In order to support this boycott but with a different approach, various community organizations in North County have come together to organize the “Cultural and Informative Event in Support of the Boycott.”

“We want people to participate in some type of action that day instead of just being at home. We want them to come and get informed, involved and at the same time celebrate our culture,” said Yesenia Balcazar, co-coordinator of the Vista Human Rights Committee.

“We want to provide a safe, fun and informative place for people who are going to be supporting the boycott to come and get information,” she added.

Luis Higinio, another event organizer, believes that the gathering provides a different type of venue for the historical event.

“We want to offer a different outlet for the community,” said Higinio, member of the Coalition for Justice, Peace and Dignity in Vista.

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Activistas latinos organizan evento alternativo para apoyar boicot nacional
Por Martha Sarabia
En una sorprendente participación activa durante semanas de protesta en contra de algunas propuestas de ley en el Congreso estadounidense que se consideran antiinmigrantes, los latinos del norte del condado de San Diego se están preparando para el boicot nacional del 1 de mayo.

Can the Immigrant Rights Movement Be Channeled into Votes?
By Mindy Farabee
LOS ANGELES — This year, as a slate of state and national elections coincide in a passionate debate over the direction of immigration reform, a new energy among Latino voters could shape up to make a big impact at the ballot box.

Hispanic Media Split On May 1 Boycott
By Elena Shore
Although Hispanic media helped to mobilize hundreds of thousands of people in last month’s immigration protests, they are split when it comes to the economic boycott planned for May 1.


The Tail Wags the Dog: Mexico’s “Televisa Law” Another Nail in the Coffin of Fox’s Legacy
By Michael Lettieri and Gabriel Garcia
On April 11, Mexican democracy experienced yet another setback when President Vicente Fox officially signed off on controversial reforms to the country’s Federal Radio and Television law

Debate entre candidatos a la presidencia de México
Por Luis Alonso Pérez
La noche del martes 25 de abril, millones de hogares mexicanos encendieron sus televisores para ver la transmisión del primer debate entre cuatro de los cinco candidatos a la presidencia.

México del Norte
Por Jorge Mújica Murias
Del miedo a la rabia
Todo iba aparentemente bien. Más de tres millones de personas, latinos y no latinos, inmigrantes, residentes, ciudadanos, colados y sus amigos, marcharon por las calles de cientos de ciudades en Estados Unidos exigiendo y demandando no solamente el cielo para los indocumentados, sino el penthouse del cielo, alfombrado y con comida en el refrigerador.

Amid Media Blackout, Congressional Campaigns Unfold
Virtually overlooked by the US and international press, Mexico’s congressional campaigns are getting underway in the border and other states. Much of the media’s attention is focused on the 2006 race for the Mexican presidency, but scant international press coverage is being devoted to the battle for the federal Mexican congress.

Yesterday We Marched, Today We Act, Tomorrow We Vote
Today is an historic day in San Diego, the state of California and throughout thousands of small and large communities in our nation. It is a Day of Action where we openly declare and call for the passage of Comprehensive Immigration Reform by the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

New soundwalls on I-805: A benefit for National City
By Pablo Jaime Sainz
If you live near a freeway without soundwalls you probably know this: The noise can be a problem. A big one.

Paredes contra el ruido en la I-805: Un beneficio para National City
Por Pablo Jaime Sainz
Si usted vive cerca de un freeway que no tiene paredes contra el ruido es probable que ya sepa esto: el rudio puede ser un problema. Uno muy grande.

Atención: Lea sólo si es una mujer que es golpeada
Violencia doméstica

Por: Doctora Luz
Probablemente has escuchado en varias ocasiones que las mujeres que están en relaciones donde el hombre las golpea es porque les gusta.

Teens Giving Back in Mexico
By Fiona Hay
How many teenagers do you know that would go on a trip to an unknown place, during their Spring Break, to help out another church? Members of the youth group of our church, First United Methodist Church, Chula Vista, did! A group of seventeen of us, including youth, Missy Batie, and the Garcia family went to Mexico to work on the Methodist church, El Mesias in Ensenada. As soon as we got to Ensenada, we were warmly greeted by El Mesias’ pastor, Pastor Juan, and the rest of the church family.

$25 Million Higher Education Center Coming to Otay Mesa
Continuing its efforts to make higher education more accessible to all residents of South San Diego County, Southwestern College (SWC) today broke ground for a new Higher Education Center at Otay Mesa (HEC, OM).

The San Diego Cinco de Mayo con Orgullo Coalition and the City Heights Performance Annex team up once again to celebrate the true meaning of Cinco de Mayo during their Annual Alcohol and Tobacco-Free Festival.

Por John Suval
Intrépidos migrantes regresan con un canto
A medida que el tema de la inmigración se hace más candente en el país, millones de migrantes siguen inundando las fronteras de Estados Unidos en búsqueda de una vida mejor. Superando las duras condiciones climáticas y gigantescos obstáculos estos valientes viajeros revelan los increíbles esfuerzos que hacen los seres vivos en su lucha por la supervivencia. La primavera ya está aquí, y con ella las aves migratorias de América Latina y el Caribe están de regreso para llenar el país con sus colores y cantos.

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May 1st Boycott
Momentum for the May 1st Boycott is building and while we don’t necessarily agree with some aspects of the boycott, in particular the call for students to skip school and for additional protesting, which we see as counter productive in light of the recent success of the protest marches two weeks ago. We support the idea and effort to speak out and have a say on the immigration issue.

