April 14, 2006

Q-VO Gente! Otro día y parece que Nuestra Gente Va ADELANTE! El Jefito dice that the calls are getting más y más fuertes. Pobres Gringos, they don’t seem to realize that they need our Gente. Guess who is in the front ranks of the Marines fighting in Iraq? You got it, nuestra Gente. We know… what we have to do! Guess who is riding those HumVees in Iraq? Vatos from, Tejas, Califas, New Mex. Colorado, los cuates de Iran don’t know that its bad stuff to mess with los Vatos from Los..!!

Orale Gente, Now that the Good times of having a Marcha are over…El Jefito wants me to ask you a few preguntas: What multi-millioners from Mexico own many of the Mexican Television Stations in the U.S.? What Television owner has donated millions to Hard Core Right Wing Republican Políticos? What Mexican Multi-millioners own all the RADIO STATIONS THAT BROADCAST ONLY TO THE IMMIGRANTS THROUGHOUT THE U.S.? What Mexican Multi-Billionaires own all the major Newspapers in the USA printed in Spanish? El Jefito is SUSPICIOUS OVER THE RECENT IMMIGRANT MARCHES. No local Leaders seem to have played a role in the Marches. Before, it was the local home grown Leadership that really cared about our Gente that organized and led our Gente. Now they are led by Radio/television personalities that work for Mexican (as from across the border) ownership!

Orale! Our candidata Francine Busby(D) beats the pants out of a whole slew of Republican Candidates all of who were running to replace El Duke Cunningham whom happens to be in Prison… The Union Trib endorsed Brian Bilbray. He lost... Señor Bilbray had his chance - Prensa wouldn’t support Mr. Bilbray. He opposes everything El Jefito has stood for over the past 30 years!

Pos Gente be careful… Dime con quién andas y te diré quien eres. Pos Chao Gente.

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