Las dos caras de Bush
Por Humberto Caspa, Ph.D
En una reunión con empresarios del Condado de Orange, California, el Presidente George W. Bush nuevamente readecuó su posición en torno al tema migratorio. “No debemos olvidarnos que estamos considerando a seres humanos, a gente modesta. Tienen que ser tratados con respeto”, dijo. La actitud de Bush en este encuentro y las acciones de su gobierno contra los inmigrantes a lo largo de su administración son fiel reflejo de una moneda común y corriente: Tiene dos caras.

Protecting Latino Consumers from Identity Theft
By Congressman Joe Baca
April is Financial Literacy Month, an opportunity for Americans to gain the skills and know-how needed to manage their money, credit and debt. Among the most vital pieces of information that can prepare individuals to make responsible financial decisions is a credit report. Understanding one’s credit report plays a key role in home-ownership readiness, increasing financial literacy and monitoring for identity theft or fraud.

The Public Forum . . . El Foro Publico
Time to Revert the Barrio Logan property back to the City
I support the City’s and Redevelopment Agency’s recommendations to Revert the property in Barrio Logan to the City. Furthermore, I encourage the City of San Diego and the Redevelopment Agency of the City of San Diego to open up the process for responsible and financially-proven developers during the RFP for Negotiating agreements and Disposition and Development Agreements.

Political Notes:
Attend the South Bay Power Plant Town Hall Meeting on May 3, 2006!
The South Bay Power Plant has been polluting Chula Vistans for over 40 years. You have the power to stop it NOW!

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Cinco de Mayo Calendar of Events
Old Town’s Fiesta Cinco de Mayo
There’s just nowhere else more appropriate to celebrate Cinco de Mayo than San Diego’s Old Town — come for music, margaritas, mariachi and even kids’ events.

Morrison Hotel Gallery Presents An Artistic Alternative to a Traditional Cinco Celebration
The Morrison Hotel Gallery is proud to present the San Diego debut of the photography of Fernando Aceves. This free event will give fans and spectators a once in a lifetime opportunity to mingle with the photographer and enjoy the acoustic guitar styling of world renowned guitarist Javier Batiz.

Yvonne Venegas, Tijuana Portraits Opens at the Museum of Art, La Jolla
On Friday, April 28, the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego will open Cerca Series: Yvonne Venegas, Tijuana Portraits at MCASD’s La Jolla location.

Celebración Anticipada del Día del Niño en el XVI Festival Infantil “Ven a Pintar con Nosotros”
Por: Paco Zavala
En la vida del individuo, trátese de hombres o mujeres, una de las más grandes emociones es el escuchar el canto celestial de las voces de los niños, sobre todo cuando se encuentran disfrutando de un buen tiempo en algún evento. Esto fue lo que ocurrió el pasado sábado 22 de abril en la Explanada del Centro Cultural Tijuana, después de las 9:00 am., en el que cientos de familias se dieron cita para asistir al XVI Festival Infantil “Ven a pintar con nosotros”, anticipándose a la celebración del día del niño, evento que se celebra el próximo domingo 30 de abril.

Visitó Tijuana el Polifacético Imitador Javier “El Abuelo” Miller
Por: Paco Zavala
En plan de trabajo nos encontramos de visita por la ciudad de Tijuana, procedente de Culiacán, Sinaloa, el pasado martes 11 de abril, al simpático y polifacético imitador, Javier “El Abuelo” Miller, un estupendo comediante.

Hood of Horrors
Latino stars scare up new opportunities in Hollywood
By Ray Hosea
With the tremendous success of horror films over the past few years, it is not surprising to see the genre become as diverse as America itself with sub-genres that include splatter, gore, slasher, goth and comedic horror.

Catarsis en el cielo: United 93 es poderosa y respetuosa de su sujeto
por Jose Daniel Bort

No tengo otra forma para escribir esta columna que desde el punto de vista personal. Los sucesos del 11 de septiembre del 2001 son particularmente intensos para mi, ya que vivía en Nueva York para aquella época, no tan lejos de las torres gemelas. Divisé por primera vez el hueco en la torre norte desde la ventana de mi habitación, y sentí el eco del sonido de la explosión de la torre sur en mi cara directamente, ya que lo estaba viendo desde la azotea de mi edificio en el Lower East Side de Manhattan.

Just an american girl: Mandy Moore works a wholesome image in her 22 springs
By Daniel Jose Bort
America loves her. That’s the only way to describe the unusual fascination the audience has with Mandy Moore. She’s no match to Britney or Christina, not as popular as Hillary or Jessica. However, she seems to easily slip by any category and establishes herself as one of the real promises in the singing and acting world.

Oscar de la Hoya Retorna al Ring Para Enfrentar a Ricardo Mayorga
Uno de los boxeadores más populares en la historia, “El Niño de Oro” Oscar De La Hoya, retornara a los tinglados para enfrentar al peligroso campeón del Concejo Mundial de Boxeo, Ricardo “El Matador” Mayorga, el sábado 6 de Mayo en el MGM Grand Garden Arena. La pelea apropiadamente titulada “Zona de Peligro”.

Eastlake’s Garduno an Emerging Star
By John Philip Wyllie
Eastlake sophomore, Benjamin Garduno already owns the school’s 500 meter freestyle record and he has been winning consistently with his times in the 100 meter butterfly. But before the season is over he would like to see his Titan swim team capture a Mesa League title and see himself listed among the elite top eight 500 freestylers in the county at June’s annual CIF Championship Meet.

Bullfight World
By Lyn Sherwood

‘El Juli’ Heads Card in 2006 Season TJ Opener
Can you smell the tacos, frying? Can you hear the beer bottles, tinkling together, creating their own special symphony from within the buckets, carried by the salesmen? Can you smell the fresh ocean breezes? Can you feel the anticipation, the wonder, the speculation and aspirations about the upcoming Tijuana and Mexicali bullfight seasons?

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